OMG! One Direction To Work With The Wanted?

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A One Direction/The Wanted Collab? Say What?


We reported earlier this week that The Wanted wanted to end the feud with 1D over a few drinks, but now it seems that they’re taking it a whole step further.

Obviously, we thought that all of them going for drinks together was ridiculous. But the thought of them actually working together is beyond ridiculous.

The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes has said that he ‘wouldn’t rule out’ working with our boys.

Eurgh. The thought of The Wanted infecting One Direction’s music with their voices is just too much for us.

I mean, we don’t like the boys being at each others throats or anything, but why can’t they just shake hands and walk away, is that too much to ask for?

Apparently so, as The Wanted are hoping to cling on to a bit of One Direction’s fame by hooking up with them.

Speaking to MTV News, Nathan Sykes suggested the collaboration: “You never know, you never know! I think with Backstreet Boys and New Kids [On The Block], that’s really cool what they did, and there’s been some great collaborations. You never know.”

Talking of the feud between the bands, he added: “As far as I’m concerned, whatever kinds of words were said since I wasn’t really part of it, think it kind of [went away now,] which is awesome.” 

“I think it’s the best people really concentrate on the success that we’re both having and how well [we’re doing,] which is always great.”

Hopefully One Direction will know what’s good for them, and that’s definitely not making music with The Wanted.

We always thought that for a collaboration to work, they had to kinda be at the same level of talent, but you know. The Wanted can dream.

What do you think about a 1D/TW Collaboration? Yay or Nay?

  • Louise Slinger

    nay,definitley nay

  • annabella s.

    Nay. Yay second comment!!!

  • 1DL❤ver


  • Ashley

    Ummmm NO that does not go together some things are not meant to be and THIS is not meant to be

    • Nialllover

      @ashley y isn’t this ment to be there both really good

      • Ashley

        they’ll probably end up fighting i mean you know how sassy louis is

        • adee

          i know right boo bear is a sassy sexy beast

          • weyhey1D

            ahaha yes!!

        • EmmiH

          They all are professionals so I definitely doubt there would be any trouble like that…

          • Ashley

            It could work but not even the wanted can control his sassines ahaha

      • Daniella Styles

        Both of them arent good bands. Since both bands started feuding i haven’t liked the wanted. they cant take bak what they said about our boys…so i kinda think they suck….but i like their songs 😉

  • hollie

    I think that a One direction & The wanted collab would be the best combination ever since peanut butter and jelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x)

    • Ashley

      LOL ahahaha your funny XD

      • hollie

        Why not?!?!?!? One direction is the most talented band in the universe and the wanted are also talented so a one direction & the wanted collab would be out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

        • EmmiH

          I like your thinking. Whatever people are saying here, guys in The Wanted are very talented and I would just love to see what all ten of them could come up with! :)

          • hollie

            Me too i’m glad you agree!!!!!!!!! =)

        • Ashley

          i’m just saying your funny it was not sarcasm ahaha they both are talented bands but F. I. S. H

          • hollie

            Haha okayy sorry x)

  • Nialllover

    I think they would be really awesome together wats soo bad about the any ways

    • EmmiH

      Thank goodness I’m not the only one to think this way! 😀

      • Guest

        aww bless ya :*

  • Alicia Payne

    Lololol no. Ewww. No. No nonono.

  • Luna VdB

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH No, Please, No!

  • Taina

    One Direction and The Wanted’s difference is like BLACK and WHITE >.<

  • Dona


  • Alondra Styles


  • catluver1402

    ummm no way, one direction plus the wanted? NO, thats just taking this way too far and to tell u the truth i think the wanted are trying to use one direction’s fame


    Never in your wildest dreams !!!

    • total directioner

      she said never in your whildest dreams!

      • 1DRANDOMS

        lol right !

  • Samantha Sancen

    They will end up fighting like @Ashley said how sassy is Louis?

    • Ashley

      i shall repeat myself SASSY! XD

  • Megan

    Nay x10000000!!!! I can imagine this is how TW fans are as well, they hate our guts xD

    • Sonia Malik

      Does tw even have fans?

  • JoJo J. Moussallem

    hell nay!

  • Superman_Batman

    They might fight

  • Petrea Rasmussen

    No, just no!♥

  • Lynnie Lucas

    Uhhmmmmm no. I’m saying no.

  • genat haimed

    I’d like to know what a collaboration between the wanted and 1D would be like and it would be better if they aren’t enemies:D
    Who wants enemies??? No one

  • kerstin

    An awesome colaboration would be one direction and little mix. one direction and the wanted are not meant to be. just listen to the 1D/LM collaboration rock my dna, and imagine how they would sound together for real!

    • Ashley

      That would be amazing if they did a live performance like 1D did with JLS on the uk xfactor

      • kerstin

        Exactly! that was amaZAYN!

  • Louis-loves-me203

    They are both good, but NAY. It wont work out.

  • Thesslarryship

    I just think it would be extremely awkward….

  • Chassity Varnold


  • Leia

    I feel like the unwanted thought they could steal some of their fame, but now I can see them ruining a concert by arguing, messing up the words, shoving the boys, messing with their microphones, POINT IS, I can see sabotage here, NAYYYYYYY

  • hafsa mohd


  • Ana Chirardello

    This makes me laugh because yeah maybe they can do a collaboration and some what sound good all together but last year they asked the boys if they were ever going to do a collab with TW and everyone said yes except for Harry because he just…doesn’t like them I guess idk but uh they are both talented but it’ll be akuard because they don’t like each other

  • sarah


  • LisanneOneD

    That will never happen…

  • Emz Mae

    the wanted just want abit of one directions fame…

  • Ailynnn

    Is this the reason why the wanted is being nice to 1D?

  • Sandra Yvette Guerrero

    i think a one direction ft nicki minaj is better. JS.

  • Kassandra Salina

    One Direction and little mix will be a good calab :)

  • becca

    THIS IS A 100% BAD IDEA 1D have the most amazing voices ever and them and their voices are perfect ,but if our boys mix their voices with the disgusting wanted it won’t sound right at all. Think about the wanted fans and themselves have down to us and our boys in the last couple of months and now their just trying to make up for it now it just not worth it at all. and whatever the wanted want to do with my boys to try and make up I will still hate the wanted 100% because of how much they have hurt us as directioners and our boys too.

  • Bethany


  • sarah.

    haha no thank you.

  • directioner4life

    i knew th the wanted ..wanted to plan something for our boys eww cant belie that they are actualy working ith our boys

  • Jenna

    There music doesn’t even go together! Omg, please no.

  • Alexis Taylor

    I think it would be cool if they collaborated with someone, but you are right, they do need to have the same level of talent or one would be bringing down the entire performance. Maybe Katy Perry, because of their connection from before? I dunno. It would have to be really good.

  • Alexis Taylor

    Plus I feel like they’d be competing in a totally awkward way.

  • Stini2526


  • malik4ever

    I don’t think it will be bad so a YAY for me. I mean the wanted is not a bad band, their music is good, they’re not so good people but anything with one direction is perfect:)

  • Makebelieve

    I’m glad the feud between them is about to end…It would be a good sign tho

  • SarahBearKills

    Can we all just stop with this bullshit! If you were smart enough (which most of us are) the wanted are only doing this for ATTENTION they start a fight to get ATTENTION from the media, people find out that one direction are in some kind of feud with somebody there going to check them out look up there songs then bam more fans. Now they want to be ‘friends’ with them so they can get more ATTENTION from the MEDIA. They just want to use them for the fame, if anything tw management is probably telling them to do it. Cause we all know if they were In a room together all hell would break lose!

  • angela williams

    Not in a million years:)

  • some1Dfan

    TW are actually really good singers and their songs are great! Just cause some feud was going on doesn’t mean they are jealous or bad singers. Just remember who has a reality tv show on E! #1DandTWequal

  • Leeyuum’sGirl❤

    Hahahahaha NO! If 1d are going to do a collab, do it with Little Mix! Now THERE’S a great band! I mean Rock my DNA sounds beautiful, their voices go so well together, and just think of the zerrie! :) the unwanted and 1d just don’t mix, no.

    • Samantha Sancen

      Ikr! The UNwanted is to rockyish and one direction is more popish they have completely different voices but yeah 1D and little mix:)

      • Leeyuum’sGirl❤


  • NelikaRolon

    Definitely Nay,i mean The Wanted & One Direction ummm no….i think it would be worse,they wouldn’t even be at each others throats(probably worse). A good colla is One Direction & Little Mix. I mean i guess ‘opposites attract’ but i think their WAAYY to opposite for this. In other words ‘Never in your wildest dream!’

  • Sherri

    No way

  • Niall William Malik


  • Jennifer


  • rayya mALIK

    thiz shldnt happen

  • DeiDei

    Never in a milion years !

  • Anne

    yayy i love both of them i’m happy they might work together :)

  • 12.3

    But the boys said in an interview last year that it’d be nice to stop the feud with a collaboration so why not?

  • Adriana Musa

    Hell no i hope Liam said nooooo cuz his the Dadda Direction ‘-‘

  • Lucy Williamson

    Hey has anyone thought they r just doing this to become more famous

  • Sarah Rodriguez

    1D and The Wanted cant even talk to each other without ugly words coming out of The Wanteds mouths. They just wanna try and hang in with 1D so that way they can raise to the top where 1D is!! How sad that they are willing to trick 1D into being friends with them!! I really hope they don’t collide it would be a big mess and another war!

  • Thalia Grace

    yes!!!!!!one direction and the wanted collaboration would be so awesome!!!!!

  • Guest

    Why not?

  • Rose


  • Safa stypahorlikson


  • Safa stypahorlikson

    Never in a million years

  • Jojo directionner

    Hmmmm no I don’t thnk sooooooo !!!!

  • gingerninja04xx1Dxx

    I’m not really a big fan of the wanted and I think the feud is stupid…but everyone should just give it a chance and let it go. Just because the boys had a silly argument with them doesn’t mean we should all be like “anti-the wanted”…just be mature about it. It’s their own personal thing and from the looks of it it’s in the past and done with.

  • Niall

    that’s too awkward jssagahfsda oh.

  • Caroline Dunning

    Well, it would obviously sound good, since our boys would be involved 😉 . But we’ll see….. interesting though…..

  • Asheyy_OneDirection


  • maryann

    They better make up thats better.i mean thats for there own good not to fight.and plus its good.but not singing togather.