OMG! It’s True, Liam And Danielle Have SPLIT UP! For Good!

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If today’s report in Brit newspaper The Sun is to be believed, then Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer have called it quits for the second time, and this time it’s for good.

Liam and Danielle have now split up

They initially separated last year due to each others busy schedule but got back together after they realised their emotions for each other were so strong.

However it looks like the end has finally come.

That means LIAM IS SINGLE. Ok take a deep breath and read that again.

Liam Payne splits up with Danielle Peazer

A source told The Sun:

“They have been trying for months to make it work but it just hasn’t. They had a big chat last month and decided there wasn’t any point in dragging it out.”

With ‘This Is Us’ coming out later this year Danielle is expected to feature in a few scenes. Liam has apparently confirmed that he still wishes for her to be in the movie.

The source added:

“Liam’s on tour until November and Danielle’s very busy so they basically never see each other. It’ll be tough to cut her out of the movie and Liam wouldn’t want that anyway.”


Danielle was a firm favourite amongst Directioners and she was definitely accepted amongst the millions of fans.

She’ll definitely be missed.

However the only good thing from this is that Liam might indeed be back on the market again.

Liam Payne the sunflower

Why are people saying they want Liam to be single again? WHY!? So you can see him upset, with a fake smile and just not being himself!?

Reasons to be happy that payzer broke up:
•the worlds weave shortage will end
•single liam
•drunk single liam

but single liam is the best liam bc frat boy image partying at funky buddah every night

Liam is single again?


Montage of Liam and Danielle #Payzer

Yup, Liam is most probably single again.


  • yeissymia salazar

    o por dios to queria q estuvieran juntos :”C eran tan lindos!

  • Maddison Strubhar

    That’s gonna make me cry if it’s true!! :'(

  • Niall&andthenandoscrew

    Can’t believe they broke up, we all loved them! We will miss you payzer! <3

  • rebeka gutshall

    im a cry

  • romina

    Danielle is very uglly!!!!!yuckkkk,why liam love her??i dont belive….i cant!

  • faye 1D’s biggest fan!!

    I hope u get a new girlfriend soon liam but still love u loads. I really hope u are still friend with my primary school teacher(mrs.fellows) she used to go to that dance class PINK or summat. Shes married now but still a teacher (mrs.rowley) and shes such a great teacher and dancer. LOVE U LIAM!!<3 <3 <3

  • #onedirection

    Aww……………… :'(((((((((((( T_T But they were perfect….

  • Elisa Styles :)


  • Emma loves 1D

    I hope they are joking Liam and Danielle are a great couple would be such a shame and a waste to waste the love between them :( I don’t understand ir when people say that they’re happy about this but it also might be a good thing . Hey we’re not inside Liam’s brain we don’t know what’s best for him only he can make his decitions nobody can do it for him <3 Directioner forever <3

  • Aylin Morelos

    ahhhhh but he will sad aghh :9( his in the market once again