One Direction Are Gettin All Toothy – Smile!

One Direction are everywhere. Look behind you, because you’ll probably see something 1D related.

Zayn Malik brushing his teeth

Although we reported months ago that 1D were joining forces with Colgate to produce branded toothbrushes and toothpaste, it looks like they are expanding their horizons in the tooth business. They now have contracts with 3 different brush companies, which is going to mean more money and more bright white teeth!

Say cheese!

Harry Styles gets his teeth whitened

Basically, Colgate has the exclusive rights to sell the toothpaste and non-musical brushes in the US, which have already been released. Brush Buddies can market the products outside of the US, while Church & Dwight, the new company, will be bringing out musical brushes!

So this means, in addition to have the faces of the boys all over your toothbrushes you’ll also be able to sing along to your favourite track, at the same time! *MIND BLOWN*.

Louis Tomlinson brushing his teeth

A spokesperson for the company said:

“This is as hot as it gets.”

He continued:

“And we’re already launching toothbrushes with two of their favorite songs on them.”

Jim Craigie, the CEO of the company said:

“Big new news here folks: We have the exclusive license for a musical toothbrush from the One Direction band.”

Get amongst it Directioners, musical toothbrushes coming to a store near you!

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