One Direction Celebrate After BRIT Awards And Harry Parties Hard*PICS*

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After their success at the BRIT Awards, One Direction celebrated by carrying on to Sony Music’s Brit Awards after party at The Arts Club.


The boys were photographed leaving the ‘do amongst others.

Harry then also went on to Three Six Zero and Roc Nation Brit Awards after-party at Hakkasan.

Harry was looking a little worse for wear apparently and was papped not looking at his best.

It appeared that he had maybe one too many to drink!

After the hardcore partying, Harry left at 6am, later arriving at a house in North-West London with pal Nick Grimshaw and actress Jaime Winstone.

Well, it sounds like he had a good night!





But where’s Zayn? :(

  • directionerfromnarnia

    not looking at his best? What are you talking about

  • directionerfromnarnia

    not looking at his best? What are you talking about

    • Bianca Hermina

      that’s exactly what I wanted to say.. Harry always looks at his best :>. NO matter what.

    • Emily

      Exactly I was thinks the same thing lol

    • Sydney1Dlover10012

      Lol they shouldn’t say that to the directioners we love them no matter

      • directionerfromnarnia

        Haha! Totally

        • Sydney1Dlover10012

          Ikr lol

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          • directionerfromnarnia

            okay…? xD

          • Sydney1Dlover10012


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  • Emma Rigby

    Still cute as!! But where is zayn???

    • ilove1d and iloveZayn

      Zayn wasn’t at the after show party there he was with perrie
      I hate Perrie but I Love Zayn forever
      i wish that i am Zayn’s Girlfriend
      I Love Zayn !!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

      • 1D_Forever_<3

        Why do you hate Perrie?

      • Nιαll ιn мy ѕнower

        uh, do you know what you’re saying?? Perrie is gorgeous and they’re happy together. I may not know their relationship but if she’s stayed with him through all the hate and rumours they’re obviously in love! Don’t hate on someone you don’t even know!!

        • 1D Sweety

          I agree with you. Perry seems great.

        • Sarah

          Yeah perrie is a nice and good girl!! And zayny loves her<3<3

        • zayn’sblondestreak<3

          Right…there’s no reason to hate her just because he’s your “boyfriend” .

          • Directioner

            Zayn is happy with her and Perrie is happy with him so leave em alone!

        • ilove1d and iloveZayn

          Okay i am sorry i don’t hate perrie now but i love zayn

          • Guest

            It’s okay :)

        • ilove1d and iloveZayn

          I don’t hate Perrie now -.- because Zayn is happy

        • Ynah Canlas

          i agree with you….

      • AlyssaLoves1D

        Why do u hate Perrie! Is it even possible?!?!


        Same here I hate Perry. There is something about her that is not right. And she said before she even went out with him,she wanted her and her group to stay away from one direction

        • President Kara Rose

          Wow, you even took time to learn her name: Perry. Don’t hate on someone without any facts… Because it’s Perrie. xx

      • Krystal Scott

        How could you possible hate on Perrie?? she is beautiful and an AMAZAYN singer!!!! i cannot believe you just said that!!!

        • ツ Moon Malik ツ

          Really how could you hate the gourgeous Perrie Edwards aka future Mrs.Malik! She’s perfect Zayn too!

      • Rebecca Horan <3

        umm, who do you think you are? Like seriously, Perrie and Zayn are obviously in love, and if you were a proper directioner, you’d respect that. I mean, theres nothing about perrie you can’t love!

      • irish_humpster

        haha i cant believe you just said that. If Zayn and Perrie EVER do breakup its not like Zayn is going to come knock on your door and say “Hey wanna go out” No it does not work like that. You don’t have to love there relationship, You don’t even have to like it but
        You need to respect it!

      • Destiny

        Then you’re technically not a directioner… Perrie is beautiful and she probably treats him better than you ever would!

        • ilove1d and iloveZayn

          WHAT !!! Iam a Directioner forever <3<3<3<3

      • Ynah Canlas

        how there you say that! Zerrie are just the cutest couple ever!

  • Emma Rigby

    Still cute as!! But where is zayn???

  • Danae

    First comment yeah (:
    They are sooooo them..probably zayn is with Perrie <3

  • Aastha Ginodia

    I just died like 3 times 😀


    Dun dun dun ugh weres zayn…

  • Olivia Jones

    Those pics don’t show a tang that he was drunk!!

  • sahar

    I’m very sad WHERE’S ZAYN?!:(((((((((

  • Louis for life

    Was that Eleanor with Louis? I can’t tell cos she has her head down. I don’t know why she has her head down cos who doesn’t want to be next to a really hot guy

  • Aylin Morelos

    i think that was eleanor with louis right sinc shes ducking but yeah i think so and where is zayn :(

  • I’mADirectionerWBY

    I bet Zayn had a good reason

  • Gaby Valiente

    zayn was probs with perrie<3 cause little mix also went to the Sony after party

  • ms.styles

    Where that hottie zayn

  • Darcy Styles

    Where’s Zayn?!! :((

  • zayn malik fan

    That’s amazing but where is zayn:(

  • eve1D_Jaymi

    Any1 else think that girl beside Lou is elanor. Kinda looks like her style

    • directionerfromnarnia

      It’s her :)

    • fangirlPaynes

      It deffinetley looks like her but dont u think they would be holding hands? Idk though cuz it does look like her

      • directionerfromnarnia

        It’s her, look :)

    • Sarah

      Yeah it seems! Although i think eleanor is a little taller!!?

    • zayn’sblondestreak<3

      i love elanor. She’s so sweet.

  • ms.styles


  • Directioner

    Hazza ALWAYS looks at his best! But… Where is Zayn?!?!?! :'(

  • harrygirl1Dadele

    Not looking at his best? Do you even know who are you talking about,it’s Harry Styles and Harry Styles is always at his best!!!!

  • ms.styles

    Hazza looks like he partied

  • ms.styles

    Too harf

  • cat

    SEXY. end of story.

    • Sarah Horan

      Haha ikr

  • sara

    he’s with perrie hahahaha

  • 1D~Infection

    Harry ALWAYS be looking good;)

  • Patii

    Awwr ALL boys looking soo good, wonderful! xx

  • lea rodriguez


  • Hazza Love

    I think Harry looks fine but Lou is not looking at his best!

  • Carolina Munayer

    IS THAT ELEANOR !!!???

    • Tory

      Okay I really think eleanor is behind lou and has anyone else noticed how louis looks like hers crying and trying to smile through it:( I can’t tell something isn’t right with lou right now..

      • President Kara Rose

        I think the camera just has that effect on his eyes- the flash, I mean. Because he looks like that in some other pictures too! xx n_n And, yeah, that’s El!

    • Sally

      The striped pants were what caught my eye. Haha:)

    • Natalia Vasquez

      It’s her! I recognized her by the nails!!! he he 😀

  • herr gigi


  • herr gigi

    the boys always look good!

  • Nia loves zaaayyynnn

    Wheres zayn?….

  • Andrea1DLover

    What are they talking about Harry not looking his best?!?! He will always be hot no matter what!!
    Also where’s Zaynie my baby I’m sad

  • zouis malikson

    yeaaaah! but where’s zayn!!!!!!!!!!


    Niall Cute <3 <3

  • Ginger Garcia

    Harry looked absolutely amazing!!! And ya where was Zayn???!!!

  • Sarah Horan

    All of them look hot nomatter if there drunk or not (which there not)

  • Kori Stypayhorlikson

    Zayn is with perier!!!

  • Tory

    Lou looks like he’s been crying..and that looks like eleanor behind him..:/ does anyone else notice that lou is like between tears and he’s trying to fake a smile. I see right through it.

    • Casz

      I just zoomed in the pic and your totally right…. everybody look at it… and lou isn’t even holding eleanors hand or something.. I hope theyarent going through somethings rough… O_o

  • Tory

    In the second picture of harry he looks like he has makeout hair(x

  • Jessica Kakaley

    Liam <3

  • jamie

    oh my god nialls hair!!! :)

  • Sally

    Hehe. I love Niall’s hair.


      Same here lol

  • Mrs. Horan

    They look sleepy and drunk

  • Andrea1DLover

    Changed my profile name u guys I’m no longer Andrea Torres I’m Andrea1DLover!! Just letting u know!

  • lilly

    I love niall’s hair. Were is zayn?

  • Hillary Styles

    hey thts a discrimination Harry as well as the other boys always look there very best lmfaoo

  • Emily

    I think Louis was thinking of kevin in his picture if ur a real Directioner you will know what I mean lol and a thumbs up for Liam s new sexy haircut lol ❤pls reply if you agree! Thanks

    • 1D Sweety

      I agree. Haha Kevin.

      • Riel Whittle

        I miss Kevin :( and the video diaries! Good times :)

    • disqus_qph8j6p34G

      I agree with u

  • Directionerforever


  • karen styles

    What are you people talking about? Harry looks HOT

  • Hazza

    What do they mean that he was not looking at his best??
    He always looks at his best but where is zayn??
    And is the girl beside louis Eleanor??
    <3 <3

  • Zayn luver1

    Where the crap is zayn???????????

  • Casz

    Deosnt look thebest?!? Huh! Areu blind or something?! But kinda feel bad that zayn didn’t come with themm. I Mean they were celebrating this becauseTHEY won and they should be celebrating as a FIVE member of one direction not ONLY FOUR… I just think that zayn shoulve been there with them to ceebrate their accomplishment… -not that I hate perrie or something- but still… I’m proud of u lads! Ur the best! Luv yah!!! <3

  • Mrs. Harry Styles

    Whats up with niall’s hair!?!?!?

  • Guest

    My Favorite bad is a ONE DIRECTIN I veryy love zayn and harry

  • Guest

    My Favorite bad is a ONE DIRECTIonI veryy love zayn and harry

  • marta

    my favorie bad is one direction iiiii love very love veryy love ZAYN and HARRY

    • irish_humpster

      you spelled band wrong

  • Directioner

    Zayn was probably out with Perrie to celebrate :) <3
    They all rocked and looked so hot.. I don't know what u mean by "not looking his best"?!???

  • Directioner_Life

    Harry looked so funny in that pic and Liam Louis Niall oh lord Jesus its a fire

  • Nicyloo3

    Probably with perry and I aggre with iLove1d andilovezayn

  • Nicyloo3

    But I think if they are in love they are in love and we can’t do nothing about it

  • Valentina

    Awww,Zayn wasn’t on after party,he was with Perrie,how cute is that.:)

  • Ynah Canlas

    adorable much! they all look in a best way! <33 got to love them and i ws so called a directioner..

  • Madi Shafer

    louis kinda looks stoned. o.o maybe its just the camera… but its legal for him now so …

  • rubyd

    louis love the look

  • Sahra Payne

    Where is Dani????

  • Codi Chladek

    Ya where is Zayn

  • Joellebriels

    i love harry harry is so beautiful <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3

  • mrsstylesiwanttomarryharry

    Holy S*** they are breaking the law but I won’t tell the cops I love them too much!

  • G Sheep

    Awww boys xx

  • Cony Avila

    Harry looks so drunk hahahahaha LOL I love them all