Niall Horan And Zoe Whelan: Are They Or Aren’t They Together?

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Zoe Whelan and Niall Horan

The rumours are rife in twitter-world, and infact the whole world in general, as to whether our favourite member, Niall, has been taken off the possible boyfriend shelves.

Niall is supposedly dating Irish model Zoe Whelan. Although neither of the pair have actually confirmed anything. Infact they have both point blank denied they are dating.

A Source told The Sun: “She’s a Dubliner but is based in London to work on her modelling career. Zoe’s travelled all over the UK to meet up with Niall on the band’s tour.”

“But the biggest sign he’s really serious about her is that he introduced her to his whole family at his brother’s wedding.”

Niall was hounded by fans at his brother Greg’s wedding back home in Mullingar where he was the best man.

The source added: “Zoe wisely kept her distance from the squealers during the day — but got close to him at the reception.

“Zoe’s the first girlfriend Niall has brought back to his hometown of Mullingar since making it big, so it was a big deal and the talk of his family at the wedding.

“Niall’s protective of her as she’s shy, but his family all really took a shine to Zoe.”

Zoe Whelan and Harry Styles

The pair met at a 1D gig in Manchester earlier in this tour, and Niall instantly took a shine to the Dublin beauty. So much that she has been to even more tour dates since. Including one in her home town of Dublin.

Zoe is the 18 year old niece of one of Niall’s bodyguards. Well you don’t want to mess her around Niall!

After meeting Niall at the 1D gig in Ireland, Zoe tweeted, “Great night last night. Shame I didn’t get any sleep.”

She added, “Well done Harry Styles, Niall, LOUIS, LIAM and ZAYN — you were amazing!

“Banging headache though. Still got your hat Niall — you can have it back tonight. xx.”

“Zoe is definitely seeing Niall,” a source told the Irish Hearld.

Niall Horan and Zoe Whelan

“They are smitten. It’s as serious as it can be when you’re a teenager and your other half is in the world’s most famous boy band. They are texting and tweeting each other the whole time.”

The insider added: “She’s mad about him but The 1D camp is clamping down and no one close to her is allowed to say anything.”

Zoe has recently been signed to Andrea Roache Model Agency who thinks she could be the next Selena Gomez. Andrea explained: “I’m delighted to have her on my books. She’s a very sweet girl and has a Selena Gomez look, a really sultry look.”

 What do you think? Is Niall really dating Zoe or are they both actually single?

  • Emily Day

    I hope they don’t date, because then I have a 1% chance of dating him, lol! But I would be very happy for them if they did start a relationship. :-)

    • Genesis Horan

      Lol preach it same here but not trying to hate or anything but she looks perfect for Harry not Niall.:3

      • Tara Mae Opena Llamas

        yeah his perfect to harry not niall……
        i die if niall has a girlfriend… :(

        • Genesis Horan

          Me too R.I.P Genesis :/ but he says he’s still looking for his princess so… :)

        • Directioner

          I’d die if Harry had a girl friend! I JUST LOOOOOOOOOVE HARRY AND I KNOW WE ARE SO RIGHT FIR EACH OTHER!!
          Lol who am I kidding, I have negative thousand present of even meeting him

          • SexyCurlyHairedOneD

            I feel ya girl I love Harry just as much but have 0 chance of meeting him;(

      • SexyCurlyHairedOneD

        Noo I’m a Harry girl I wouldn’t want him to date her but at least it’s not Taylor… anyone is better than her:)

        • Genesis Horan

          Lol Sorry to all the Harry girls for mentioning that (: and true everyone is better than Taylor.

          • SexyCurlyHairedOneD

            It’s okay no hard feelings I’m just crazy for Harry and all of 1D:)

          • Genesis Horan

            Haha ok cool like I’m having a hard time dealing with Niall and the demi thing :'( I’m just so confused

          • SexyCurlyHairedOneD

            Don’t you mean the Niall and Zoe thing or…

          • Genesis Horan

            No well both but the article on here says how like she likes him and all this other crap everything is just so hard to belive now -.-WHYYY

          • SexyCurlyHairedOneD

            Don’t know hun people making up rumors I hate it!:(

  • Olivia Renaud 1D fan

    Maybe there just friends really good friends

  • Sarah payne

    Well it kinda looks serious he took her to his brothers weeding! but they could be just friends we all dont no for sure.

  • Where we are tour :)

    I think if the are they would be a cute couple .

  • Tania Maldonado

    Weather they’re just friends or they are dating, I feel bad for Niall, who never’s had a long relationship with a girl like Liam, Louis, and Zayn have. I’m sure it sucks, and even though I’m a Niall girl, if he really likes her, then I will support them all the way!
    but who knows weather they are a thing or not…

  • Hazza

    If I take my good friend (boy) to meet my parents at my sisters wedding dosen’t mean that we’re dating! Or does that?¿?¿
    If they have BOTH denied that they are NOT dating then why do we have to go on writing nonsense articles about them!
    I’m comepletely fed up and irritated

    • Holly

      I feel exactly the same! They keep repeating the same rubbish!

      • Riel Whittle

        I know! And if people said no one could say anything about this then how is it out there?? Who is this “source” anyway? Only write articles if they are FACTS! Not opinions

      • Hazza

        I mean because of these fake and irritating articles I am just wondering on every article/news I read whether its fake or real!!

  • Nialler

    I am a Niall girl but i will support niall’s decision. If they are together, it’s alright. It is niall’s life not ours. :)

    • SexyCurlyHairedOneD

      I actually think that Niall and Zoe would be a cute couple but I am a Niall girl too but I’m mostly a Harry girl but I I would be happy for Niall if he was dating her even tho I love him so much:) and just like you said it is his life…not ours

      • Iliana Perez

        Yea i think so too she would be better for harry. Don’t get me wrong i love niall.

        • mrs.horan

          I agree

      • Ciara Gannon

        i think dat u shud b ded if u tink dat

    • Selena Horan

      I’m a Niall girl too and I won’t stop liking 1D just because Niall is dating a beautiful model. It’s his love life not ours

    • Sara

      Agreed !!

      • Majushka Hablakova

        I agree,I love Niall.

    • Valentina

      Yeah I’m Niall girl too but it’s kind of suspicious to me.Idk,I just won’t believe in it until one of them confirm it.That day my heart will fall apart but I guess it’s okay if he’s happy…


    Okay…Niall already said no he doesn’t have a secret girlfriend..and why does it keep showing the whole entire same news

    • Holly

      Thank you!

    • Zendartha

      Im in with you this is all that this website posts about now, if this keeps up im going to stop coming.

  • Lolo Awad

    I’m waiting for niall’s confirmation , or seeing them holding hands , if non of that happen , then it’s a rumor . if it’s true , I wish them all the happiness

  • Caitlin McNeilly

    maybe they are good friends trying to get to know each other better then they might make up the mind, no one knows for sure but they do!

  • Angela Horan

    what i think is that they two are actually good friends and its just a rumor

  • SingerChick

    I don’t know but having 16 articles about it won’t get us to the truth any faster.

  • Emmy

    I really hope they don’t date I hope they’re just friends or else

  • Kaley Mykal

    she is not his type!

  • icametocelebrate

    I’m happy when Nialler is happy♡

  • Holly

    For gods sake! They have both firmly denied it! All the articles state the same thing! Why do they keep repeating it??! The poor girl had to delete her twitter because of haters! Put it to bed and let it rest! Seriously!

  • Lauryn

    If they say they are not dating leave them alone! It gives directioners a chance of dating him! :)

  • 15 days ♕

    Niall said he doesn’t have a girlfriend? he actually tweeted that and Zoe’s twitter account was fake

  • Directioner101

    Maybe they’re gd frens?If they are dating,supporting all the way from here back home!xx.

  • :)

    Future- maybe 😉

  • Vanity-Marie

    Omg if they both said ‘no’ then that means no why must we insist that the rumors are still true?

    Oh & why did she only tweet Harry’s last name lol?

  • megn

    hopfuly their just friends

  • MusicLover

    They’re NOT dating,it’s the solid truth,they have both denied they’re dating,now all the media has to shut up & stop making up lies!

  • Aylin Morelos

    Single probalbey please she took my ream thoe

  • TheNamesAlice

    Can’t Niall Have A Good Friend Without Any Romance Going On? They Both DENIED The Dating Rumor And Honestly She Seems Like She Can’t Even Handle The Hate That She Has Been Receiving For Just Knowing Niall. He’s Said Many Times That He Dosen’t Want A Picture Perfect Girlfriend And She’s A Flippin Model! If You Add Up All The Facts Than It Really Seems Like They Are Just Friends.. Let’s Just Calm Down And Be Thankful For The Fact That Harry Is Still Single 😉

  • VM10048

    she said they arent

  • Keiyanna batteau

    Hi niall that your girlfriend and friend.

  • disqus_8akbMyKBMt

    I think that they night be really close friends:)

  • Hiilove1D

    Gosh if they dented it they are just friends. Shitty rumors annoy me.

  • melissa horan

    hella noo they cant be datinq each other even tho zoey is kina pretty he cant ill cry to death

  • Carolina Munayer

    You can have it back tonight xx “WTF. It’s like she wants me to hate her

  • Maddison Strubhar

    I’m still not suspecting anything until Niall confirms it..I don’t care what anybody says! <3

    • Abby

      yeah me too

  • Kassandra Salina

    I’m a Niall girl it hurts to see him with someone but I’m happy if they are dating :)

  • Directioner

    Gosh no matter how much I really want to know, we can’t just shove our buisness on their lives!! I’m happy for them if its true but other wise, we should really stop shoving our noses in their buisness!

  • Victoria

    Okay this is a freaking lie and I’m tired of the sun lying. They are such douche bags and there liars! Directioners, dont believe this. And either way if he did have a gf everyone should respect it.

  • Mrs. Horan

    okay i dont like her already and i hardly know her and apparently they r going to get togheter because he even introduce her to his parents and they like her

    ps. Niall horan is mine

    • Caitlyn Ellice

      You are so rude.

  • Hope Demery

    I think there single i hope

    • Good Girl

      Well, Niall even said himself that he wouldnt date a model….maybe they are dating

  • Lauren

    It’s a rumour I’m sick of this bullshit

  • Morganisawesome

    LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!!!! Nialler will tell us when he has a girlfriend so just drop it.

  • Caitlyn Ellice

    True One Directioners will accept if the boys find Love. And if they’re angry about it.. well get over yourselves. I’ll be happy as long as they’re happy.

  • Ashleyliana PayneXxX

    (I love Them all but…) I’m a Liam girl but I love Nialler with all my heart!!!! And if he’s happy I’m Happy. As much as I think this would be a good couple I don’t want him to be heartbroken if it doesn’t work. I’m crossing my fingers, that if this is true that it doesn’t end badly. I love you Nialler, and please know that us Directioners only want what’s best for you. <3 XxX

  • Baylie Kaiser

    Did everyone forget about this picture. They aren’t dating.

    • Majushka Hablakova

      so do not go together?

  • deelfii

    niall is minee

  • Rhiannon Tice

    I think their both just really good friends but if they are a pair then………. CONGRATS

  • shanna

    Evenly they are or not i still support niall horan – harrilyn

  • Sukie Dakin

    No one should be upset if they are together. If you really love Niall, then you should be happy if he’s happy :)

  • Arya ♡’s Styles ®

    Why are ya’ll pushing it for nail and zoe to go out.. They will tell us yes or no.and they already told us no so why are you pushing them ?

  • Sarah Manalo ►•◄

    they said, they aren’t dating, that’s it. done. people are hating Zoe when clearly, they aren’t really dating

  • Jesryni Pantino

    i love harry

  • Maalikah Foulkrod

    they could just be good friends or maybe more we wont know until both of them say they are and if they are im happy for his chose

  • Nicole Styles

    I’m fucked tired of “sources” and “insiders”!


    I think that you should stop pressuring them. A guy can have a friend who is a girl. And from what I’ve heard they’ve both denied it. So I think you should leave them alone and let them do what they want:)

  • Elize Horan

    There just really good friends, I hope… If they’re not- D’:

  • 1DFandomAdventures

    I will support Niall for whatever decision he makes but I don’t think this seems right….

  • Nawal

    i would be soo happy if he was dating her i just think he deserves a good girl and if sje isnt good HAHA we’ll kill her haha jk but honetly let the guy be happy

  • Corinne Grammer

    Yeah I love Niall and if he wants to be with her then I totally will support them all the way. But…..if she breaks his heart she’s gonna have a lot of directioners to answer to.

  • Juana MS

    Its ok if Niall its dating her for me…. Don’t hate on her cuz YOU millions of girls in the world would LOVE to date Niall and you wouldn’t want to be treated like that so HAVE RESPECT FOR HER ….. I am a Niall girl…. Directioner forever

  • mrs.horan

    I so hope niall is not dating her i will die inside! Plz niall if u love your fans u wont date her ! Ps . I am a niall girl as u can tell ~nialler babe <3

  • mrs.horan

    Harry will be better with zoe

  • ebony

    I love niall but I totes agree leave him be he rules his own life and it his decision whether he is orr isn’t its no biggy

  • Follow Limit :x

    harrys hand around her though. i wish it was me. ( i know i sound preverted) :p but….his hands….

  • Jacky Pichmann

    I think that Niall is dating Zoe but he isn´t his girlfriend.. I hope it than Nill is mine <3 Love Niall
    Zoe and Harry are the perfect Dream Team <3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Dani

    no pleaaaaase niall im dying now im dying really really dying

  • jasmin

    but i went to zoe on twitter and she said she kissed niall. so the proves shes dating him

  • Ciara Gannon

    niall is mine and i will kill zoe in her sleep and if you dont keep away ill track u down and kill u