Nialler Splashes Out On A Fancy New Car After Passing Driving Test

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Congratulations Nialler! You’re one step further to growing up…so please slow down because we really don’t want you too, like at all.

Niall Horan with nice hair

Not only is your adorable blondie a talented singer and guitarist, but he is now officially a legal driver after he passed his test!

The Irishman even passed it first time – #GoodWorkNialler.

And he nearly had a clean sheet for the drive, making only 2 mistakes on his close to perfect test. He looked ecstatic to have passed the nerve wracking examination and smiled his way from the car to pick up his paperwork, before immediately tearing down his L plates.

He was so pleased in fact, that he splashed out on a lavish £70,000 top spec jet black Range Rover for himself which is certainly not your average first set of wheels.

It was a very lucky for Niall to have done so well, with his lessons often being interrupted by screaming Directioners, like you lot.

A source said:

“He stopped to speak with fans and signed lots of autographs during his lessons. He never turned anyone down who wanted to get their picture taken with him.”

“Even with all of that, his instructor was still overheard saying he had never had a pupil so focused on passing his test.”

Niall Horans new Range Rover

Until now Nialler was either driven by band chauffeurs or used a push bike, so at least the young star will have a bit more independence!

  • Gg

    First one to comment and see this yyeeaa

  • Kylies

    Good job Nialler! But can you try and like stop growing up for one second? I need a chance to kinda catch up. :)

    • directionerfromnarnia

      Me too :)

      • directioner 4eva

        LOLZ! that is a great suggestion!!!

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      I want to upgrade your comment 6 times more…

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  • JoJo J. Moussallem

    Yeeeey congrats Niall!!! <3

  • 1Dlover

    They grow up so fast :( but i think the first car of niall will be a burger hihi :)

  • Carolina Yglesias Cordeiro

    proud *.*

  • Plinky Mae R. Dy-Lim

    Happy for you!

  • 浅译 帅

    Congratulations Niall !!! So nice!!!

  • Harry’s Curly Hairx3

    Just wanna remeber he can use the drive in now :) 😀

  • Nalina Styles

    that’s awesome

  • Sarah

    Congrats Niall!! :) :) :)

  • amazing#1d

    Wooo well done, my dads got that car too!!!!!!

  • Stini2526

    good for him

  • 1d_sister

    Yay! Cool!
    So now my prince can come to me … in a car!
    Niall! You rock! You’re focused, just like me!
    Anyways, Congrats Ni!

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  • Olivia Jones

    Sweet ride Niall! Wanna give me a ride?

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Congrats NIALLER luv u heaps
    I get my licence in 4 months can nor wait then ill tear my L’s plate aswell hopefully I pass straight away like NIALLER

  • Jazmine


  • .:♥:.Nialler.:♥:.

    Honey, slow down.. pliz ::3

  • Meta Schepers

    Congratulations Nialler!!!!! Love You <3

  • Anita Rzewski

    congrats niall!!!! :)

  • Eileen Stypayhorlikson

    Congrats Niall!!! Nice work! We knew you could do it!! Love 1D Forever!!

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  • Darcy stylessss

    Well, now he can take me home with it.

    • Monlisarxxxx

      He cant coz ur Harrys daughter xD he dont wanna
      Have an reletionship with u xD

      • Darcy stylessss

        Dude WTF.

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  • LOLA

    I better get a ride on your new car Niall, we can go Nandos together 😉 Ha!

  • Sally

    He finally learned!! Alright Zayn and Liam, now you have to get your drivers license!

  • Perrie Anderson

    Woa awesome

  • El (Whoreo)

    Great job Niall! Congrats! Im soo happy for you!

  • horan girl<3<3

    Love you nialler <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
    My life <3<3<3<3<3

  • Ramina

    Y is it lots of famous people have range rovers?? Like the kardashians and stuff?

  • FollowMeLZLNH

    Give me a ride

  • Jasmin Mendoza

    Great job Niall ! Congrats !

  • jojo chambers

    Congrats Niall! Take Me with you!!!

  • jojo chambers

    Awesomely Good Job Nialler!!!!! Nice ride!!!!! Niall is 19 in Arkansas it’s 16 when you can get a license how old do you have to be in Europe?

  • Jaquelin Lopez

    That’s cool.!!:)

  • ZarMaz

    Pick me up for dinner Niall! I’ll be ready at 8:00 =P

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    Congrats Niall

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    congrats niall now you can take me out 😛

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    Congrats Nialler ! <3

  • Niall@Nandos

    Omg Our Little Baby Niall Is Growing Up To Be An PhenimiNiall Lad. We Will Miss You When You Drive Away In Your Nice New Car To Meet A Lovely Girl. Niall Has Everything Now Money,Job,Car ,Linces All He Need Now Is A Girlfriend. That Could Be One Of Us As Harry Did Say He Sees Niall Look At The Fans Seeing If His Girl Is Out Their Somewhere .

  • asia_nunez

    sweet ride

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    Congratz Nialler 😀

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    There are two things in that picture I wanna ride!/)

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  • lillia payne <3

    Awww don’t grow up yet!

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  • Georgia Woolley

    Nice ride nialla xx fancy taking me for a spin sum time ???

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  • Mariana

    Awesome passing the test and can u pick me up from school pls

  • vicky13

    Congrats nialler. Can i borrow it sometime

  • 1dlol1d

    Niall i need a ride to ur house

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    Now he can take me BACK home;)

  • Daniela Velasquez

    CONGRATS NIALL! I’m proud of you!! :)

  • Directioner_Life

    DON’T GROW UP ON ME LOVE SLIW DOWN A LITTLE PLEASE.But great job Nialler I’m so proud of you <3

  • Rose

    congrats Niall and way to go! I love the choice of ride.

  • tengo

    miyvar xar

  • tengo

    miyvar xar

  • Sarah Horan

    Wow niall good job I’m proud of you

  • Sarah Horan

    Wow niall good job I’m proud of you

  • Ash

    I can’t help but to see all his new photos all so tired… I always connect it to the fact that management is pushing them too hard… Anyway, now I don’t always get Lou and Harry to drive me. Yes!

  • Stacey Greene

    Congratulations Nialler, for passing. nice Range Rover. Love u xx

  • Sara Flaum

    Congrats Nialler