Oh No. Not Alyssa Reid And Harry Styles Now!

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Harry, don’t you ever get tired of pulling women, like every single day of your life?

(What a silly question!…)

One Direction played at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on Saturday as part of Radio City Live, amongst a host of other popstars and bands.

Speaking backstage after the concert, Alyssa said of One Direction:

“Yes I have introduced myself… and I may or may not have got a phone number. But I never kiss and tell. I’m not telling you. I can’t tell. I would never go for a taken man, though, so he must be one of the single ones.”

The clever ones of you might guess that narrows it down to either Harry or Niall.

Alyssa met the boys on Saturday night, but was also due to catch up with them again on the Sunday, posting this:

“We’re doing another show tomorrow so maybe I’ll make a move on him then. I shouldn’t have told you but I would love to cook for him – asparagus-stuffed chicken breast with hollandaise sauce. That’s one way to get a man.”