One Direction Australia & New Zealand Tour – News SOON!

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Not long to go now until One Direction reveal their eagerly-awaited tour news for Australia & New Zealand, as a series of messages have got fans in huge antipication.

Here’s what the 1D boys have posted on Facebook this week:

Harry: “Hi 1D Aussie & Kiwi fans!! We’re definitely coming to Australia & New Zealand! Keep an eye out! 😀 Harry x”

Zayn: “Vas Happenin 1D Aussie & Kiwi fans, Make sure you’re around on Friday there is news coming ! Zayn :)”

Louis: “1D Aussie & Kiwi fans, listen to your radios & watch your TV at 7:30am Friday in Aus and 9:30am Friday in NZ for some big news! Louis :) x”

So it looks like Friday morning at 7:30am in Australia’s eastern state time, and 9:30am in New Zealand time we’ll find out what plans One Direction have for touring (at least we think its going to be a tour!)

We do know so far that the band have confirmed there will be a concert at the Hordern Pavilion, in Sydney this April.

Could there be more dates on the way?