Niall’s Instagram Account Gets Hacked #HotKendallJenner

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Niall Horan sporting a Christmas Jumper

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that Niall had been liking pictures on Instagram posted by sexy US TV star & model Kendall Jenner, leading many people to believe he’d developed a bit of a liking for her.

However, it seems that someone has managed to hack into Niall’s account.

Kendall Jenner and Niall Horan (FAKE PIC)

Yes, the above pic is a fake before you all ask :)

Niall tweeted the following:

“sorry, my instagram has been hacked ! Sorting it now!”

Before managing to change his Instagram password and tweeting again:

“Right I’m back on ! They made me look like a right wierdo ! Creeper!”

Or is Niall really covering up for a cringeworthy stalker attempt at perving on Kendall? :)

The two tweets were Niall’s first for a while as he kicked back to enjoy his family Christmas festivities, not managing to send his usual umpteen million messages per day 😉

Apologising for his lack of chat, he said:

“Sorry I aint been tweeting much this week, just been enjoying christmas ! U all good?”

And showing his cute side, he wished Demi Lovato’s 11-year-old sistger a happy birthday, tweeting:

“Massive happy birthday to @Maddielovesyou1 have an amazing day honey! Lots of love !”

Niall, just like GET WITH DEMI, ok?

Or do we not ship Nemi?

  • Janet malik

    first comment!!!!!!!! oh just got caught up in the moment.well i think Demi will be great with Niall go Nemi!!!!!! can’t wait until that happens. Nemi :)

    • Paola Cisneros

      I think Nemi would be great, better than Haylor

      • mehnaz mourshed

        nemi looks really cute

      • Janet malik

        finally someone i can agree with

      • Bri1DBieber

        But Haylor Sucks :/
        NEMI FOREVER 😀

      • Sara Flaum

        Agree nemi would be cute, but stop dissing haylor

    • Macey/Mr.Pervy:3

      nemi is good! i love itttt

      • Janet malik

        i know they’re perfect with each other

  • Poppy Imnamkoa


  • BeMyBaby,Niall‹з.

    I don’t like Nemi.. Just.. no

    • Julia

      Agrees I do not think they would be cute together

    • Poppy Imnamkoa

      I don’t mind Demi. But they just don’t seem like a good couple.

    • Poppy Imnamkoa

      I don’t mind Demi. But they just don’t seem like a good couple.

  • Future Mrs. Styles

    No nemi… Just no

  • Sarah

    I like demi and her songz but i don’t know why she treats niall this way????

    • brendapayne

      She made a promise not to date anyone for the whole year because she went though depression .she doesnt have a problem she just needed a break

      • Sarah

        Oh really! I didn’t know it!

  • Heather T.

    i think hacked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lottie Tomlinson

    Niall, used to Like Demi, but doesn’t anymore, so wtf and yes his instagram was hacked!

  • Nialler4ever

    I don’t mind Demi, but I couldn’t see her with Niall…

    • daisy

      Me either

    • 1d_sister

      Same here

      • directioner 4eva

        That is my exact thought!

        • 1d_sister


    • Nata Mileu

      same here there just not the same…

    • hailey

      ya I like demi kinda but I can’t see them together so .o we don’t ship nemi

  • Lupita Montoya

    No Nemi

  • cookie

    I suport a little

  • Valee Chile

    I don’t like Nemi…. I don’t know… nooo… :(

  • Jasmin Mendoza

    I don’t picture them being together but I ship it if they do go out i guess , but i am not liking whomever hacked his account , does any one know his name in instagram ??? ( and the rest of the boys ) ???

  • dɪɑɴɑ

    don’t ship Nemi,sorry

  • A_Dedicated_Directioner

    Can any1 tell me wat is the name of niall in Istagram..???

    • brendapayne


      • A_Dedicated_Directioner

        oh…Thank u..!!


    I dont think it will ever happen and if it does, I’ll be sad. :-(:-P

  • sarah

    I like Demi’s music (I wouldn’t consider my self a lovatic though) and I obviously am in love with Niall, so I ship Nemi.

  • Brittany Cope

    I don’t think they look good together…

  • Maya Payne

    Demi is okay, I don’t hate or love her, but I don’t like her with Niall. I don’t hate it I just don’t like it. Not as much as Haylor though…ugh.

  • Always1D

    I like demi but not with ni

  • Kaylee Nemeth

    no. no Nemi. i like Demi and LOVE Niall but together its just……no……..

    • Julia

      Agree 100%

  • Janet malik

    sorry guys but im going off this app ill miss the true directioners

  • brendapayne

    I love all the ship names , all who dont are just jealous twats who should get it though their 12 year old skulls that their never getting with any of the boys , sorry to burst your bubble but you needed a reality check

    • Lynnell

      says the girl with the username brendapayne -_-

      • brendapayne

        Yeah i have a crush on Liam, but i know me and liam will never be.Im a huge fan but im smart enuff to know what reality is .

  • Janet malik

    so good bye

  • najmaa

    If niall loves demi then nemi is okay and maybe cute cause demi never would say something bad to directioner as taylor do

  • directioner

    No nemi no….

  • FollowMeLZLNH

    Tbh nemi is better than haylor

  • Hannah

    I doubt he was creeping on Kendall. Sorry but it just seems very unlikely.

  • Darcy Styles

    I think Nemi is okay…but it’s MUCH better than Haylor!!


    Would LOVE to see them go out!!!!! It would make Niall really happy I think!! I ship Nemi 100%

  • Elaina

    I love u niall

  • Guest

    I love Niall and Demi, but u don’t ship Nemi

  • Kristen Hunt

    demi is not his type and niall is not her type i think she needs someone who is more mature than niall ”just sayin” i still love nialler though….. him and his immatureness lol

    • Meeky Haiti

      I think that Demi is a little big headed but their ok and nialler awesome just the way he is immature or not

  • Bri1DBieber


  • Bri1DBieber

    Haters gonna hate on Nemi
    Lovers gonna dislike Haylor
    *True Story*

  • Jasmine

    Love Nemi!!! They seem really cute for each other 😀 And i know they would treat each other right, they’re both beautiful people.

  • Selena Gomez

    Poor niall

  • Sara Flaum

    I support nemi if they decide to go our, and all u ppl who claim to be directioners stop dissing haylor.

  • Gu Guu

    what about new instagram??
    hope 2 see his new fotos on instagram…or twitter…

  • heishly

    I ship Nemi… 😛

  • zoe1D


  • kiana

    no nemi but nemi better than HAYLOR

  • Hillary Seamons

    I really don’t think Demi is right for niall. I think he should wait for the right one, that’s just my opinion.

  • Mandy Horan

    naw I dont ship Nemi ));

  • Nancy Malik

    Demi is preety and can sing..

  • Sarah Styles

    they dont dating! Niall have told it

  • 1D love;)

    I just can’t see niall wif demi…..

  • Yanie King

    Ok so it has been confirmed that haylor is over might be random but true

  • angel

    People stop hating their love its thei chose sometimes people just have to either breakup on their own or stay togeteir and be happy the rest of their lives

  • carolina munayer


  • carolina munayer

    NEMI ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Guest

    NEMI! ♡

  • hhhHayleyyy☼

    I ship Nemi <3333333333333333

  • Nata Mileu

    I cant believe Nial likes Demi!1!!!!!

  • Fabiola Angulo

    Nemi forvever, they’d make a really cute and happy couple, they’ll treat eachother perfectly.

  • truedirectioner

    I would want him to be with Demi but not her

  • Cara

    What’s his name on instregram?

  • Alexis PlurrStyles

    I guess

  • Tabitha Hart

    I like Demi, but I don’t really ship them. They just don’t seem like they’d be good together. And, besides, I like him better single.

  • Julia

    I love niall
    And what ever makes him happy makes me happy
    But I couldn’t see them together

  • Jaleah

    Me niether, i need at least ONE of mah boys single!

  • serena.directoner

    I don’t dislike demi as much as i hate Taylor but i could just see her breaking little nails heart

  • Jari Styles

    I would totally ship Nemi. My thoughts on Haylor are completely different though

  • Diana

    Nemi!!! whoop whoop, i ship Nemi <3

  • Niall lover

    I love Niall. If he likes Demi I’m cool with it.Its his mind he likes who he likes and we should just let it be. Just saying I don’t see a future for them but hey he likes who he likes so let it be

  • Rosita Forman

    I’m not gonna lie I don’t see them together, but it they do get together good for them.


  • OneDirection

    He felt mad + sad but he is fine because he is a real man no one can say he is not cuz he is!!!!!!!!!!:-*

    • OneDirection

      Ohhh yahhhh he is

  • Chloe Styles

    Niall Niall w/ Demi I think.
    I can’t see them together >.<