One Direction Blasted As “Five Little Dicks” !

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Directioners, this might annoy you a little bit, but Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall have been called “five little dicks” by Tom Meighan from fellow British band Kasabian.

Tom opened fire on the boys when he was discussing Kasabian’s attempts to crack the lucrative US market.

Speaking with Gigwise, he said:

“It’s frustrating when you see five little dicks like that take over America, it’s horrific but you’ve just got to get on with it. They’re a boyband for God’s sake and there will always be room for boybands. They’re kids. Let them eat the candy.”

Tom added:

“We went to America and it was a harsh f*cking tour we did. We did nearly eight weeks out there and it was fucking gruelling. It was the hardest we’ve ever been pushed. We did well, we won the war on terror on that one. We’ve got to keep going back and back.”

The comments are unlikely to go down well with 1D fans, and might even scupper Kasabian’s own plans over in the big pond. Alternatively, they could boost their profile – especially as they’re competing in the much different indie sector.

You can visit Kasabian’s official Facebook page here.

Whether it’s jealousy, spite or just a promotional opportunity that prompted his outburst, we don’t quite know.

However there will no doubt be a Twitter backlash today!

Directioners, what do you think of Tom’s comments?

  • Mrs. Stypayhorlikson<3

    Jealousy. U mad that 5 teenagers are living their dream? We’re proud they made it this far on their OWN.

  • Ankita

    They’re just jealous because 1D i wayyy more successful than them. 

  • Sophhhhaaa

    CAN I JUST SAY that this was not his actual quote, he has been quoted wrong everywhere, where actually he was talking about the wanted aswell, and boybands in general. before jumping to conclusions maybe some of you might actually want to read the interview on gigwise? also seeing what kasabian have actually accomplished might be a good thing to know. and for the record, for anyone annoyed by what Tom said and now goes and posts hate on Kasabians facebook page (which has already happened), I want you to know how little an effect it will have on any kasabian fans. Kasabian don’t even go on facebook or twitter or anywhere!! but anyway, good for you Tom, nice to see there are still talented musicians and bands still in the charts nowadays

  • RapeMyFollowButton1D

    No one calls my boys Dicks! They are dicks, just jealous of them! Screw them

  • Tammykruckenberg

    Her an asshole thats wat i think

  • Lolita

    First off, One Direction has good music.
    2. Good looks
    3. Good attitude
    4. They actually have fans.
    I could just go on about how much better they are. I don’t even know what band Tom is in. Seriously where is he from?? But anywho! 1D is way better and they need to suck it up and deal with it.

  • Popsicles4eva

    This is why people don’t understand why other people hate them.

  • kasabian4eva

    Oh no these comments by Tom are so bad…. wait, they aren’t are they? All Tom is speaking is the truth, the absolute truth. so ina couple of years when no one remembers who one direction are, don’t then say Kasabian were right. Kasabian are now becoming one of the biggest, most original bands in the world.

    Good on you Tommeh!!!!! Good for you to say what everyone else is thinking right now

    • That BritishChick

      There really is no need to fight but seriously? Can you fuckingg grow some balls and grow up and face the fact that One Direction isn’t going anywhere and nobody is going to change that. So please do us a favor and bless yourself from that side of the fandom. It’s not their fault that they have millions of fans from every city in the world. There really was no need to call them “Five Little Dïcks”