One Direction Arrive Back In England To The Delights Of UK Directioners

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Yesterday afternoon, the newly crowned “biggest boyband in the world” arrived back on British turf, greeting the scores of fans who had turned up to see them with big smiles and a hearty affection.

Flying back from Auckland to London after a busy tour of North America, Australia & New Zealand, the boys stopped to sign autographs and chat with their loyal fans – showing their vast appreciation.

Boasting healthy tans and new clothes, they looked genuinely happy to be back home, after a gruelling few weeks.

The band will be over in the UK for a month before flying back to America for their sell-out arena tour.

Get your guessing hats on to try and work out which TV shows they’ll be featuring on – it’s a good probability they’ll be on a good few!

Elsewhere, The Mirror are speculating that 1D could be performing at the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony in England & Wales next year – mainly based on the fact they should be available after having fulfilled their touring obligations down under, as well as their appearance at the Anzac Test last week.

UK directioners, are you happy to have them back?

  • 1D fan

    I’m so glad there bac. Not tht them being outta country
    makes any difference but still.

  • Chloe Jeffers

    We are all happy they are back from a long tour over in america,australia,new zealand and they are back with there british fans that love them:)<3

  • Leanne

    1D should really come 2 SA :)

  • ruksana

    we are so glad they back to their home town , missed yu alll soooo muchhhhh. ( I<3zayn)