Niall Says Directioners Are “The Best Fans In The World”

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Irish magazine HotPress recently interviewed our Mullingar hottie Niall Horan, asking him a bunch of questions about his life in the band.

Niall Horan speaks to HotPress

Niall started randomly by saying:

“I bought a curry last night and I can’t remember where I left it after.”

Chicken Tikka Niall? Or Lamb Jalfrezi?

With being 1/5th of the biggest pop sensation for decades, you would think Niall needed security everywhere he went, but he said:

“I just got the new car, so I’ve been able to get around a little bit more,” adding quickly “I guess you have to watch where you go and at what time. Like, if I walk past a girls’ school at half-past three, it’s going to get a bit crazy, isn’t it? You have to watch out where you are, without getting too paranoid about it. I’ve just been for lunch there, in one of the shopping centres, and it’s not a big deal, really.”

Niall was asked about his taste in music, and the little mosher said:

“Rock ‘n’ roll is my kinda thing. I like The Eagles and Bon Jovi and the Stones from when I was young. I’ve always been into that, but I listen to everything.”

Wait, where’s The Wanted? Or what about some Big Time Rush?

Niall carried on:

“Just on the way here I was listening to Taylor Swift’s album and I’m absolutely loving Kodaline (of HP’s Hot For 2013 fame) at the moment. Their album is amazing.”

Niall Horan speaks to HotPress

All five of the boys start their massive 2013 world tour on Saturday 23rd February at the O2 in London, and it’s been revealed that Niall will be playing guitar on a lot of the songs.

He said:

“It’s coming out quite a bit on this tour I think. We’re kind of working it out at the moment, the guitar parts and stuff. But yeah, we’ve all got new guitars from Fender so we’re laughing.”

Showing how much he’s looking forward to the concerts – and who isn’t – Mr Horan said:

“I can’t wait, it’s gonna be class! I’ve just seen the stage there and it’s crazy. These days when people go to shows, they spend their hour-and-a-half making videos for YouTube so we try to make it so that none of any two shows are the same. Every show is different.”

Being in such a huge group has it’s benefits, such as being best mates with Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber, and Niall spoke about them both:

“Ed is one of the nicest guys I know and super talented. I was around at his house over Christmas and we jammed all night, just doing normal things. Same with Justin. Whenever we go to LA, we go around to Justin’s and just chill out and watch TV and all that regular stuff.”

Yep, just a normal day in LA, popping round to the Biebster’s pad. Ho hum.

Niall added:

“But it’s good. Sometimes it might come up in conversation about different countries we’ve been to and Justin was saying, for instance, that when you go to Japan, when the song finishes, the crowd literally go so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. Then we went to Japan last week and it was exactly what he said! You talk about normal things too, but it’s good to have them around, really.”

HotPress then moved on to ask about on-off love interest Demi Lovato, with Niall saying:

“Me and Demi are just really good friends. They quoted us saying this week that we were going out, but it’s not true. It’s only a bit of a rumour.”

Niall Horan 'potato' !

Finally, Nialler spoke about the most important part of One Direction’s success – YOU, THE FANS!

When asked what he thought about the millions Directioners around the world, he said:

“Simply, without sounding really clichéd, we literally have the best fans in the world,”.

Aww thanks dude!

“Because of what they’ve done for us online and everything, blowing it up so quick. What they’ve done for us in two years is unbelievable. Spreading the word around the world and YouTube and Twitter and Facebook – they all play a massive part in what we’ve done. Obviously, having good music helps but the fans have been unbelievable.”

So there you have it, Directioners give yourselves a round of applause!

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