One Direction Boys Given A “Booze And Sex Ban”: Out Of Control?

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The bad-lads in One Direction, known for their partying lifestyle, are suddenly battling a “booze and sex ban” from their management.

A band insider has told The Daily Star Sunday that the boys have been banned by their managers “from openly sleeping with fans, getting drunk, or smoking in public.”

“One Direction are the biggest pop stars in the world right now,” revealed the insider, “and that’s a lot of pressure to cope with.”

“Everything they do is scrutinized and judged by the media and the public. And the boys are finding it hard to cope.”

The source added:

“They’ve been placed under strict instructions by management not to do anything to harm their squeaky-clean image.”

Confessions by the Daily Star source also reveal that the lads are “fed up” with seeing their love lives exposed in the media, and rumors that Louis is gay.

A 1D interview on TV with Alan Carr two days ago was shortened from 25 minutes to just 13 minutes, according to The Star, because management banned the boys from talking about any subject having to do with “sex, girlfriends, and booze.”

“Alan did his best to keep it fun,” quoted the Star source, “but it was clear to everyone the group didn’t want to be on the show…It was obvious they weren’t allowed or didn’t want to talk about anything other than their album.”

Is the struggle to be the world’s biggest pop celebrities in conflict with Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall’s suddenly not-very-private lives?

Or are One Direction simply out of control?