Niall Pops The Question To Paloma Faith – The Lucky Lady!

Singer Paloma Faith, 26, says that Niall Horan recently asked her to marry him!

Speaking with the Daily Star on Sunday, Paloma said:

“I met One Direction recently and Niall proposed to me. He said he wanted to marry me so I’m currently thinking about it.”

Niall with JLS

Jokingly, Paloma says that the marriage won’t last long, quipping:

“I’d give it six months at the most!”

Paloma is currently enjoying success with her brand new single ‘Picking Up The Pieces’, and you can watch it below:

Paloma, you should count yourself lucky, you cheeky minx! :)

Elsewhere, Zayn Malik has been chatting with Teen Now magazine about what he likes to do with his time off.

Zayn said:

“My ideal day off would be waking up at 5pm, just chill out all day, maybe play a few games. Watch a film, have some good food and just sleep again.”

The Bradford lad, currently dating Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards, added:

“I wear joggers and a really baggy T-shirt that’s way too big for me,’ he tells us. Then I’ll put on a pair of high-tops.”

“Even if I’ve got a day off, I’ll still have a shower, do my hair, all the normal stuff. It’s not the same grooming as for TV or anything, but I do like to look after myself.”

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