Nialler “Not Into” The Feud Between The Wanted & 1D

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It looks like 1D are starting 2013 with a bang, especially with their new video due to drop in just 3 days time – which we know you are too excited for. Being described as blockbuster, we can’t wait to see the whole thing!

Nialler began 2013 probably with a Nando’s, lets be honest.

Niall Horan in the Kiss You video

But seriously though, it has been reported that the Irishman is not too keen on the reported feud between his bandmates and rival Brits, The Wanted.

Niall is said to be a mates with Siva, a member of The Wanted and wants to keep it that way. Nialler is well and truly “not into” the on-again off-again feud and Siva feels the same way, saying the following:

“I’ve met Niall a few times, and he’s a sound lad,” said Siva recently to Sunday World. “Whenever I see Niall, he says hello.”

However, it looks like Nathan Sykes, also from the Wanted, isn’t so kind about 1D. Well, a particular Directioner that is.

One of the many One Direction fans tweeted the official “The Wanted” account and suggested that the Glee cover of “Glad You Came” was better than their version and finished the rant with #yousuck.

Nathan, still logged onto the bands account, replied and suggested the fan had a “face like a slapped arse”. Ouch. Especially when it wasn’t even on his personal account!

There are still tensions between the bands, but we aren’t surprised that Niall is rising above it!

  • amazing#1d

    Well done Nial for not lettimg the battle between the wanted ruin your freindships and personality!!! ♡♡♡

    • JSRRamsaran

      thats our nialler for you – sweet and adorable

  • 1Dlover

    Niall u r our hero i love you <3

    • Mitthu

      Ikr (: love him

  • HanaStyles

    I love you Nialler! You are my idol <3

  • Georgia Woolley

    Gud old Niall he’s ma fave and girls back off he’s mine  can’t believe wht nathen put tho :O

  • Georgia Woolley

    Niall lookin fit as in tht pic xx

  • Isabella Styles ;)

    Luv ya niall! :-)

  • Isabella Styles ;)

    O and by da way niall nice pic with ur cute sailor Outfit

  • Anouchka♥

    Aww I just love Niall xxx

  • haileyhaileyhailey

    I’m so proud of Niall for not getting involved ❤

  • NiallersPrincess

    My sweet Nialler <3
    Not so keen with TW at the moment, but this fight it's going on forever !


    good job Niall! love ya

  • Georgia Woolley

    Naill’s Irish accent makes me tingle  xxxxxxx

  • Kristen Hunt


  • Kristen Hunt


  • malik4ever

    Sweet..I don’t like the Wanted buyers good that Niall’s not holding a grudge

  • Anita Rzewski

    He’s a peacemaker… Niall the peacemaker!

  • alexa<3s1D

    I drink coffee and I have irish cream and it tastes awsome

  • Jazmine

    Go Niall

  • cheekymonkey

    That’s what I love about and admire nialler for him being so laid back,but on the other hand I do understand where one direction is coming from because of all the past incidents and the wanted messing with us directioners(yes I am one) set the lads off but that’s nothing a little civilized talk can’t fix make friends not enemies sorry for the long response I just had a lot on my mind

    • FabulousNails

      Niall is obviously chill, and he seems to get along with everyone.
      I think that Harry is a bit like him in that instance too: chill and non-confrontational.

      1D should have taken the high road from the start… Well, it’s not too late to change their attitude hopefully. I understand why the ribbing from TW was a bit offensive, I just wish all of them could have been more mature about it.

      However, only parts of TW and 1D are really “fighting”. 2 guys from each band (well, if you count Liam -who merely complained to the press without uttering any insult- and Nathan -Who insulted a 1D fan who had thought it would be a good idea to go insult TW on twitter-, it’s 3).

      • Sally

        Yeah. This “feud” doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. So Zayn might not like some of the TW guys, but that doesn’t mean everyone else does as well. It’s just portrayed as a bigger deal than it really is.

  • Bri1DBieber


  • Guest

    Iall looks so hot in that pic

  • Victoria

    Its too much drama going on between 1D and the wanted. Why can’t they just get along already because its just so irritating to hear about all the time. I would rather see them getting along and being really good friends.

    • Jasmine

      TW started it all by bad mouthing the boys

    • Meeky Haiti

      ur so right and they shouldve solved it like regular responsible guys and nathan fromTWhas no reason to insult that fan and he sed on an interview himself that they should stop it and get along but he didnt do hat himself they should all just see what made the prob in the first place and appoligize i hate when theres drama and its just stupid but nialler never fight or does these kind of things and thats one of the reasons i luv nialler

  • Eileen Stypayhorlikson

    Very good Niall!!! Your saved you and the lads. Well done!!

  • Ramina

    Uuugggghh i think the wanted r a bunch of wannabe losers.. Who r only hatin’ on one direction because 1D are waaayyyy more famous than they are..


    GO NIALL!!!!! And of course he is freinds with the IRISH one from the band that is cool!!!!! LOL!!!!!

  • Perrie Anderson

    1D is always going to be rising :):)

  • Perrie Anderson

    We all luvvv you Niall

  • Wendy

    I wonder why the wanted don’t like 1d

  • Kayler Maloney

    That’s why I like him he took the high road. So proud of you sweetie

  • TheKierahStyles1

    Well, Based On That Story; I’ve Established That One Direction Has A More Mature And Kind Personality!

  • directioner 4eva

    BTW~ since the sub, the Wanted is up, I have a CHALLENGE, for all of u directioners out there.
    I CHALLENGE u to go to youtube, and watch exactly 8 interviews from the wanted.!
    Who has the chops to do it, reply me if u do, and tell me waht u got out of the changllenge after u completed it.
    I DARE U!

  • 1Diswaybetterthanjb

    Niall is such a role model! He’s so kind ,carefree and sweet! I mean look at this article! He never does anything wrong like that❤ I want to be just like him when I grow up:) our nialler is such an amazing young man:’) of course , so is the rest of 1D❤

  • Loving1Dx

    This is one of the reasons I love Niall so much:)

  • Vanilla

    Love Nialler forever!!

  • bellahoran

    Thats why I love my niall♥

  • Qurratumaimanah Abdul Rashid

    Good job, Niall!

  • Holly

    I’m a big fan of TW and 1D and I’m happy the Naill is friends with Siva I don’t understand the feud between them like they are 2 different bands I would LOVE it if they were like best friends but that’s not happening cause there is a stupid f**ked up feud between them I don’t understand why they have to have a feud it’s like Selena Gomez copared to Miley Cyrus they are different they might have both came from Disney but they’re different just like Te Wanted and One Direction
    And I am proud to say I’m a Directioner AND apart of the TWFanmily.

  • Charlene_1D

    Nialler <3

  • ✖Kɪʀѕty Jaɴє✖

    that’s our little Snowflake ^.^

  • Darcy

    Im sorry, but Nathan was rude to that directioner.
    Like, come on bro.
    Be like our favorite irishman and rise above itt

  • daisy

    Proud of him fgor doing the msture thing

  • Taylor Cruze

    Love you 1D! 😀

  • Jamie

    Hi Niall I am your biggst fan

  • 1D lover

    directioners we should stop tweeting bad things about The Wanted we all know they reeally suck but for 1D we should stop doing that

  • horan girl<3<3

    Oh nialler l love you very very …much <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • future mrs horan

    Niall you are so awesome and well done for rising above and not letting this ruin your friendships. We all love you Niall!!!!

  • Mrs.Malik

    Niall is so chill I love that about him =)

  • Mrz Nancy Malik

    EWW The Wanted.. 1D are a hundred times better.. No offense to TW I just don’t like their music..

  • Helia Nicks

    That’s our Nialler kind cute n irish
    I’ll say WELL DONE Nialler!!:))

  • Awesome_deal_with_it{^-^}

    It’s good that he is not getting caught up with the feuding and is staying the same.
    The guys from the wanted need to relax. Okay?
    They’re constantly tweeting bad stuff about one direction. Even if they don’t actually care about that specific thing anymore.
    Buy over all it is awesome that Niall has not let the feuding change him :).

  • 1d_sister

    My prince Nialler is perfectly amazing!

  • Gisselle Cortez

    1D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZAYN J. MALIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Jasmine

    Wow! How could Nathan say that to someone?! Shows The (Un)Wanted has no class!

  • Gisselle Cortez

    I LOVE 1D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Di_Styles

    Good Niall! Very nice way of setting an example to the boys that this argument has gotta stop:) Good job to Siva too for keeping it normal and not joining the feud:)

  • Aylin Morelos

    Thnxs niall or standing up for us irctioner 😉

  • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

    Can I ask: WHAT DO YOU DO NIALLL!!?!?? O__O

  • :)!!

    That’s the mature way to go about instead of getting involved and possibly messing something up that you don’t want to.

  • :)!!

    Niall’s cool..

  • Love1DMia

    Aww Niall…#proudmommy <33

  • Alex Abordo

    Niall is a kind and good guy, so he won’t be hesitating to argue of what’s happening to the 2 british boy bands.

  • Hannah


  • ℓαѕт ƒιяѕт кιѕѕ ♥