Oh No! Niall Horan Is Sick With Food Poisoning!

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Little old leprechaun Niall Horan has been suffering with a bout of nasty food poisoning since coming back from Australia and New Zealand.

Niall tweeted the following message: “Not feeling the best! sore all over! under the weather as they say!”

He then tweeted again, saying: “Yessss! Back in london! Sleep for the next week, don’t wana see a sole.”

Maybe he bit into something a bit off on the 11,000 mile flight back from down under? Or perhaps all the touring and sleeping in hotels is catching up with the Nialler, and his delicate tummy just needs a rest?

Any volunteers to give him a tummy rub? 😉

On arrival back in the UK, Louis and Liam met up with their girlfriends Eleanor Calder and Danielle Peazer – and it seems a few romantic nights might be in order – before the band depart for US shores once again in a month.

Damn – the luckiest ladies in the world?

Watch the latest 1D VEVO Lift video diary below:

  • 1D fan

    Even tho every1 else says this and me sayin it.isn’t gonna
    make him better right now but get better soon!!!!:-)

  • patricia khim

    get well niall!! we’ll pray for you!

  • Emma J.

    Poor Niall!! Food poisoning seriously stinks! Hope you feel better soon:)
    (p.s. I love you)

  • Ashleigh

    Hope you feel better. xoxo :)