Oh No! Harry Forgets His Passport As He Jets Off To See Taylor

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Harry left his family back in England and set off to Heathrow Airport in London with the intention of flying over to see girlfriend Taylor Swift in the US.

harrystyles-in-the-usa Harry Styles in the USA

However, it looks like he forgot his passport!

The Sunday People report that Hazza left his passport at home and unfortunately missed his flight – forcing the hunky singer to wait EIGHT HOURS for the next flight.

A source said:

“He managed to get on the evening flight but it still meant that he had to wait another eight hours for his post-Christmas reunion with Taylor. Despite this, he took the whole event in good humour and ridiculed himself for it.”

Lol, silly Harry!

“He was embarrassed though, especially when he approached the check-in desk only to find he didn’t have the passport.”

Not to worry though, Harry filled in his day with a bit of retail therapy, and the source added:

“Harry spent his time shopping and having some lunch before the next flight which took off that evening.”

Haylor are getting back together after a brief Christmas break, and with the US singer due to perform in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, Harry wants to be right by her side.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles in New York #haylor

Will Harry get on stage with Taylor for a little romantic duet?

Maybe they might sing the classic Dirty Dancing ‘Time Of My Life’?

Yeh? Nah?

  • Jenna

    He’s still such a kid! OMG I am the first to post!

  • najmaa

    I still dont know what to think about haylor but if he is happy with her i am happy too and when they break up i will attack!

    • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails

      I hope that you mean that you would “attack” only if TS releases a song about him that puts him in an unfair bad light… :-)

      Apart from that, it’s really nice to see a couple of comments that seem more mellow.

    • http://www.facebook.com/hailey.n.robertson.1 Hailey Nicole Robertson

      I dont really like Haylor myself, but it isn’t my dissision.

      • hailey

        ya I know

        • http://www.facebook.com/cookkiee.monnsterr Cookkiee Monnsterr

          I don’t like haylor either …. I think it should be me and Harry

          • Sally

            lol yes, but i actually do support Haylor

        • OneDirection

          No i love harry but not that name

      • http://www.facebook.com/aaiyanakking Yanie King


      • OneDirection

        So u do not like one direction your suck a trug that meens mean

    • SparkleStyle1

      Yeah ikr! If my curly fry is happy with dating my girl T Swift, then I am too!!!

    • Love1DMia

      The thing is is that he doesnt seem to look happy but idk

  • heishly

    As much as I hate Baylor,in a way its cute that he wants to see her perform all the way in NYC.I just really hope he gets to see his family

  • heishly


  • heyg

    I love harry and Taylor together….it means that harry will be in the u.s more

    • ILOVE1DX5

      Good thinking =D

  • amazing#1d

    Awww!! Harry is jusr a little schoolboy at heart! Hahaha!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/DOINitLIKEaBOSS Rabia Shohatee

    “Oh no” its a good thing he forgot his passport if he was going to visit that hoe taylor swift

    • Brynn_Nevins1D

      Ikr? I think they could win worst couple of the year… Ik Harry might be happy, but that doesn’t make me feel better about the situation. I don’t know anyone that ships Haylor and if you do..you must live in a mental hospital x) #SorryNotSorry

      • http://www.facebook.com/sara.flaum Sara Flaum

        STOP DISSING!!!!!

      • Gabriela Blancas

        I agree cuz like who in their right mind would ship haylor especially since Taylor is basically a whore!! Even though I love Harry I will never like Taylor!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/DOINitLIKEaBOSS Rabia Shohatee

          She already cheated on him with some 27 year old

    • 1D LOVER

      Its a sign they need a break from each other cuz later on their going to get bored of each other and handfive Rabia :-)

    • serena.directoner

      True dat

    • priscila rodriguez

      I love how you decribe her so true and same thought about his passport

    • Gabriela Blancas

      Lmao I agree!! :)

  • Jasmin Mendoza

    They seem happy together in that pic
    I wish I could meet them in real loge so I could make up my mind if I ship Haylor or if I don’t ….

  • MaryDirectioner

    I.hate Taylor !

  • MaryDirectioner

    But i love Harry :)

  • mehnaz mourshed

    guys stop with this whole ” I hate Haylor “thing. if harry is happy with Taylor make him happy. but you guys can give Taylor revenge IF she does make a mean song about harry.

    • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails

      I hope the anti-taylor campaign will mellow soon. At the very least, she should do something to warrant it; a mean song about Harry.
      Who cares if she only dates high profile guys (though I don’t think that the Kennedy guy was that high profile, he became that thanks to her) or if she suppositely has had too many boyfriends (She has 2-3 a year, it’s deffinitly not that much and certainly doesn’t warrant certain things I saw written… And Harry is no shrinking violet in the GF field!)?

      Harry likes her, it’s what matters IMHO.

      As it is, it’s spoiling the mood, and it’s sad, especially considering it’s been such a great year for 1D and there is so much to celebrate.

      • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

        Ikr. I you go to my school there is like tons of girls who date 4 guys a month and then the ex’s guys would date them again a second or third time so basically this is nothing wrong with Taylor EXCEPT when she writes a song mostly after she gets dumped (I think that’s y people hate her) but if he’s happy we should too

        • Gabrielle Loves You

          Okay so, I am truly happy for him, and i dont hate Taylor, but she has dated 13 guys in the past three years. That’s….not okay. She’s beautiful and all but, out of all people, he dates Taylor. I’m not a fan. I dont even know you, and I’m shippin you and him more than her and him.

          • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

            She only had 7 the rest are rumors

      • 1d_sister

        Perfectly put in words!

    • 1D LOVER

      Well I love the fact that Harrys happy but Taylor just is uhh she put on twitter f all directioners but she deteled it sooo sorry if some directioners don’t like her like me and she just useing Harry 4 $ and fame

      • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

        Why would be need fame if she’s already in he music industry?? And money would come from her music not Harry

    • 1D LOVER

      Don’t get me worng I love the fact that harrys happy but taylor just uhh she put one twitter f*** all directioner but she took it off + she’s just useing harry 4 $ and fame and to wirte a cheap dum love song and by the way taylor we have a lot of those don’t need more sooo sorry if some directioners don’t like her like me

      • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

        Do u have prof she wrote that and I heard that it was a rumor and to make more directioners to hate on her and the relation to lead to haylor breaking up. But I think it’s there disission to be together and if hazza is happy we should be happy too

        • 1D LOVER

          I know I’m happy that he’s happy lately I been happy about everything and when I say everything I mean everything

  • lilian

    It’s nite that i hate haylor it’s the fact that he they are so far away and the next thong is that they will note see eachother for a while and break

  • http://twitter.com/bibyana_1D Rated R


  • http://twitter.com/bibyana_1D Rated R

    ‘Oh No! Harry Forgets His Passport As He Jets Off To See Taylor’ i think it’s a sign saying DON’T

    • Sarah

      Yes agree with you<3

  • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

    GUYS if you keep hating dont you think Harry would be heart broken if they broke up. As directioners we should recpect the relationship. What it we were famous?? We wouldn’t want the hate! If we recpect Perrie and zayn Louis and Eleanor we should respect Taylor and Harry if you dislike her try findin something you like about her. If Harry is happy, shouldn’t we be happy for him?? And I think they make a cute couple. Also does anyone know what time and what channel they will be preforming in New Year’s Eve. I don’t wanna miss it

    • 1D LOVER

      Idk what to think should I like Haylor or not uhhhhh u guys r makeing me see stuff but then other stuff someone help me chose please cuz i use to not like Haylor but u guys r makeing me see Haylor not soo bad

      • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

        Urghh it seems like your in the middle so idk. But I ship them together

        • 1D LOVER

          Ok Mrs.1D ill ship them together as long Taylor doesnt hurt Harry

          • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH


      • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails

        I don’t ship real people together, and I feel like the boys should be free to choose whoever they want to be with (which is why I am unhappy with the nastyness).
        If you can’t support him, I would say at the very least respect that it’s his choice and let him be… :-)

        • 1D LOVER

          Alright and I do respest hes chose it just like idk how to explain it some directioners ship them and some dont its like the people that dont ship them r saying bad stuff that gets u thinking other that ship them say good stuff that gets me happy cuz Harrys happy and thats all that matters soo yeah im stuck

  • Niknaz

    nah…nah…nah…nah…nah…nah…nah……. !!

  • http://twitter.com/XOsMiLeY_fAcE XOsMiLeY_fAcE

    My dad read on CNN that they broke up… THEY LIED

    • Niknaz

      who Broke up?! Taylor and Conor?! who do u mean????

    • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

      CNN? Really?? Are you sure it wasn’t on TMZ. Also do you know what channel and what time 1d will preform on New Year’s Eve

      • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails

        I read somewhere that there is no 1D performance on new year’s eve…
        And if CNN ever starts reporting on celeb gossip, they will have stumbled very low indeed…

        • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

          Are you serious? B/c I read an article where they were suppose to :(. Ok and tmz had more gossip and stuff

          • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails

            it might be sugarscape, but not sure… but yeah, I read somewhere that someone from their rep said that. Considering Harry is leaving for the US and the other guys seem to be staying in England for now, I guess that source was right. We will see if they leave tomorrow.
            I was joking about CNN and agree with you that it could be TMZ, a highly unreliable source for gossip IMO (is there such a thing as a reliable source for gossip anyway? Gossip is unreliable by nature…).

          • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

            That’s true. And I have dish so I can go ahead and look for what’s goin I be on and there are tons and tons of episodes for New Years and one is with Taylor swift an I think it’s that one but I’m pretty sure it would all be the same

  • http://twitter.com/Roman_1D Bri1DBieber

    HAYLOR IS GETTING ON MY NERVES..but I must live with it

  • Jaleah

    I love 1D, i just would love to ship haylor, but somthing always holds me back :/

  • A_Dedicated_Directioner

    Why does everyone hates HAYLOR….???…. of course… TAYLOR SWIFT and HARRY POTTER seems to be a lovely pair..!!!

  • http://twitter.com/April_Arciaga ♡~April~♡

    Haylor is so damn fake, cant you see? 1st of all, taylor is just a beard. 2nd of all, Haylor is from management. 3rd of all, Haylor makes me sick. Team Larry ♥

  • Nata Mileu

    I still think it is wrong with them! Taylor will break up w him & harry will be super upset! Taylor will write a song & u guys know how tht works! She has problems!

  • http://twitter.com/TrishTwStyles Potato ♥

    You can ship Haylor… Out of the country…

  • truedirectioner

    Im done with this HAYLOR sh*t. people just kepp makin rumors like we have’nt seen them kiss yet…

    • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails

      Is there a picture of Harry kissing any of his ex GF post X factor? Maybe one snapped when he was drunk, but he seems to hold back on the PDA… The fans who want that type of proof might have to wait for a long time.

  • truedirectioner

    OH NO Harry forgot his passport..That’s kind of a sign tht they are just not meant to be…

  • Sarah

    Ha hae i like this news<3 taylor should wait for a long time<3 by the way why do they put two same pics? Should we find the diferences between them?<3

  • 1d_sister

    Seriously, Harry?! Seriously?!?!?!
    Passport?!?! How could you forget that?!
    I don’t know what to say…
    Harry, you are the cutest person ever!
    It’s kinda silly to forget your passport when you want to fly to see your lady love… but with you, Harry…. It’s awfully sweet!!
    I wonder what Taylor must have said…
    Silly old Harry!! 😀
    Guys, please admit the fact that Haylor is the cutest couple ever!!!
    No hate!!! Haylor is amazing! They really are in love…. Stop criticising them!!!

  • maya

    Honestly, they are going to fast but its whatever not my business. But I just want to see a news article on here where the boys are all hanging out. It seems like Harry barely talk to them now like face to face. v.v

  • iconicdirectioner13

    It’s a sign that they r not meant to be together its kinda obiovs because most directioners ship Louis and El Zayn and Perrie and Liam and Danielle or at least I do but I dnt ship Haylor!!

  • directioner 4eva


  • http://twitter.com/Maddi1_1D Maddi Jade

    sh’e looks like she’s mad at the fan

  • http://twitter.com/hoy_1 Andrea Lynch

    Good that he forgot his passport. I think harry can do better, but it’s his choice to waste away on Taylor!

  • 1D_Worshipper

    hahaha that’s probably karma forgetting his passport to visit Taylor :p

  • sarah loves onedirection!!

    i love harry but he’s happy so we should be too. they look cute together.(i don’t care what u think its my opinion

  • http://twitter.com/Zayn_Malik_Ella Ella schwartz


    • alexa<3s1D

      its not

  • http://twitter.com/Zayn_Malik_Ella Ella schwartz

    If he is happy i am happy too

  • Di_Horan

    It’s a sign Harry! God doesn’t want you to see Taylor!! Harry, believe us. Even you’re 5 best friends don’t think it’s meant to be. Pals before Gals, Harry. And I’m not just saying this cuz I’m jealous and all….

  • http://twitter.com/MelissaAmina melissa amina

    they look so cute together ohhh i’m so julose from taylor but i love her too so wish to theme luck and the happyness

  • Sharri montgomery

    YAH! Team Haylor to the end! If she hurts our Hazza…….. bad things are going to happen…..

    • 1D LOVER

      Agreed no bad feeling to the TS fans but i ship Haylor cuz hes happy

      • Sharri montgomery

        Sadly Haylor is over :( Our attention shifts back to Niall finding his princess

  • cat

    Woah, woah, woah, HOLD DA PHONE! When did ‘Haylor’ become official? When did he confirm it himself? cause unless he confirmed it, i will remain in denial of this whole stupid relationship… dont ship them, never will. #SorryNotSorry

    • 1D LOVER

      :-|really now gets u thinking jk i ship Haylor cuz i respect hes chose

  • Victoria

    Should they be together yes or no

  • http://twitter.com/brriitt96 Brittany Norton

    Still not sure about Haylor i just want Harry to be happy and i hope Taylor doesnt break his heart ( no offense to TS fans)

  • Nyxiia

    Damn! How everyone is hating on Taylor! I’m not gonna say that you ain’t a real directioner because you hate on her, but… yeah. Please! If Harry is happy, we should be happy too. You know, if any of us end up dating him, that girl will feel the hate she sent to Taylor. Harry never had a girlfriend that haven’t be hated on! C’mon guys! You can have your opinion, of course… But please, don’t make Harry upset.

    • 1D LOVER

      Yeah cuz i heared that he started crying cuz he thought he was loseing fan

  • brendapayne

    Its not a sign ….just chill out and let HIM deal with his love life he doesn’t need anybody else’s input

  • sabrina

    Maybe its noy meant to be

  • http://www.facebook.com/AMANDAWUVSU Alyna Kaufman


  • priscila rodriguez

    I for some reason feel like she is with him for fame and money but if they ever break up and she writes a song im foing to be pissed off cause thats all she wants fame and money

  • Janna

    Oh no They wont…. They better not sing a duet together nope not on my watch

  • Janna

    Ugh wat is Taylor doing she’s just going to break poor Harry’s heart out of ALL people why Taylor swift?????????!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/love1dlovepink sarah

    Am I the only one with a feeling that they might announce their relationship??

  • @Stef_Belew


  • http://twitter.com/jaxrox2468 Jackie Foster

    Oh no! He forgot his passport to meet Taylor? BE GLAD HARRY YOU FOUND OUT AN EXCUSE ;-)Now go spend new years with your boyfriend

  • http://twitter.com/SecretAgentLara Lara

    I like Harry, I like Taylor…. I like Nutella, and potatoes. Just not together…

  • http://twitter.com/SecretAgentLara Lara

    Wait is Haylor even confirmed!? Im guessing ya but is it?

  • http://twitter.com/__CorinaXoxo Corina Styles ∞ ❤

    Most Directioners Dont Ship Haylor. And I Dont Eiether. I Actually Want To Strangle Her.. But Other Than That, Who Cares If He’s Happy. Because Hes Not Gonna Be Happy After They Breakup And She Writes A Song About Him. Then Swifties Give Him Death Threats. And Also, We Actually Dont Even Know About The Relationship, What If Its Not Even Real, Were Just Freaken Out For Nothing?

  • http://twitter.com/DeeK1999 Dee Cheyanne

    I think TS is really pretty and I like a few of her songs, but I’m not sure about this relationship. Then again, if Harry is happy with her, then so am I.

  • Tiffany

    1D world has become haylor world ._.

  • Jessy

    I love Harry,Zayn,Niall <3 <3 <3

  • Yana

    I do not ship Haylor. She’s older than him, she’s a heartbraker. And soon as they brake up, I’m gonna hear bad things on the radio about Harry. And he denied it, so basicly he lied. And he absolutely turns back to the boys. She’s changing him!

  • OneDirection

    I dont like that people call Harry + Taylor

  • OneDirection

    If i was there a would sneak him on the jet with me

  • OneDirection


    • OneDirection

      Yah omg

  • http://www.facebook.com/sarah.olsen.714 Sarah Styles

    noooooooo!!! :(

  • Guest

    ya i think they should do the song

  • http://www.facebook.com/eyimcen.zogkep Eyimcen Zogkep

    hey let’s ate

  • http://www.facebook.com/annelieke.devries.92 Annelieke de Vries

    I think there are more people who not agree with Haylor, than there are people that agree….