Nialler Cracks 9 million followers on Twitter!

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The bands’ Irish lad has been passing a lot milestones this week.

Niall with a particularly red face

Driving test – check, brand new first car – check & now he has welcomed his 9 millionth follower on twitter…which he might be the most excited about.

By doing so he has cracked into a very exciting new group of people, because he is now amongst the top 50th most followed people on Earth, scratching at the heels of Kanye West.

He is officially number 44 on the list, which puts him ahead of the likes of Mariah Carey & nutter Charlie Sheen. Significantly though, he is now ahead of Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole – three of the judges who criticised and/or praised him at the very beginning of his career.

Niall Horan getting his haircut by Louise Teasdale

We think he has truly lived up to the high expectations that Katy Perry put on him, soon enough even she might be below the mighty 1D boys.

Nialler was pretty casual about acknowledging it though, tweeting the following:

“Holy poop! I just noticed I have 9 million followers! Thank you soo much guys! Best fans on planet.”

It was our pleasure Nialler, we love you!

  • Samantha

    We love you Niall!!!!!!!!<3

  • Aastha Ginodia

    Yeah thats how we do it
    We <3 you a lot Nialler! 😀

  • amazing#1d

    Woooo! Well done Niall, I knew you were seriously popular! !!!!!!!!!

    • amazing#1d

      And hot…..

      • Isabella Styles ;)

        Lol but sooo true congrats nialler!! :-)

    • Carol.

      Me to

  • horan girl<3<3

    Love you nialler <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
    You are my life :)))))))))

  • niall’s girl


    • jasmine rodriguez

      Ya u r not his girlfriend u can imagine he is but he is not your boyfriend your fake 1 yes

      • Rabia Shohatee

        Relax…. its obviously a joke anywho have you heard about me and zayn secretly dating?!?!?! Syke lemme stop *he’s my dream boyfriend* :3

        • JSRRamsaran

          ell then he’s cheatin n u cos zayn is my boy friend *jkin* 😛 but sriously i love him!!!!

          • Rabia Shohatee

            Oh my guash one directions cheating on all of us!!!

      • directioner 4eva

        HOLD UP! HOLD UP! I have something I should tell u two girls……..NIALL HAS BEEN CHEATING ON BOTH OF U!!!! and guess what….ITS MEE! haha suckers!!!! NAILLA IS MINE!!!!

        • niall’s girl

          Hahahaha i m gonna have a serious talk with him 😛

          • directioner 4eva

            lolz! u better! I think he is finding an intrest in some Japanese girl!

      • Sam

        She was *Joking*. Look it up.

        • niall’s girl

          Yeah i was joking hahahaha

          • harryluvsme

            my harry isnt cheating on mee lol :))

  • Georgia Woolley

    Niall I’m one of dem followers and u welcum I loooooovvvvveeeee u xxx

  • Jazmine

    Cool and you are so hot

  • Griffin Horan

    OMG! Awesome! I luv u niall!!! U r amazing, and not just because u have 9 million followers on twitter!!!!

  • Hannah

    Well your name is naills girl

  • Miko Sim

    Niall, Well Done !! And we will always luv you!!! And remember, u r not below the boys.. Without u, there will not be even One direction or me writing it now… Remember, there r always fans behind you.. And congracts on passing your drive test! !! LUV U!!!!:-*


    WHOOO GO NIALL!!!!! I love you sooooo much Irish Pancake!!!!! (that’s what I call him cause he likes to eat)

    • Isabella Styles ;)


    • 1d_sister


  • Skylar1D

    Katy perry,He didn’t let u down,Be proud Nialler!!

  • jenniferthinguyen

    naill is so cute

  • cheekymonkey

    Yay my little Irish snowflake made it eep I’m jumping for joy here

  • Mrs.Horan


  • Zoe Staines

    I’m so happy for you niall, you deserve them all…

  • Olivia Jones

    Congrats Niall I’m so proud of you! Have any of you directioners read fan fic off this place called wattpad? If you haven’t check it out

  • ℓαѕт ƒιяѕт кιѕѕ ♥


    • Carol.

      Cool and good

  • JSRRamsaran

    congrats nialler u deserve it !!!

  • directioner 4eva

    I find it sooooooo…. CUTE HOW HE SAYS. HOLLY POOP! just toooooooo cuteeeeeeee, omg, i think my key board is falling in love with that tweet!!!!

  • Directioner_Life

    That’s my man I’m so proud of him I’m crying don’t look at me :’)

  • Hazzasexystyles<3<3<3

    :'( man i wish i had a twitter so i can follow 1D my mean mother wont let me!!!!!! UUUGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WORLD?????!!!!!!! WHY????????!!!!!!!!!!!! *cough,cough* congrats nialler remember we all LUV U!!!!!!!!!! and i would sooooo follow him if it wasnt for a certain cockblocker >:(

  • Selena Gomez

    So proud of my boyfriend :)

    • 1d_sister


  • disqus_q5OwOfcBMh

    Well done Nialler we r soooo proud of u
    U r my life love u Nialler <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • 1d_sister

    YAY! Wowzers!
    Niall! Cool! 9 million! cooooooool!

  • Harry_Styles_Is_MINE

    Awwwww i wish i had a twitter!!!!

  • Loving1Dx

    Niall I love you!:D I am so proud for everything you have accomplished:) #prouddirectioner

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Congrats niall so proud HUN



  • Juliana

    OMG of that 9million of follower that Niall have am not there!!

  • glydale laurio

    we are so proud of u NIALL JAMES HORAN UR REALLY THE BEST i am ur number 1 fan here in philippines…..and of cource ONE DIRECTION

  • abby

    All I want to say is I love niall so so much

  • I Love 5 Guys :) !!!

    So Proud of my boo and back OFF ladys HE MINEEE !!!!!:)x

  • harryluvsme

    atleast my harry isnt cheating on me srry to join this convo lol :))