Niall Horan Spotted On A Date With Model Barbara Palvin

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Oooh, what’s this then Niall?


Niall Horan has been spotted taking gorgeous model Barbara Palvin on a date.

After revealing last week that he had a crush on model Kendall Jenner, Nialler has moved on to another model.

The pair were spotted hanging out together at the after party of Manchester United documentary Class of ’92 in London, which was at Chakana nightclub on Sunday.

Niall looked particularly gorgeous as he was all suited and booted, with Barbara looking equally as stunning in a little black dress.

The pair enjoyed each other’s company at the event before sneaking out of the back exit within minutes of each other, which was believed to be their second date in less than a week.


According to rumours, they were spotted arriving to the cinema seperately last week but were soon cosying up to each other enjoying a viewing of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

A source said: “They were laughing and joking together throughout the film, and both were dressed casually. You could tell they were comfortable in each other’s company.”

Awww! We can see why Niall picked Barbara, as she’s simply stunning and we know that the 1D boys like their models, don’t they?

What do you think of the possible relationship?

  • cupcake306

    this stuff gets me so mad!!! Haven’t people heard of the term friends!!! Every time one of the boys hang out with a girl, they’re suddenly dating!!!
    Of course if it’s true I’m happy for them, but knowing how little gets the rumor mill spinning it’s probably just a rumor.

  • A_Dedicated_Directioner

    “Niall and barbara went out the same door 2 minuets apart”
    I came out of my room and my cat came after does that mean were dating?!
    “Niall and Amy”
    ” Niall and Zoe”
    “Niall and Tamera Foster”
    “Niall and Barbara Palvin”

    • Anise Aarden

      You Go Girl!!! that’s true!

    • cupcake306

      You forgot Ellie Goulding “The amazing record holding 2 week relationship” as I like to call it. I honestley hated that one

    • Stini2526

      that line so works lol

    • Kimberly Cano

      HAHAHAHAH! EXACTLY!! I hate it when people believe everything, and the media makes rumours and ugh, just annoying!

    • directioner4eva

      lol…..yes, you are 100% dating your cat…..XD

    • xxFarmgirl901

      This is just perfect!

    • Directionerx4xlife

      Can we take a minute to award you omg AMEN! Preach it sistaaaa! You should be famous for that comment!

    • Directioner forever

      So true!! Hahahaha! 😛

  • hugh

    Barbara Palvin WOW she is really beautiful

    • ♥ 1D ♥


    • directioner4eva

      why cant i look like her………

  • Valerie

    As long as hes happy im happy. I hope directioners wont give her death threts (im sorry for my spelling) follow if you agree! (lol)

  • Vangie

    Well if its true im heart broken but if hes happy im happy and she is perfect for him

  • Rosanna

    Not that I’m not happy for Niall if this is true, but wasn’t he the one that said he doesn’t want to date a model…

    • earth

      totally agree

  • leonie horan :)

    He said that he doesn’t want to date a model ’cause they are perfect and perfection is boring….

    • Sweet_Rejection

      right? aha

  • boobear

    there’s not even picture proof

    • Kimberly Cano

      exactly, i dont believe the rumors unless theirs picture proof and one of the boys confirms it

  • thoughtsforteenagers

    Niall posted a photo on instagram with Willie, So he went with Willie not Barbara, do you not think Niall would tell us? Let him live a life, we should be grateful that the first THREE years he was single!

  • Eve Liiv

    Wasnt that Niall who said that he dosent date models because they are too perfect? Im confused here :(

    • cupcake306

      It was, this is probably just ANOTHER rumor

      • Eve Liiv

        it was like in factbooks and other things

        • cupcake306

          no, I mean that he is dating Barbara

          • Eve Liiv

            owh im sorry then that i misunderstood :)

          • cupcake306

            It’s fine, NEVER trust the rumor mill!!! It’s usually just rubbish.

    • Lynnie Lucas

      I thought that too! IM NOT PERFECT NIALL DATE ME!

      • Eve Liiv

        desperate much?

        • Lynnie Lucas

          Dude it was a joke

  • xxFarmgirl901

    I don’t think it’s anything. They just left 2 minutes apart. That doesn’t mean they’re dating but if he does like her. I’m happy for them. He diserves to be happy.

  • kisses404

    Everything was so peaceful and now its like BAM. Niall girls must be going crazy 😛

    • Kimberly Cano


    • Sweet_Rejection


      • kisses404

        Haha Im a Niall girl actually. Im just DYING

    • directioner4eva

      oh, u said it honey

  • kisses404

    hey would actually be such a cute couple. I just hope she’s a nice person and not snobby and using Niall for even more popularity.

  • kisses404

    Did anybody else notice ‘Little black dress’? Haha 😀

    • Alondra_Dance


    • Jemima

      Haha yeah I noticed this was my reaction

  • heyitscony


  • Åmy Jårvis

    He said he wouldn’t date models cuz they are perfect and boring !!!!!

    • earth

      i always believe that

  • #CrazyMofo

    I’m not going to believe anything unless he cleared with anybody else. Rumors are rumors so stop believing it.

    • earth

      me too

  • VivianTomlinson

    They’re probably just friends!!!theres no proof and there’s no pics to show they’re dating so it ain’t real

    • earth


  • crazy for 1D&5SOS

    Well if they r seeing each other I’m happy for them,but we can’t really say anything cause its not confirmed yet

  • Katie B

    It didn’t show a pic of them both together….. I’m truly NOT even close to convinced!!! I mean how many rumors can everyone spread about the boys!!!!

  • katie_styles

    Damn I wish they all didn’t date models!!!

    • directioner4eva

      i agree

      • katie_styles

        :) Especially Harry, even tho he’s my fav ❤ like I wish u would date fans!!! ;(

        • directioner4eva

          u said it sister :)

          • katie_styles

            Be a part of my family??? I have a big fam of sisters!!! Invitation only please! 😉

          • directioner4eva

            whats family?? im confused

          • katie_styles

            ummmm its a family that i started and made up it consists of @Riel Whittle @Cat Horan and some other people

          • directioner4eva

            oh cool, and sorry im 10 days late

          • katie_styles

            haha its yes?? :)

          • directioner4eva

            sure, why not

          • katie_styles


          • directioner4eva

            where do i go??

          • katie_styles

            what do you mean? all I really do is put your name on my word document, so i remember whos in my fam. theres not a website or anything. its just you know in general

          • katie_styles

            my list!!!

    • earth

      me too

      • katie_styles


        • earth


  • directioner4eva

    i support it 100%

  • directioner4eva

    …..even though im a niall girl, i still ship it

  • Lynnie Lucas

    Literally I’m so done! I’m not gonna believe it until NIALL confirms it. NOT an anonymous source, NOT Barbara, no one. If Niall says it’s real, then fine. I still don’t believe Haylor was real-Harry never confirmed it. In fact, he even said he was still single when they were “together.” If they were dating, I would be pissed to be Taylor if Harry denied our relationship. And obviously, that didn’t have anything to do with it. Total management stunt and it’s sad.

  • Kelley

    As long as he is happy for now. But later on I will marry him

  • Guest

    I wouldn’t date model because their perfect , and perfect is boring – Niall Horan . Yup sure has stick that motto.

  • Nialler (:

    Not true because Niall would’ve tweeted about the movie no matter who he sawit with , also no pictures to prove it , and this site always gives rumors no offense .

  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    Again….. He didn’t confirm anything…. FOR GOD’S SAKE! PLEASE STOP THIS FREAKING THING! Ahhg!

  • Kristen

    Barbara is so pretty. Anyways I won’t believe until the boys confirm it and whenever one of the boys are out in public with a girl..BAM! they think they’re dating. I wish this rumors would just stop.

  • Majú Horan

    Coitado dele….. n sabe oq eu fasso c ele assim q chegar aki. Se for verdade, Nini… se ta ferrado cmg!

  • Zayn Lover

    Barbara is so pretty…AND IT’S NOT CONFIRMED YET!

  • lotte

    naill is hottie xxxxx

  • JapanesePickleChii

    Crap and lies. It’s Niall who decides if he is dating someone, NOT the media.Forever Lies (— _–) pisses me off,bakas everywhere

  • Gabriella

    When they said that somebody is dating secretly is because is a lie

  • Rocienne Mae Capital

    I Thought He don’t like models cause He said that models are perfect and perfect is boring………….. :) I Don;t think they are dating

  • Dayna

    *Clap* *Clap* Another lie! You guys can’t believe every word the media says! They twist things around to make it seem like it is real. He’s been linked to so many girls so it’s NOT real until Niall officially confirms it himself. You need to hear it from either one of them to believe.

  • jessica horan

    It’s a rumor because it said that niall was dating : zoe,amy,tamera,and now barbara sooo yea RUMOR

  • DirectionerPower! XD

    Lol when it said she looked stunning in a little black dress, I’m singing at the top of my lungs “JUST WALKED IN THE ROOM!” I should’ve added “MAKING NIALL HORAN DRO-O-O-O-OL!” LOL XD

  • DirectionerPower! XD

    But seriously, I’m just happy if Niall is happy. :)