New 1D Dolls Will Be Very HOT, FIT And REEM

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A line of One Direction dolls already exist, but they feature questionable likenesses to the actual boys, with some average looking outfits.

Not to say these aren’t a fantastic collectors item, in fact we think they should be on all of your Christmas lists, but a new line of more “authentic” looking 1D dolls are on their way which promise to have even better looking features!

The lads are involved in the fashion of the dolls, so you would be owning something hand designed and influenced by One Direction themselves – *dies*.

Speaking to MTV news recently, Zayn was especially enamoured with the dolls and specifically pointed out that Nialler’s looks great, saying:

“I think Niall’s is really good.”

“Actually, Niall’s doll actually looks a lot like him; Louis’ is good as well.”

Louis chimed in:

“I think they all look good.”

Liam’s extremely lucky sister has already got her hands on some of the dolls, as he explains:

“My sister’s actually got them up in the house,” he said:

“So we’re just there in the corner, ‘Hello!’ “

While the other dolls were a huge hit with fans, particularly when they were sold as a quintet at pop up 1D stores around the world, for the new set of collectibles the 1D lads wanted them to be as lifelike as possible and to stay away from cartoonish examples.

They continued in their interview by saying:

“I think we all wanted them to be as authentic as possible, and obviously, if we got involved in the outfits and stuff, then it’s a lot of stuff that we’d probably wear,” Zayn said.”

“And it’s cool for the fans, because they get a doll with outfits that we’ve picked.”

So as if your bedrooms and walls aren’t already full of One Direction memorabilia, hopefully all purchased from our store, you can add these to an ever expanding collection when they are released in early December – so literally just days away Directioners!