Niall Horan And Ellie Goulding – Nellie! The Hot New Celeb Couple!

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The latest 1D romance has arrived!

Haylor is dead and buried and Nellie is the new 1D couple in the spotlight!


Niall’s never really had a long term girlfriend unlike the rest of the band, but has been linked to girls such as model Zoe Whelan.

However, his single status looks like it might finally have changed, after fans spotted Niall kissing Ellie Goulding at V Fest during the weekend!

The pair tried to hide themselves from onlookers by wearing hooded jackets, but they were later seen heading backstage together for private drinks.

Niall At V Fest Over The Weekend

Niall At V Fest Over The Weekend

26 year old Ellie Goulding, who is currently at the top of the Official UK Singles Chart with track “Burn”, broke up with her last boyfriend Jeremy Irvine last month.

The new couple has been shipped as Nellie, following on from Haylor, Zerrie and the controversial Larry.

Twitter account @Morphing_Celebs has morphed the faces of Niall and Ellie together, to create Nellie. It’s kind of creepy:


So what do you guys think of Nellie?

Do they make a good couple, or do you hate the thought of them being together?

Comment below!

  • Rose

    Zayn and Perrie are engaged, that is amazing! I ship ZERRIE so hard! <3 them together! Lou and Eleanor, in my opinion, are a great couple, despite Larry rumors, so I'm cool with them. Actually think they are awesome for each other! Liam and Sofia, I don't really know what to thinK? We don't really know that much about her and their relationship, but what has been revealed seems to be good, so I'm cool with that, too. I think it's super cute what Harry said about maybe liking someone, but yeah he's the only real single one now. But I really don't see Nellie working out… Ellie is a great singer, and I'm sure really sweet and all, I just don't see the two of them together, as she is 26 years old…I just don't really see it, but I mean, whatever makes Niall happy is great! Supportive of Niall in everything, I just don't see Nellie becoming a long-term thing… Anyone agree with me?

  • Niall@Nandos

    NOOOOOOO!! I want Niall to be happy but it happens so quick and she well older than him!!!!! I don’t ship NELLIE!!!

  • JoJo J. Moussallem

    well…. that was shocking… but in a good way! 😀 you deserve all the best Niall 😀 xoxo

  • Harley Davis

    if it makes him happy it makes me happy

  • gwacie minix

    NO!NO!NO!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 what happened to niam:(

  • Lauren

    I’m happy if he is but it’s so sad that all the boys are taken now accept for Harry:( it’s too much:( xx

  • yasminechebbi

    for 1direction
    i am waiting 1direction on my tow tunisia if you know it please one direction come to tunisia there is many many directionner<3 <3

  • Jadyn Jenkins

    no no no they are not going to date no nellie a 20 year old and a 26 year should not date

  • Ashley Wright


    • This’EffingFandom

      Wow look, a sensible person. :’)

      • Ashley Wright

        lol. sorry i just saw this.

  • Emily McLean

    I’m pretty sad! Niall is my favourite. but no matter what I wont stop being a fan. Soon all the boys are going to be in a relationship and were all going to have to accept that <3 #IShipNellie 😀

  • Hailey Linkous

    i like niall and i like ellie just not together

  • Grace

    Even though I don’t really know who Ellie Goulding is (I’m looking her up, don’t worry) I’m really happy niall’s in a relationship. I’m a bit worried about the fact that he “doesn’t have time to think about girls” and might end up heart broken. But I swore that I’d support Niall 100% and I do.

    • This’EffingFandom

      I’m a big Gould digger, and Directioner. And I personally wont jump to any conclusions until it’s denied/confirmed, but even though I would love two people I love so much to be happy together, I hope it’s not true. Because I know if it is, she’ll most likely receive hate from some of the people out of this fandom. It’s disgusting that they think they have the right to do that, but they do… Soo, yeah, I’m hoping it’s not.

      Btw, you should listen to some of Ellies music it’s awesome! :)

  • yasamn_ali

    no just no

  • Savannah

    So Sophia then Ellie ughh.. Excuse me while I go cry..

  • ILove Niall

    Ill kill her

  • ILove Niall

    And myself if they really together

  • Star

    The zayns in perrie ring Was a promise ring jesy from little mix confirmed it.and i really cant picture nellie And niall together so IF this is real then it might not lást long.but i support them is she makes my nini happy :)


    We said NEVER IN YOUR WILDEST DREAM, And we dance all night to Niall’s Single status!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs styles ❤

    omg everything is happening so fast
    everyone are getting into relationships
    i think she is too older than him………….. but this is his choose
    harry stay single plzzzzz

  • lainey barton


  • patricia colver

    rrrrr i bet its just gonna be a short relationship i dont think its gonna be like Eleanor and Perrie i think its gonna end like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

  • cupcake

    ikr im so shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • saba styles


  • chantelxxx_


  • saranaenae

    i didnt really like her music before… but this isnt helping her. especially since shes like 7 years older than him!



  • directioner4life

    amm actually some ppl say that he didnt kissed her and they r not dating i dont know whome i have to belive

  • firegirl26

    They are not really dating ellie say that she is going on a brake from all dating beccause she just got out of a hard relationship from her ex bf of 3 years

  • William Stackhouse

    Ellie is too good for him. End of story. She would deserve better. Besides, it’s just entertainment. It’s not actually going on until one (or both) confirms it. all Ellie said was “I’m not even going to talk about Niall”, and Niall has had his lips shut. It’s neither confirmed nor denied. Either way, I stand by my opinion believing Ellie deserves better.

  • Abygail Cacurak

    I do not like them together its not because I LOVE Niall its because they look like a bad couple

  • Laura

    They aren’t together guys!

  • mandy

    is niall taken?? so what “If he’s happy it’s good”!!!!!!!

  • Sonia

    I dont ship nellie!!!! not because i love niall and he is perfect with a girl or no girl but really?? ellie goulding?? shes like a million years older than him!!!!!

  • liz

    well, I think we all need to calm down…. I’m a Niall girl to the core but these are two of my all time favorite singers and I say we should embrace it!! If Nialler is happy, I’m happy!!

  • Nats Horan

    Its really heartbreaking for me.. uhggg

  • charmander rulz!!!!!

    no harry isn’t single…………yet

  • Cait

    Wow, way to go Nialler! You got a girlfriend now!

  • Naomi Sara

    I love them together!! Ellie is one of my fave artists and this is just adorable. Much love for Nellie xx

  • Connor Derrick

    I don’t believe they are dating, Niall posted on twitter, Check out my GOOD FRIEND Ellie Goulding’s song “Burn” on iTunes. So I think they’re just friends, for all we know if they did actually kiss it could’ve been on a dare or a bet.

  • Antigone Davidson

    I’m actually happy for Niall!
    I mean Ellie Goulding is pretty!
    And They both seem like thy are perfect for each other!

  • Antigone Davidson

    But really why can’t she go an find herself a guy her own age !!!
    I mean I thought Niall isn’t have time for love

  • stana styles

    this is all happening a little TOO fast seriosly Nellie

  • Luna VdB

    I think they would be cute. But idk, I don’t think she’s his type of girl. But who knows? If he’s happy, I’m happy to.

  • niall lover

    aw no fair i wanted niall lol xx

  • Sara Weinberg

    I mean, i’m not upset….i mean like Ellie is so nice and talented but it’s just so sudden!!!!! Like when the hell did this happen!?!?!? I’m happy for my Nialler, though…..but i mean this is all so crazy, now Harry is the only single one!??!?!? Zerrie are engaged…..Sophia Smith is dating Liam…. AH this is crazy!

  • anna

    I am so pissed u

  • Anise Aarden

    WTF, how old is she??? 80??? omg… but if he’s happy, i am also…

    • This’EffingFandom

      Does she seriously look 80 to you? I think you need glasses love… And anyway, Niall confirmed in an interview that they’re just friends, but he does have a crush on her. So all y’all can stop getting your knickers in a twist.

  • Greta’s Productions™

    I don’t know about you guys, but I think Ellie is better than Sophia, but I love Sophia too.. NOH8. xx

  • Peaches

    has either one of them confirmed it? no.!. so we cant be sure

  • Jolien de Coene

    I’m happy for him that he has a girlfriend
    and if you’re a true Directioner you should be happy too
    like me
    I’m not mad at Naill I’m mad at you all
    because a true Directioner should say: I am happy when they are happy
    Think it about it first before you get angry

  • Andjela M.

    hate it!!!!!!!!

  • Ariana

    I like Ellie Goulding but I just feel like this was all set up to get publicity. You know like a fake relationship. If they are truly in love and Ellie loves him from Niall James Horan and not just the blonde guy from One Direction then I will support Niall and his Girlfriend because Niall hasn’t had a long relationship yet and maybe he really loves her.
    But I would never want to see Niall hurt so I hope she feels the same :)

  • Lucy Lu

    How..what…Ellie u were suposed to be cool u deserve better!! But guys we can’t change there lives but i still feel this way

  • NiallLover69

    My nialler isn’t single anymore and they aren’t that good of a couple!!!));

  • Amanda

    K wait if everyone is getting Mad or Sad or anything like that if there poof that niall really kissed or is dating same with harry no one knows FOR SURE. Even they all 5 guys are taken at least they are happy!!!

  • Bri Horan


    • This’EffingFandom

      They aren’t even together, yet you’re still hating on her? It was confirmed that they are JUST FRIENDS, but Niall does have a crush on her. And her voice is amazing, you can have the opinion that she’s a bad singer (I honestly don’t understand how you could think that though) but it is physically impossible for her voice to be ‘hurting your ears’ so stop being such a whiny insufferable moron.

      • Bri Horan

        i know that but HER VOICE HURTS MY EARS but she is still ugly

        • This’EffingFandom

          Fans like you are the ones who give Directioners a bad reputation…

  • Tḩamira Ṧtylinson

    liam n sophia..harry likin someone..louis may not be happy with NIALL DATING ELLIE! gaaaawwwd this is too much! never gonna
    hate nellie if it keeps nialler happy ♥ BUT, she is 26 and niall is 19
    so thats freaky(sorry niall)…but watevr dont mind me