One Direction break a World Record!

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As of this morning, One Direction have officially broken a world record for having their debut single “What Makes You Beautiful” chart at No.2 on the iTunes chart – on pre-orders only! With the band yet to release their first song until September 11th, this is simply staggering, and goes a long way to confirming their status as a mega boyband in waiting.

The band are currently sitting comfortably in 2nd place behind “Now That’s What I Call Music 79” in the iTunes Album chart (“What Makes You Beautiful” is officially a single, but comes with another song “Na Na Na”).

It’s pretty much certain that 1D will hit No.1 upon full release of the song (or even once we get to hear it in full this Wednesday morning on Radio 1), so get ready for the world to go 1D mental very very soon 😉

  • OneDirection.Net

    So No.2 on pre-orders only, without having released any music at all. With this in mind, will they reach No.1 on pre-orders only? And if they do that, how many weeks will they stay at No.1 once the single is fully released on September 11th?

  • Kay

    It’s a sad day when a band can be successful without anyone hearing their music. The death of the industry is imminent. These boys are popular being of image and because a bunch of teenage girls haven’t got the brains to think about their creative output rather than their looks. I know a girl who taught Harry Styles before he auditioned for X Factors – girls wouldn’t look at him twice at school. Says a lot really.
    Release some good material and I may accept that they will be a ‘mega boy band’. A band isn’t just about image. They’ll fade into insignificance in a few years.

    • Anna

      Shut up and get out of this page, if you can’t handle how amazin they are you need to call a doctor and hate someone else :*

    • Sam

      actually you are the misinformed one. Everyone’s heard their music. Except you of course, because you are stuck in a hole of yesteryears. A pity.

    • Jennny

      They’re famous because of X factor and they have heard them sing on X factor so they know their voice is good.

  • charlotte louise woodley

    hi hollie arrsmth i like thers on directiione form charlottte

  • Jewel

    I LOVE. one direction with every fiber of my being.

  • maalikah

    harry styles knows hes beautiful