One Direction Android App Updated January 22nd

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* APP UPDATED January 22nd *

  • Finally, all the sections now open inside the app! No more external web pages! :)
  • Wallpaper images can now simply be clicked on to download.
  • Minor fixes.
  • *Plus a big new update coming soon! Stay tuned!*

All you Android phone owners out there will be pleased to know that we’ve got a great One Direction App available!

It’s a simple little time-saving app to put you in finger-tip reach of all your favourite 1D News & Gossip, Photos, Videos, Tour Dates, Lyrics & websites, and best of all it’s FREE!

To download the app, search Google Play for “One Direction World”, and then follow the instructions. You can also view the full app web page on Google Play.

We’ll be updating it and making it better all the time (and we’re planning a completely new version soon), so please do us a favour and rate it 5 stars (and if you’re feeling extra nice leave a little review).

Let us know what features you would like to see for future releases by leaving your comments below, and we’ll do our best to take the most popular suggestions into account.

All  you iPhone users don’t worry as we also have a One Direction iPhone App! The app has already been downloaded by thousands of hardcore Directioners all across the world, so if you’re an iPhone user, go and download it now!

  • B. Malik

    they need an iphone app :(

  • OneDirection.Net

    Hey, we’ll be launching an iPhone version very soon!

    • Nicole Styles


    • Ishita

      What about iPad version
      Please I don’t have iPhone my parents have iPhone but I can’t download on that (personal reason)

  • mafelauron

    wish you where here in the philippines CEBU…

  • nicole malik

    will there/is there any blackberry apps for 1D ????????????????????? :)) <33

  • catie

    this always happens when i do not have phone these things awlays happen. they come out with new things

  • GraceElizabeth


  • Knicks Horan Malik Styles


  • Leeta Horan

    When does the iPod/iPhone version release
    #anxious !!

  • elizabeth baker

    oh i love one direction and my cuz sent me here cuz i dont stalk people thats just weird but i luv harry

  • OneDirection

    I got this app on my phone !!!!!!! it only took 1 min and who loves One Direction more then me no one because im there number one fan i know every thing about them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gg

    Wat about iPod

  • niastyles

    Ohhh i am soooooooo exited
    i was tired of closing the web pages

  • Becky

    Well I have the app and its awesome it tells me all the latest news and what’s going on so I’m actually up to date with them :-)

  • Cookkiee Monnsterr

    I’m Using The App Right Now

  • Zoe

    Will you update the iPad app? Please! :)

  • Oohy Lakkadi

    A app for amazon would be great

    • Ishita

      Are u indian?

  • @MsHaileyStyles

    Have a couple of things to say 1. Love your app 2.i would love to see a 1D tracker on the app telling what hotel there in and what city and street and all of that info so all directioners can get a chance to meet their idols

  • Emily

    It’s not working! I’ve installed and reinstalled it but nothing happens when I start the app!? My screen just turns blacka and then nothing :S I own a Sony Xperia U so it should be working? I have tons of apps on my phone but this one is doesn’t work!