Niall Horan’s Twitter Gets Hacked

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One Direction’s Niall is the latest celeb to claim his twitter account to have been hacked.

Niall Horan pulling a funny face

Niall had been tweeting about his trip to Ghana for Comic Relief, trying to preach to his  followers to take poverty seriously:

“I’ve seen the slums right in front of me! This is no joke! They really need your help! Poverty is real.

Massive thanks to rednoseday for taking us to Ghana! It was incredible! real eye opener! We take so much for granted over here!

But just hours later, the teen heartthrob was left red faced when a rather odd tweet appeared was posted from his account:

Have a massive spot on my a**e. Wondering should I squeeze it. What do ye think?

This caused quite a stir in the social media world and nobody was sure whether he was just fooling around, or one of his cheeky bandmates had robbed his phone and hijacked his twitter.

Niall was soon made aware of the tweet and removed it immediately.

He then took to twitter himself to assure his followers it wasn’t true: “OK I don’t know what happened with that last tweet.

“I got hacked again.”

This follows his Instagram being hacked last month, when hackers pretended to be him.

A witty follower later tweeted the star, giving him advise: “You should probably change your password to something difficult then so ya won’t get hacked.

Then again, maybe Niall did write it himself, but it wasn’t meant to be broadcast so publicly on Twitter?

Who knows… 😉

  • Molly-

    Why hack niall?????????
    Pooor little cupcake ♡

    • annalies

      correction snowflake hihi

    • Carol.


  • chloe 1D lover

    Poooor niall…

  • RaiaStylesforeva3

    That little b**** poor Niall

  • 1D~Lover

    Aww poor Niall!<3

  • Loving1Dx

    Noooo why would anyone hack Niall:'( Niall you need to be more careful and make the password harder and difficult that only you could assess.Why Niall….why.. of all the people…why would anyone want to hurt him:'(

  • ilove1D xx

    poor niall :'(

  • Aastha Ginodia

    Awwww Niall why do they hack you? :'( >.<

    • ✖Kɪʀѕty Jaɴє✖

      because the sick minded ******* is a none directioner and has a sick mind >:(

  • Brittany

    wow, i’m sorry but that is kind of funny, “Have a massive spot on my a**e. Wondering should I squeeze it. What do ye think?” lol. i do feel bad for him though, getting hacked isn’t something to be happy about

  • Sisi Picon

    aww poor niall D: whoever did this deserves to be spanked… HARD >:D
    but anyways… EEK! i love Niall but i think they should hav chosen a different pic… these one kinda freaks me out… jst saying :/

    • samantha doe

      its hilarious wat you said about the pic :)

  • Aspen Horan

    Awe poor Niall just so you know you are my favorite out of the band I have every poster of you

  • Melissa

    Who would want to hack niall horon!!

    • Bri1DBieber

      The Wanted .-.

      • Skylar1D

        Yep,those jerks have their banns names all over this.

      • Melissa

        Oh yeah they are jealous

        Subject: [onedirectionnet] Re: Niall Horan’s Twitter Gets Hacked

  • chloe

    Poor Niall why would they do that :-(

  • kaitlin

    Poor niall xxx

  • Brenda Boyce

    Lol when I hack people it’s usually ‘ I eat poop for breakfasts ‘ or ‘I like wearing diapers’ only cause im lame :)

  • sarah

    I blame The Wanted… Who’s with me on this????

    • julia

      Right me to

      • Carol.

        Me too

        • Atalia

          Let’s make a Moooove
          Yeah! so tell me girl every time we

    • Guest

      Your an embarrassment that directioners! Seriously where did The Wanted come from?

      • Pramo1Dnep


      • Hallie Lavin

        AMEN SISTER!!

    • Amie


  • Mariana

    OMG who would want to do this to niall I mean he is like the one of the hottest guys on earth

    • Carol.


      • Carol.


    • Amie

      I know he’s gorgeous such a hotie!!!!!!!!!!

  • Olivia Jones

    Ikr?! Why do they go for niall all the time it’s like WHAT THE DEUCE!!!!

    • Carol.


      • Olivia Jones


  • Niall Horan

    …just reasons

  • Tiernan Legendre

    Y do they get hacked idk

  • abby

    Why niall ……♡I love him so much and have every poster lf him and have every cd of 1d too ……. who ever hacked nial needs to get a bit of sence talked into them… niall jus to let u no I love u to peices ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ xoxox love you

    • Carol.

      That is so cute

    • Amie

      Cute pic and I love him sooooooooooooooo much too! <3 xxxx

  • abby

    Why do they eventhink of tryin to hack niall like ♡♥♡♡ whos with me that didnt want niall to

    get hacked

  • haileyhaileyhailey

    Poor nialler….

  • haileyhaileyhailey


  • Melissa

    Omg Whoever did should say sorry ti sweet niall! Those monsters!!!!

  • HeyxHeidi

    Why Niall! D:
    Its always Niall, Niall looks just to sweet! So sweet you want to hug him.<3
    Leave Niall Alone Bullys!

    • Carol.

      Me too


    LOL!!!!! Poor Niall!!!!!

  • Griffin Horan

    JERKS!!!! What’s their problem!!!! Just leave 1D alone!!! Their normal people just like u and me!!! If they weren’t famous, no one would B so obsessed about them!!! Poor Niall….

  • Griffin Horan

    Those of u who blame the wanted I’m with ya girls….. poor niall…..
    ALWAYS poor, poor niall….

  • Niall Horan


  • NiallersAwesomeMoFo

    Okay, here’s my question. If somebody hacked his twitter, why would they just post a stupid tweet? If I had hacked his twitter, I would go and follow myself so that I can pretend that Niall actually notices me and that he followed me himself when he really didn’t but it was myself that made him follow me, you know? Just saying……. Wouldn’t you do that, too? x

    • FollowMeLZLNH

      Ikr me to but I don’t know how to hack :…(

  • directioner 4eva

    uhm….yeah……okay….I am glad that I was in bed by the time that tweet sufaced….yeah…..that would have not been a good night.

  • 1dlol1d

    Poor niall bur if he really said that he should squeez it out

  • ♡ mickie ♡

    heheheheheheheheheheheheh omgg if he was hacked im laughing so hard cuz he has a pimple on his butt lolol

  • Sarah

    Oh hacking!!!!!I hate this actionX-(

  • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

    why they hack just niall!!!??

    • Dareen Abuhashish

      jelouse ‘…………..i think

      • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

        Yeah! maby! :

  • Lily_Horan

    Poor Niall!

  • 1d_sister

    love u Niall… curse u hacker

  • Ms Chloe styles

    What does a**e mean? I forgot!

  • ℓαѕт ƒιяѕт кιѕѕ ♥


  • lorena


  • lorena

    I pošleš or link from camera

  • Guest


  • Valia Alkhreef

    I wanna just hug Niall till he gets better now! :( People should not be doing that :(

  • Amie

    If Niall has a girlfriend she is the luckiest girl in the world! wish I was her!!!!!

  • Georgia Woolley

    I❤Niall soooooo much I mean I ❤ all 1D but niallas my fave xxx

  • L.Kiki *Mrs Styles

    Aww Nial :3

  • Trisha Stypickson :)

    aww Nialler

  • anon

    i wish i could hack any of their accs so i could follow myself 😀

  • Gwenny☺

    Dont be sad niall no matter what happens we will never believe those twits that he or she sent on twitter

  • Gwenny☺

    I meant tweets not twits

  • Delaney

    Noooooo not my niall i love him so much not my babyyyy…. STOP the hate who could hate 1D that they would do that to them just brakes my heart

  • Delaney

    Nooooo not my niall love him so much <3 <3 STOP the hate people how could people hate them that much that they would do that just brakes my heart….. p.s. I llllllloooooovvvvvveeeee 1D so much

  • Trisha Concepcion


  • Beatrizsofia Miranda

    Who would hack into his twitter who ever did that you know you can go to jail for that