One Direction Confess Their Juicy Secrets!

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The 1D boys have been confessing their sins to RTE Two entertainment show Juice, and they’ve each recorded a separate video.

Watch them in all their glory below! 

You’ll need to pause the video each time to guess. First up, what did Louis confess to?

a) He kissed Taylor Swift at the Kids Choice Awards
b) He kissed his mother on her birthday Eleanor
c) He kissed Susan Boyle 2 months ago

Watch and find out…

Next up, Liam Payne:

Now it’s the turn of Zayn Malik to confess:

Roll up, roll up Harry Styles:

Niall’s confession hasn’t been released yet so we can’t bring it to you.

Which confession did you like best?

  • Missliza17

    Where is Niall’s?

    • DJ MALIK

      wtf can u read? it clearly says “Niall’s confession hasn’t been released yet so we can’t bring it to you.”

      god go the school kid

  • lynn

    Louis of course!!!

  • Random Person

    Can someone say what their answers were?? I’m at school and youtube is blocked -.- please??((:

  • Nalina bieber

    Liam Payne <3

  • miracle dawn

    Zayn’s is true also

  • Sara

    I’m more of a fan of harry out of all of them but where is niall?

  • Mrs.Styles

    I love Harry so muchh.. Mmmm he is so fine <333. See youu in June baby!!!!!!

  • Bella

    Well, my point of view is that nobody should care about what they do or what they did…… Its non of us bussiness . What i Think is that no one is judging your life what should you judge theirs….. NO ONE IS PREFECT…..!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rhaliaxb

      except for one direction… just saying :)

      • Lia Brown

        LMAO!! So true!  😀 you made my day!!!

  • One Directioner

    haz has 4 nipples… not one… umm… confuzzled…

    • Karley Beaudette

      I know me too.

  • sasha STYLES <3


  • Guest

    where the hell is niall horan’s interview

  • Melgar_alexa

    I only got Liam n Zayns right. Ha. They’re both my faves. Yay.

  • Aurora Alarid

    what?!?! he has four nipples… o.0 i saw them on a picture



  • Karina Tomlinson

    LIES!!!! he has four nipples!!!!!