1D And The Wanted To Share “Love And Lots Of Hugs” According To Union J

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Could One Direction vs The Wanted finally be over?


Boyband Union J certainly think that they could be the ones to end the feud.

The long-running feud escalated after Zayn Malik called Max George ‘Chlamydia boy’ in a bizarre Twitter argument, which resulted in them offering each other out for a fight!

More recently, the drama continued when Louis Tomlinson was filmed mocking the idea of Jake Bugg supporting The Wanted in concert.

This sparked a whole Twitter argument between Tom and Louis, with a few comments from Liam, Mac and Jay, as well as Eleanor Calder, Danielle Peazer and Tom’s girlfriend getting involved!

It all got very heated, as they traded insults and it looked like they would never see eye-to-eye.

But, could Union J be the ones to fix all of that?

The brave lads have offered to intervene in order to reconcile the lads.

Rather them than us.

This comes after the shocking news that JLS have decided to split up, as Union J reveal that boybands need to stick together.

Jaymi Hensley told Star magazine: “We’re hoping we could bring One Direction and The Wanted together and get them to make friends again. We’ll stand in the middle so they don’t have a scrap,”

“We’ve lost JLS… us boybands have to stick together. We need love and lots of hugs – not fighting.”

Would NOT like to be stood in the middle of Louis and Tom throwing punches.

Sounds like the Union J lads are keen to share the love and get the two sides to call a truce.

But would One Direction and The Wanted ever do that?

Or has the argument gone too far to turn back now?

We’re not too sure if The Wanted seem like the forgiving type…

Meanwhile, Union J hinted at a ‘massive’ collaboration with One Direction.

“We could do something with One Direction – it would be massive, there would be so many of us on stage,” Josh Cuthbert added.

  • Mimi Deria

    Hmmm I dunno really! I really want One direction not to have enemies in their life But I don’t think they will ever be friends with them, They had many fights lately and I don’t think neither of them will forget that easily. It’s just hard cause I know that feeling when you have to be friends with somebody you had a fight with, It’s kinda weird cause you know you still don’t like them but you pretend you are friends with them. Anyway I really want them to have a truce with ‘TW’ But I don’t think they will and I would love them to Collab with Union J they’re Great 😀 xx

  • xKelly12

    Aw that’s sweet of Union J. I hope that everything is gonna be alright, but I don’t know if the wanted is gonna say sorry

  • Kylee Styles

    I hate the wanted

  • http://twitter.com/IraLovesOreos Ira Ris

    Ok maybe it was a bit over the top, but you have to admit that Chlamydia Boy was pretty funny xD

    • http://twitter.com/I_needHoran_hug Valentina


    • http://twitter.com/Sweet_Pink_Owl The #fangirl

      not funny at all

      • InLoveWithNiall

        Haahaa,yes it is :p

  • harrymarryme

    i do like this idea……yet i don’t. i don’t like the wanted and want a reasonable answer why.

  • Lolo Awad

    if the wanted new their limits , every thing will be good , but even if every thing going to be alright between 1d and TW , I’ll never love the wanted . directioner forever <3

  • Zayns wifeyy Nia

    Hmmm… Can’t imagine that happening. I actually really hate the wanted anyway.

    • Ailynnn

      Me either.

  • Usidoansosnzlz

    Aww this is so sweet of UnionJ :) I love them x
    But I don’t think TW and 1D will become “friends” and tbh I think all the ‘drama’ is kinda funny

  • http://twitter.com/Lexxi_fashion lexxi

    I absolutely hate the wanted even before one direction did soo my opinion isn’t going to change…

  • Swedish_Mrs.Styles

    Hahahahahaha no

  • Ailynnn

    I don’t like the wanted.

  • Riel Whittle

    Hey I would actually help try to stop their feud it seems pretty stupid anyway I mean what was the first shot fired? And who shot is? Metaphorically speaking… I don’t have anything against the wanted besides the fact that they’re fight with 1D and I don’t like it when people fight. I think they might be able to break them two groups up if they really tried

  • Guest

    i want them to call a truce and i dont want one direction having enemies but hoe is union j gonna help them call truce it seems hard but if union j does help them call a truce so t=boybands can stick together then i would be happy if they do

  • Emily Hernandez Styles

    i want them to call truce and i also want one direction not to have enemies, if union j does get them to call truce then i give credits to union j if they do but, i bet it’ll probaly be hard and it’ll be awesome for boybands to stick together and one direction not having enemies so we’ll see how that goes


    I like it when 1D and TW fight…

  • Ya$hika

    Ugh!! The wanted! But then I want one direction not to have any fights with other boy bands,I want them to be great friends with everybody and well about the collab….THUMBS UP FOR IT!!!!:-)

  • Guest

    That’s a good news :)

  • Perrie Is Perfect ♫♪

    “LOVE AND LOTS OF HUGS” are good for them ♥

  • mellovesharry

    i think that 1D and the wanted shouldn’t be fighting! i don’t want 1D to have enemies! but anyway i would be cheering for 1D!!!!!!! :)

  • FutureMrs.Styles

    i just dont like The Wanted

  • Aylin Morelos

    I dont really know maybe directioners and wantners will get along but i really doubt that i wouldnt like the boys to get in other fight that would be harsh

  • anna

    i hate the wanted and union j just one direction and especially my love zayn all the way