Niall Watches Kanye West and Jay-Z In Concert

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Niall with Marvin and Rochelle

Taking the opportunity to watch Jay-Z and Kanye West in concert at the O2 in London before 1D fly out to the USA, Niall was snapped in a photo with Marvin from JLS and Rochelle from The Saturdays – Marvin’s wife-to-be.

Amongst a star-studded audience featuring Professor Green, Myleene Klass and Kelly Brook as well as the others mentioned above, Niall had an amazing time, and the gig was a smash hit.

Niall tweeted: “Had the best night last @officialpdc #mccoyspld ! Thanks to PDC for the tickets, great night and will go again for sure! X”

Commenting on Niall’s apparent hangover, Professor Green tweeted: “Love the fact Nial is somewhere feeling exactly the same as I do right now, wonder if he’s having a cider too?”

According to rumours on Twitter, Harry and Liam were also at the gig, but we can’t confirm this yet.

Watch a clip of the concert below:

Elsewhere, the naughty 1D boys have been getting carried away a bit with their mobile phones, after running up a huge £14,000 bill!

The huge phone bills were clocked up whilst they were touring over in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, and their constant texting, calling and surfing soon racked up their costs.

Speaking with The Mirror, a source at Syco said:

“They’re encouraged to tweet by management to keep them interacting with fans but Niall and Liam in particular got pretty homesick during their travels and regularly called home.

“When the bills landed on their doormat, the guys were utterly stunned and slightly devastated thinking they’d have to fork out themselves. In the end they got called in for a meeting and given a lecture on finances, and how to handle their money. It is vital wealth does not go to their heads. Their bills got signed off and the boys will not be making the same mistake again.”

Naughty, naughty!

  • victoria waller

    Louis <3 Niall <3 Harry <3 Zayn <3 Liam <3

  • lynn

    £14,000? Seriously?

  • eleanora

    hahahaha lol bad boys i like that!! but they shouldnt get too carried away lol i think they will be able to afford 14000 euros lol after all those concerts and albums sold out they will be fine