New One Direction World Store Opens In Toronto

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More than 1,000 screaming fans turned up for the opening of the latest One Direction store opening, this time in Toronto, Canada.

The store opened early Saturday morning and will remain open until September 2nd, giving Directioners a chance to grab some awesome 100% official merchandise.

Reece Page, the shop manager said:

“We’re standing on a storeroom, as we speak, full of stock. We have another storeroom at the back and we’ve got printers on standby 24/7. No one will be disappointed today. There’s plenty of stock. It’s a massive fan base in Toronto. I’ve been here since three o’clock this morning with them and they’ve been singing all morning.”

More people attended this opening than the one in Sydney, Australia, and fans treated themselves to t-shirts, calenders, 1D dolls as well as bracelets, necklaces and huge posters.

Security did a great job of keeping the crowds organised, and according to onlookers everything went smoothly.

Toronto fans, did you manage to make it down to the store? What did you buy?

If you can’t make it all the way to Toronto, remember you can buy 100% official 1D merchandise at our very own store here.

  • Guest

    gush!! im so disappointed..!! i cant go there to grab all that merchandise :(
    im not exactly rich to have that :-(