One Direction Are Given MORE Security After Being Mobbed In New York

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Liam and Niall tweeted their unhappiness after the band were mobbed in Manhattan, and it seems security has now been increased to prevent anything more serious happening in the future.

Talking with The Sun, a source said:

“It was crazy. As they left the hotel on 54th Street this sea of girls engulfed them. Their security was desperately trying to keep them safe but they were completely surrounded”.

The group will now have a bigger security presence on future outings – so Directioners might find it a bit harder to get closer to the boys.

One Direction are currently in Toronto, Ontario, and played the first of two concerts last night.

Here’s a snippet of a gig review from the Toronto Sun:

“There are two things about Canada that we really love,” said Harry. “One is poutine. And the second is YOU lot.” Having recently interviewed Niall and Louis during an earlier promo stop in Toronto, I knew they were charming and cute. What I didn’t really prepare myself for was that they all can actually sing in concert. And they’re cheeky too. Read the review in full at the Toronto Sun’s website.

Also, watch them performing the ‘Inbetweeners Dance’ in this great vid below:

Olly Murs has now joined the band on their tour, tweeting the following excited message:

“Oi oi @NiallOfficial have landed in TORONTO!! Its on @onedirection tour!! Can’t wait to get started!!”

  • iloveswac

    Why cant peps leve em alone??????

  • fouseytube lover

    I think these girls have gotten out of hand…. yeah everyone wants to meet them,,but seriously give them some privacy!!!! Sheesh all these girls need to calm down… about a year everyone’s gonna forget them and the true directioners will be the ones still  supporting them…..i hope they dont get mobbed AGAIN especially in dallas when im going to their concert

  • Jmguites_25

    they don’t have to grab them hardly.. they know that they hate screaming and crazy fans,, they are not directioners they just have to calm”s not even funny to be pulled by fans.. hope it will not happen again.. 

  • mrs_horan18

    And this is why we cant have nice things!! >_< I hate when some Directioners ruin the chance for other Directioners to meet the boys!! :(

  • #1DiSaWsOmE

    Thats not right. If we are directionors, we wouldnt want to KILL them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We do love them with all our hearts but some of us directionors went alittle overboard with love. So much they made 1D get more protection FROM US. To anyone who was at the consert or participated in that, you are not a directionor.

    • Yaisirymalik

      You seriously are fucking retarded. Do you have anything idk.. ‘smart’ to say?

  • Zidene1D

    Stuiped people I would never even think of harming the boys because I’m a directioner not a directionator!

  • Kate Anne Billeaud

    Really they shouldn’t have to have more security. I like them to alot but really give them some space

  • Alleyboodle

    this sucks 

    • Alyah lima

      see what you girls do now they probably don’t even like manhattan any more you ruined everything 

  • Directioner001

    i hate some directioners ruin good things !! 
    thanks to the girl who jump in stage the guys put a really big separation between stage and fans why the hell do you ruin the good things.
    THANKS A LOT >_<

  • Eatpeace5

    Gosh, some Directioners are way too desperate and impatient to see them! They don’t have to ATTACK them, they’re people too you know. Now It’s much harder for us to even meet them! 

  • Nalina Styles

    they really need security …

  • kat

    Carefull NY they may not come back

  • nina

    Are you okay 1D. That is scary.

  • Melany Oliva

    i love them and and laila. r :) u guy are the best 

  • Mariana

    That is messed up…now how we gonna meet the boys….-_-

  • Shonamcnicol

    It gets so ******* annoying when girls go up to the boys and do stupid stuff like that. Everyone else wants to see One Direction but other people take away that oppertunity and also One Direction  say that they want to meet fans ( Which I would die from) and now they are not allowed to so **** all you people who do that