Oh No! The 1D Boys Are Run Down And Home Sick

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Few bands have been working harder than One Direction have over the past few months, and it seems that the constant touring, interviews and flying are taking their toll.

Harry Styles told the Daily Mirror that he has a sore throat, saying: “I get ill all the time – it’s all the travelling and long distance flights. Four of us had to have vitamin jabs because we were run down. I had mine in my bum. I do get homesick, too.”

Fresh from gigging with Big Time Rush, appearing on US TV, and giving constant radio interviews, Niall Horan agreed with Harry, saying: “This is the longest we’ve ever been away from home and it’s hard. We miss our families, we miss our friends. We get homesick, massively so.”

Liam Payne, totally aware how lucky they are to be in such a position, said: “But I know how incredibly lucky I am, how privileged I am to be doing this. It is all massively exciting. I would never want to sound ungrateful to anyone, especially to the fans.”

But he also echoed the other band members comments as he admitted he was homesick, stating: “There’s a part of me that occasionally wants to go back to Wolverhampton and just chill out, play the field, be normal again. Just chill out…”

Put your feet up lads and relax for a week or two. You’ve certainly earned it.

Little over a year ago you were unheard of on US shores, and now you’re the biggest boyband in the UNIVERSE!

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    Aw poor boys