Niall Buys Marvin Hume’s Pad…With Some Hidden Surprises

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As father to be and JLS star Marvin Hume moves out of his North London home, it seems that some someone very close to him will be moving in…

Nialler of course!

The Irishman who is loved around the world has purchased the extravagant home from the JLS star for a cool £2.2 million, loose change for someone reportedly making £1 million a week!

But Nialler won’t be getting a completely empty home, absolutely not. The JLS lads who are understandably quite close with their label-mates left a few comical surprises for when Niall moves in, some of which might be a bit much to stomach.

“Yes, I got him a moving-in present,” he giggles. “It was a cushion with a picture of himself on.”

“Our management had One Direction cushions. So I got a Niall face and left it in the house for him to see.”

They also left:

“Whiffy prawns hidden in the curtain rails were joked about,” a source said. “And, of course, Niall will have to quickly change the locks so he doesn’t end up with a member of JLS letting themselves in and roaming around in the early hours.”

Although the price does seem exorbitant, Marvin assures that he gave Niall “mates rates”. Wow, these pop stars with all their money, how the other half live! It has been joked that Niall would like to be the 5th member of JLS and Marvin and him are very close mates.

“If we’re not playing golf together or going on nights out or whatever when we get chance, then we’re usually in contact with them on BBM,” Marvin said.

“Me and Niall are always talking. He’s always messaging me about different bits and pieces.”

We can’t wait to see pics of the new place!