New One Direction Song ‘DIANA’ Leaks From Midnight Memories! #1DLEAK

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One Direction Diana leaked!

Well it’s not taken long for a new One Direction song to leak, but DIANA is now all over the internet!

The second song to be taken from 1D’s third album ‘Midnight Memories’ is now on YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, SoundCloud and all the other usual sources.

For legal reasons and also to be fair to the boys themselves we can’t (and won’t) post any of the links here but if you have a quick search you should be able to find it.

We have however listened to the track and can say it’s TOTALLY BRILLIANT! The boys’ voices sound so impressive, and the song itself is just so damn catchy. It almost seems like a different band singing it at first but if you listen further you can recognise who sings which part.

Here’s some of the lyrics from the song:

“I never would mistreat ya, I’m not a criminal. I speak a different language but I still hear your call.”

Diana, let me be the one to
Light a fire inside your life
You can own me
You don’t even know me
But I can feel you crying

Diana, let me be the one to
Lift your heart up and
Save your life
I don’t think you even realize
Baby you’ll be saving mine….

If this is a sign of things to come with Midnight Memories then One Direction’s third album is going to be their best yet!

The fans are already asking just who ‘Diana’ is, after we’ve only just gotten used to Georgia Rose from ‘Best Song Ever’. Here’s what some of you are saying on Twitter already:



BSE leaked
*changes name to Georgia Rose*

Diana leaked
*changes name to Diana*

*waits for next song to leak and changes name again*

“Diana is the new leak song”
*everyone starts arguing and claims they are diana*


One Direction Diana

We’ve quickly mocked up some covert art for Diana above – why not create your own and post them in the comments below?

DIANA is the latest in a long line of 1D leaks, and it seems they’ve got a bit of problem keeping their new stuff secret. It definitely won’t stop anyone from buying the song in full though – simply because it’s just so damn brilliant!


  • Μαίρη Κοιλαλού

    i love this song !!!!!!

  • Lolo Awad

    are you sure it’s for them ?

  • Diana xD

    We just cant stop. WE ROCK XD

  • Beth Hills

    This song is for all of their fans who are hurting, depressed, suicidal, self-harming, etc. The fact that they wrote this makes me feel so proud of them, even more than usual. I love it! It’s just so perfect and deep. I can’t wait for the rest of the album

    • Jenna

      Oh good. It’s not about some random made up girl. I don’t like songs that have fake girls. Thanks for saying that. The lyrics are beautiful. I love that they wrote a song for the fans!

  • Stini2526

    wow its a good song

  • Anise Aarden

    Good song!!!

  • harrygirl1Dadele

    I’m suffering from a severe form of depression with anxiety and panic attacks and i used to self harm but “Diana” and our Boys made me believe that i’m worth of something,we all are,so listen to our Boys Directioners,you’re worth of everything you wish for yourselves,everything you love,you deserve to be happy and if you ever think of self harm again just listen to Diana,Boys are singing it to you,it’s for you,for us <3

    • Kat Styles

      I couldn’t agree more! I was torn whether to listen to it or not but if it is already leaked, the boys would probably rather you listen to it and enjoy it. I’m sorry this happened to you guys again, but great song! ❤️

      • harrygirl1Dadele

        Thanks hun :)

    • 5sos+1d=myboys

      i cant help but admire how true and wonderul both this song and this comment is!

      • harrygirl1Dadele

        Thanks so much,i’m so happy to have my family,friends and all you guy by myside and then there are our Boys,i’m so thankful to have such amazing family,friends and idols and i’m so proud to call myself a Directioner 😀 <3

    • Nicole Busot <3 1D

      Awwwh! This is perf .. Ur right the boys are always here for us 😉

      • harrygirl1Dadele


        • directioner 4 ever

          Yep so true

    • Lynnie Lucas

      I know how you feel. I suffer from body dismorphia and they saved me

      • harrygirl1Dadele

        I’m so happy you’re feeling better and yes like you said,they’re saviours 😀

        • Lynnie Lucas

          Yes they are:)

      • Roshni :)

        have you met the boys? cuz u should really tell them this.

        • Lynnie Lucas

          I haven’t. I really wish I could. I saw them in concert but a poster doesn’t really express that…. Little Things and What Makes you Beautiful are the reasons I’m still here. And now this song? So amazing.

          • Roshni :)

            aww well u should really tell them this. they should know :)x

    • directioner 4 ever

      Your right without them we would not be here right now

  • Cat G.

    Omg I read that and died inside. 1DERFULL SONG! !!!! IT ID AMAZINGLY PERFECT!!!!!

  • Katie Payne

    Wooow, Im Not Suprised Lol ,

  • Jenna

    I haven’t listened to it yet because I am scared. Can someone tell me, does it sound really different?!

    • Luz

      Well, it kind of is. But it’s more like of a mix between BSE and their other songs but also with a 80’s feel to it. Plus the lyrics are VERY meaningful and cute.

      • Jenna

        Ok. thanks!!! :)

  • Sonia Malik

    Well aren’t we good at leaking songs? cx

  • Directiongurl4life

    I have a feeling that Diana is Danielle. I really don’t know why but I just do.

    • 5sos+1d=myboys

      omg right!

    • That Big Directioner

      its princess diana

    • Taina

      No, I don’t think so
      The song makes one feel taht the song is dedicated to them <3

      • diana

        especially if ur name is diana !!:)

        • Taina

          yhh *-*

        • directioner 4 ever

          Me: mom can you take me to get my name changed to diana, mom:why, me: because one directions new song that got leaked is called diana, mom: fine if it makes ya happy. You have already gotten to be georgia rose and you got ur dad to be a dentist , me: thank you and yeah I know but I LOVE one direction, mom:(whispering) whatever

    • 0BEY T0 1D

      No it’s not. Bobby Horan told us what it was about on Twitter. Why would the boys talk about Liam’s ex in a song? …

    • The Payne Of Being A Fangirl

      I really love this song. It’s dedicated to the fans who are suicidal and self harm. The reason they called it ‘Diana’ is because of Princess Diana. She had depression and they boys are trying to reference that us self-harmers are princesses. It also explains the crown on top of the ‘Our Moment’ fragrance.

      • Natalie

        That’s a brilliant explanation! I guess that makes me a princess.

      • Anastasya Ho

        the boys are so understanding… i seriously am going to cry… :’D

      • Fiona Irish

        that is so amazing… I just… OMG I can’t…

      • Roshni :)

        well then why didnt they just use this song for the ad? seriously boys, you just cant do this!!!

      • Megan<3Zayn

        That actually makes total sense!

      • Adriyenni Garrotee

        And what’s more interesting about this song is the one who wrote it.. WHICH IS NIALL! Oh my gosh! XD So it means that we are princesses of Niall… Awww.. :’)) He treats us like a princess… Can I cry?? HAHA! ^___^

        • directioner 4 ever

          Wow niall wrote the song I thought they all just took turns think up words for the songs wow

      • girl one direction

        Yay im a princess </3 love those boys so much….

      • directioner 4 ever

        I knew that but I just didn’t know how to say it haha well there we go you did it for meh thanks

        • directioner 4 ever

          And well that means all of us directioners are princes(hahahaha even the boy directioners hahaha lol)

          • Geraldine

            hey guys, since Niall help write it and all it’s pretty much saying that we are Niall’s princesses <3

          • directioner 4 ever


    • iluvliamandniall

      omg ikr

    • Kalli Betts

      me 2. if u think abt it they sound similar. in a sense.

  • Cat G.

    I have had this song on replay ever since I heard it for the first time. Im hoping for a video? Anyone else?

  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    I’m not gonna listen to it! Directioners know why… ;))

    • Anamiletartis

      Im not gonna listen to it either :))
      But im tempted ,ugh!

  • 5sos+1d=myboys

    the lyrics to this song are so meaningful and cute! and asdfghjkl! and finally they gave each member a part in the song! i can not wait until midnight memeories now!


      Actually, Zayn didn’t get a part

      • 5sos+1d=myboys

        oh really? well that sucks a bunch! at least niall and louis got to sing though right!

        • WHAT EVEN

          Yep but I was kinda hoping everyone sung since this is a really meaningful song but oh well

          • 5sos+1d=myboys

            ikr! every member in 1d deserves to sing in every song they are all phenominiall singers!

          • WHAT EVEN

            They aren’t really that great of vocalists tbh, but there has to be some equality

          • 5sos+1d=myboys

            yeah thats true! i think thats why some people find them overrated!

  • Samantha Sancen

    This is an amazing song and I can’t explain how good it is

  • Directioner

    I like the song but the girl who’s name is Diana is luckiest person and the last part was the best!!

  • Nicole Busot <3 1D

    Personally i think its wrong to leak songs…but GREAT song guys!! Cant wait for Midnight Memories ;D whoooo

  • Kourtney Smiel

    Well only a true directioner won’t listen to it until It comes out

    • directioner 4 ever

      Uhh your wrong if you need something to cheer you up then go right on ahead and listent to the leaked song only a not true directioner will wait for the whoe song to come out

  • kel

    Is it true? People are saying that it’s about suicidal fans… I didn’t want to listen to it but it was killing me!!! The song is like a mix of BSE and another of their song, it’s really cute and catchy

  • Toinfinftyandbeyond

    This song… man this song is just. Wow! They sound a bit different and more mature, If any believe I. It’s just so damn catchy!!!! 😀

  • Lynnie Lucas


  • maegan

    we would leak it

  • Kennedy

    I hate when we leak songs. The boys work so hard to surprise us and we leak them.

  • Cady Smith

    i loved this song soooo much ♥ ♥ ♥

  • A_Dedicated_Directioner

    The album is called Midnight Memories because it’s dedicated to the fans who stay up past midnight for the boys. The song is called Diana because of the fans who are suicidal and self-harm. The boys used the name Diana because Princess Diana suffered from depression and their comparing us to princesses, which is why there is a crown on top of the Our Moment perfume bottle.
    WMYB was to tell us we’re beautiful
    Little Things made us believe it
    Diana was to let us know we’re worth it
    CANT YOU TELL IM CRYING RIGHT NOW I love One Direction so much thank you for caring for us we chose the right boyband <3 AND YES THE TEARS ARE REAL…


    • Nicole

      Thanks for telling that comment!! I just don’t understand why people hate us. JUST IGNORE THE HATERS!! WE WANT ONE DIRECTION TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER!!

  • Morgan

    ER MER GERD!!! Louis’s voice is FANTABULOUS

  • Superman_Batman


  • Grace

    my first impression of that picture was a bug…

  • Paola_malik<3

    Am i the only one upset that the song got leaked??? I mean c’mon if the boys wanted us to hear the song now they would have said it themselves!!! I as a real directioner I’m going to wait until the boys actually say we can…. Please just think how this would upset our boys who have worked soo hard..

  • Lynnie Lucas

    Okay so I love it. Georgia Rose and Diana! Guys it’s so pretty and it’s about suicidal fans and aww hi love it:)

  • jullep teah

    It’s actually a song for the fans. At least that’s what it says on YouTube for the song!

  • amy jones


  • genat haimed

    Oh commonnn whyyyy I wanna hear the whole album in one day!!!

  • diana

    I have been feeling very down lately and this song couldn’t have come at a better moment i love it and best of all my name is DIANA !!!


    mj, dirty diana.. now 1D diana?? 1D = new MJ?? NOO WAY

  • mig_anne

    I think Diana is the princess Diana whom suffered from depression. They sing Diana cause we are their princess. :’) <3

  • Maddison Strubhar

    Lets not leak any more songs because then the album won’t be a big surprise

  • Anna McCallum

    How is it possible to leak the songs? Who is Diana? And who is Georgia Rose? I’m sooo confused /-:

  • VivianTomlinson

    Midnight memories is not about partying about those people who stay up all night deciding if they should live or not

  • Nicole

    We are all princesses and one direction are our princes.Thats why we love them. Idk I just thought about that. But I’m not sure about the boy directioners… They’re like princes too.LOL THEYRE NOT GAY OR SOMETHING!!

  • Jacqueline Ramos

    I think it’s bc of princess Diana but ppl should STOP leaking the music bc the boys work hard for only for the song. To get leaked

  • Diana

    OMFG THAT”S MY NAME!!! NEVER BEEN PROUDER TO BE DIANA!!! <3 in love with the song <33

  • natalie jackson

    that is such a sweet song!! :) I love the meaning. I just wish it was called directioners instead of Diana so It could be exactly about all of us! XD im just so weird.

  • Amy McAllister

    GUYS a girl named diana sent niall a letter saying she was suicidal and niall wrote a song named diana :’) niall might just be the nicest guy in the universe <3

  • Zaybel Nharry Alfonso Alinson

    Can i write something to ’em???

    dont worry it’s not a suicidal note im not stupid ok?

    just a song then ya know make ’em sang a the song that i write for ’em???

    what ya’ think?

    need some advice =)

    • Angie Boobear

      it is a suicidal thing

  • Sidney Wawak

    I really don’t think Diana was a “special person” to the boys I think they just used a random name ! I mean it could have been Gracie , Sidney, Nicole, rosy. , etc.

  • Diana Prenaj

    I am Diana….
    the one in the song LOL

  • Fiona Irish

    I wonder if Diana is about Princess Diana… maybe, just maybe:)

  • Kelly Ann


  • Megan<3Zayn

    I have and odd feeling that is probably is about Danielle. But I mean… could be any girl that one of the boys like or used to date cause we only know what the press finds out……

  • Roshni :)

    i just listened to it. this is how you die. ok so i realized that the song in the our moment ad is by a girl named diana. hmm?

  • Niall@Nandos

    Yayay can’t wait until the album comes out!!!!!

  • Skittles

    Who is that Indian chick? 😀

  • کتایون

    hi zayn mi name is katayoon im 12 year s old
    im from iran(asia) i love you and your team. i have a friend that she love you her name is ghazaleh. she is 12 years old too.she love s you and your group she wants two talk too you would you tel me your number to igive her.bye

  • کتایون

    سلام من کتایونم و از ایرانم خیلی شما رو دوست دارم