One Direction Deface Life-Size Cardboard Cutouts Of Themselves And Auction Them Off!

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Ah, what we’ve always wanted… a life-size cardboard cutout of One Direction!


And even better when the lads have got all up close and personal with those very cutouts themselves!

Of course, the lovely lads are doing it all in aid of charity!

They have scrawled all over the cutouts, giving themselves beards, mustaches and all sorts of crazy stuff!

Imagine having a life-sized Harry Styles in your room, knowing that he’s touched and signed it?


Well, you could! That’s if you have quite a bit of money to spare anyway…

Harry Styles has proved to be the most popular so far, as he’s got the highest number of bids on his cutout.

Fans have bid over £100 to have a life-size Hazza in their life.

Poor Liam Payne has seen the lowest amount of bids…actually, he’s only had 1 bid, 1 £50 bid.

C’mon all you Liam lovers, where you at?!

The auctioning of the cutouts on eBay is to raise money for the Rays Of Sunshine children’s charity.

Do you think you’ll be putting a bid on any?

  • Annika Vergara

    C’mon people! Liam?! £50?! Seriously..

    • Andi_Payne

      That’s because he did not write or draw on it.

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    I feel so bad for Liam. :(

  • Ania Lynn Prather

    I would bid on Liam but my parents wouldn’t pay that much….!

  • No malik

    It’s coz Liam hasn’t written anything on his so it hadn’t been signed or anything not as much people want it!

  • Aylin Morelos

    1like= 1 dollar for LIAM

    • stylesisperfection

      Yes I’m sure those like dollars will help very much…

  • Stini2526

    sad for liam one and they should make new one with there Tattoo

  • Nicole

    Love it

  • Nicole

    I want one of them

  • Jennifer Louise Putnam

    stupid college -_- I’d bid on Liam but all my money goes to college :(

  • Jennifer Louise Putnam

    did Liam not do anything to his?

  • Andi_Payne

    Liam didn’t do anything to his cardboard cut out, that’s why no one wants it. He didn’t even sign it.

  • SamanthaWollacott

    He might of wrote on the back, not to ruin the photo of his gorgeous face?

  • marmar margs lominoque

    Poor daddy direction :(

  • A Directioner

    Can I buy those?

    • Taina

      yes can :)
      after the bids :)

  • Taina

    Liam added a mustache!

  • 1D Gurl!

    I would spend ANYTHING on Liam James Payne!!!!!!!!! C’mon people, you could do better than that!!!!!!!!!!

  • Directionerx4xlife

    He did! Liam drew a beard on his! But i think it doesnt have that much bcaus liam isnt the most popular in the band