Nick Grimshaw Left Embarrassed By Harry Styles ‘Lover’ Joke

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BBC Radio One is this week celebrating “Happiness Week”, and breakfast show presenter Nick Grimshaw was treated to a surprise this morning.

The show’s producer Matt Fincham revealed that a ‘special guest’ was in the building to surprise Nick.

Matt revealed the news, claiming to Nick that “the love of his life” was coming in. He quickly added: “Don’t get too excited, it’s not Harry Styles.”

A little embarrassed, Nick could only say: “Stop it”


The subject then quickly moved on from Harry Styles, as the real guest was revealed to be his little Jack Russell dog Puppy!

Overjoyed at his dog’s arrival, he said: “Oh, that’s a lovely surprise. Thanks for bringing him in.”

Harry and Nick have regularly been pictured together at different events and parties, and are of course very good friends.

The One Direction world is still very quiet, which is why we’ve just written a story about Harry Styles being mentioned on the radio for about five seconds.

We really can’t wait until the boys come back off their break, and we get loads of new exciting 1D things happening!

We’ve still got the ‘Midnight Memories’ video to look forward to, and, of course, the huge ‘Where We Are’ tour!

  • angie lovern

    yay first comment :PPP

  • angie lovern

    i did not get it ….what is tht soposed to mean anyway

    • Adriyenni Garrotee

      Matt introduced Harry as Nick’s love of his life… blah blah blah xDD get it?

  • Grace

    Aw poor nick

  • Nellie

    *Hick Styleshaw*

  • ♥ mrs 1D ♥

    awww feel bad for nick he must’ve been freakin embarrassed……….
    Matt shouldn’t ve done tha :(

  • katie_styles

    He really shouldn’t be embarrassed by Harry, I mean if I were a guy and Harry liked me…I would turn gay for Harry

  • love 1d most

    Hahahaha he just said “stop it” hahahah!!. .

  • PuertoRicanDirectioner

    i still can believe the hendall thing uugghhh :E

  • hdhdjfggxhzhdh