One Direction Fail To Beat The Biebs In Music Vid Fight

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The Kiss You video is already approaching 50 million views, but the biggest prize to be had was the amount of views it could have gotten in the 24 hours after from when it was released.

Harry Styles nipples

We didn’t even need to be encouraged from the boys themselves, because the video is so great we could watch it quite happily thousands of times. But unfortunately even the power of the Directioners couldn’t quite topple the mighty Bieber, as his video for “Beauty and a Beat” is still number 1.

10.6 million people watched that Justin Bieber video in the first 24 hours, compared to the “Kiss You” video which got 10.4 million views. OMG so close guys! This easily smashes the 24 hour debut of the other One Direction videos, so in that respect they have achieved something amazing.

Zayn Malik and Harry's feet!


There is also a battle on for who will reign supreme on the Social 50, a music chart in the USA, that collates VEVO and YouTube views with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr shares & reactions to pit artists against each other in a race to the top. Over the last 7 days Bieber has also stopped 1D from taking to the top of that chart as well.

One Direction are sitting at number 2 on the Social 50 despite a 34% increase in VEVO activity off the back of their new video. In just a week 150,000 new Facebook likes were recorded and 191,000 new Twitter followers joined the bandwagon. WE’RE SO PROUD.

Keep watching, liking and sharing Directioners, we’ll get them to number 1 soon enough!

  • Ishita

    Yay first comment!!
    Next time for sure
    Get ready directioners their next video has to beat the beliebers

    • vidula agarwal

      Exactly!!!!! :)

  • brittneyhoran

    I thought that the kiss you video would have beaten it since it was amazing. I think that One Direction will probably get 1st place since they are great singers and also really hot.

  • Griffin Horan

    I think Justin bieber is an EGO MANIAC and and an attention hound he gets way too much attention!!!!

    • niastyles

      Double that

    • FabulousNails

      I don’t think that you would like to read that about 1D, I know I don’t. Why not just say something along the line “I prefer 1D over JB” or “I don’t understand the JB love” and stop there.

      Insulting JB makes 1D fans seem like bitter loser… And I don’t think that you want that.

      • mitthu

        True I like them both same amount

  • miss zoran

    no he does not he gets attention when he wants it so thnk before u speak

    • #1directioner<3

      whatever besides if your a belieber then you shouldnt even be on this website because if you are a directioner and a belieber 1. you need to get a life and 2. you probably dont even like 1d so back off and 3. YOU need to think before YOU speak!!!!!!!!! :l

      • mitthu

        So ur saying in order to be a “true directioner” u can’t like other singers? Uh..

        • #1directioner<3

          No i am saying you cant like jb cause hes 1d’s rival duh

          And that would kind of be awkard….

          • mitthu

            They aren’t rivals. Harry and Justin hang out all the time. Hanging out doesn’t mean rivalry.

          • #1directioner<3

            And wow i am a true directioner i like t swift and wat are you gonna do about that!?!?!? Nothing thats wat i thought so back off and i never said that, you did and i just said it would be kinda weird to like bieber, one directions rival and then you started freaking out so chill and leave me alone cuz im a “true directioner”

          • mitthu

            I like t swift too. But saying tht ppl shouldn’t like Jb and one direction? Sure ILL bak off

          • #1directioner<3

            finally!!!! oh and i know they hang out im not retarded im just saying schools can be rivals but you can have friends at that school right? so same thing one direction and bieber are rivals and they are friends oh and IM right ha

          • mitthu

            Finslly.. yeah most ppl don’t like swift finally one does too!!! And yeah. I udnderstanf ur part. But I don’t believe I’m wrong either. So both right? Yah

          • mitthu

            I like t swift too. But saying tht ppl shouldn’t like Jb and one direction? Sure ILL bak off

    • #1directioner<3

      so ha you want some ice with that burn!!!!

      • havazoe

        Yes. Think before you speak.

  • Najma Horan

    It is not important how much clicks the video has, its important that we love our boys and that the kiss you video is great! <3

    • Stini2526

      you are so right

    • #1directioner<3


    • FabulousNails

      JB has something like 30 million followers on twitter, and he was collaborating with Nicky something, so it is amazing that 1D (about 9 or 10 millions followers on the main account) could manage such a feat on their own IMHO. Plus while breaking those reccords is great, it’s more of a PR thing IMO.

      What actually matters in the business is probably music sales (and all sales: concert tickets, merchandise…). And 1D is doing amazingly well in those fields (especially considering they still are so new). I have no details on how JB is doing, but I’m sure he is still doing fine (the fact that he was not in the top 5 worldwide album sales for 2012 doesn’t mean his career is in shambles).

      I think that as long as the fans keep on supporting the boys and BUY their music and concert tickets (if they can), it’s what matters the most.

      The rest would be more like icing on the cake, but not absolutely needed for longevity (which is what they seem to be aiming for).

      • niastyles

        I love your thoughts ….. u r amazyan 😉

      • L.Kiki *Mrs Styles

        JB Waass Like yeaaars ago and his gaining followers and 1D it’s almost 2 years and most of directioners are new

    • Sarah

      Exactly! Kiss u video is the best video I’ve ever seen in my life! It is awesome and if people can’t understand it It’s their problem!

    • diana


    • Shelby

      Thank you for understanding the true meaning

    • Grace Moorhead

      ya, but we still have to beat JB

    • 1D_lover

      ya. that’s true

  • niastyles

    Uggg sooooooo close

  • Olivia Jones

    Y is there always competition, it’s like somebody always has to b on top how come people can’t just share the fame it’s like dude when is this world gonna get thankful and not selfish I mean take my advice and just share it

  • Darcy Styles

    Does it really matter how many views they get?? They obviously have the same amount of love from their fans (Beliebers and Directioners) so does it really matter?? Well this is from a Belieber AND a i dont really care how many views each video gets or who has more than who..just enjoy the music!!

  • Darcy Styles

    I also don’t get why 1D is always compared to Justin Bieber! Justin is a solo artist, and 1D is a group!! Whatever…

  • love

    Well, thats a little shocking but thats ok, a lot of people didnt watch the video in the first 24 hours.


    Love the Biebes and the Love 1D!!!!! But when It came to the vid contest I kinda wanted the boys to win!!!!!

  • haileyhaileyhailey

    Justin bieber has more views but who has more dislikes…… HIM

  • Directioner❤❤❤4eva

    Ummmm well it prob wasn’t beiber who earned them views!! He was working with nicki minaj! So he has beliebers and fans of niki minaj!!

    OUR BOYS DONE IT THEM SELVES!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


    PS: it is sooooo on beliebers…

    • mitthu

      Well if ur gonna put it that way then there might be fans of only Zayn or just niall so I don’t think its like tht but I respect ur thought

  • Jojoloving1

    It’s really hard being a belieber and a directioner!

  • Michelle Direction


  • Evelyn Calderon

    I really hate my like sis she loves know and HATES 1D can anyone believeTHAT??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Evelyn Calderon

    I mean loves jb

  • Nicole Styles

    SO CLOSE!!!!! Next time, we’ll have to view it more. DIRECTIONERS POWERS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Directioner_Forever

    both videos are great! justin bieber is amazing, but i luv 1D more <3 <3 <3 im shocked they didnt beat JB though, i was sure they would :(

  • chloe

    Kiss u is AWESOME!!!!

  • Kayleigh loves 1D

    Bravo bieber! Enjoy it now but…

  • Alicia Miller

    Awww.. so CLOSE! :) still, no one can deny that this video is brilliant! :)

  • Katie G. Demlirie

    Kiss you video is great. Funny, cool, brilliam, fabulouis, amazayn, extraordinharry, and phenomeniall!!!!!! Hope they beat the biebs. Greatest luck to em.

  • Gg

    I think one direction should do an acoustic album that would be cool!!!!!!

  • rabia horan

    dont care that justin has got a little bit more clicks in his video – for me is and will remain 1D the best ans cutest band ever

  • Cláudia Costa

    Justin did it with the help of Nicki Minaj but One Direction did it themselves without any help and almost beat JB, so for me it’s like they have beaten JB :) x

  • G.H

    why can’t people understand clicks don’t matter it’s who loves who the most :(

  • diana

    It really doesn’t matter what matters is loving 1d and always beeing there for them

    • mitthu


  • Ellagould

    It doesn’t matter about the clicks as long as we love them there always top the rest >3

  • Sharri montgomery

    Next time WE WILL WIN! * walk away with my directioner’s head held high*

  • directioner 4eva

    WELL SORRY! if taylor did not take some relation ship vids of them then say that she will release it on the day the video kiss you was suppose to come out, and the video ended up being the kiss u video! SOME PEOPLE DON’T HAVE TIME TO THINK OF THAT !

  • tylea

    I belive that one direction are awesome and I know that all directioners hearts put together will beat bieber. OUR LOVE IS BIGGER AND SPECIAL!!

    • #1directioner<3


  • mitthu

    Love ya Jb good job(: good. Job 1D(:

  • erisvey casas

    Justin bieber music video beauty and the beat is not that great kiss you is way better

  • erisvey casas

    Maybe the people who were watching the justin bieber music video in the first 24 hours was just making fun of the video

    • jilljillian

      haa i sure was

  • FollowMeLZLNH

    One day Justin will die in a hole. Why does it have to be him all the one whatever first the worst second the BEST!!! We will get it next time

  • disqus_9GyLMi9WJe

    god can’t stand Justin!!!! so what if he beat them in mmusicvideo fight! u can’t compare boybands to single artists….¦|

  • Sally

    JB has been around a lot longer than the boys have, so the fact that we beat him even once is wonderful. One Direction is only two years old, and we can’t expect them to break EVERY barrier in that short amount of time:)

  • Sally

    JB has been around a lot longer than the boys have, so the fact that we beat him even once is wonderful. One Direction is only two years old, and we can’t expect them to break EVERY barrier in that short amount of time:)

  • NicoleLuvsU

    Man, I wish they’d beaten the record… SO CLOSE!! I had the video playing all day, on all the electronics in my house even! 😉

    Even though they didn’t beat it, this was still a GREAT accomplishment for 1D… I think they actually did better than the Beauty and a Beat video, in the long-run. Think about it… That video got 10.6 mil views in 24 hours, but there were both Nicki Minaj fans AND Beliebers watching it.
    But with 1D’s video, it was JUST 1D in it. And the only ones watching it were the Directioners!! (plus a few haters, but who cares about them.) and it got almost as many hits as Nicki and Justin got TOGETHER… That just goes to show u how powerful one direction and their fans are! Even though the record wasn’t beaten, we still helped the boys get a huge accomplishment!! Directioners forever! <3

  • #1directioner<3

    wow…. just wow…… :l

  • Ella Hickman

    Im saying One Direction likes Justin bieber as a brother… Just saying in there eyes its not compotition there

  • havazoe

    Dude calm down. Deep breaths. You think its weird to like jb and that’s just your opinion. Some people think its weird that you like swift. Don’t try and push others opinions because its rude and just darn annoying. No hate to you just FYI. just trying to be clear.

  • Brynn_Nevins1D

    People were just watching Beauty and a Beat because they felt bad that 1D is better than him. :p

  • 1D_lover

    ok…. I hate justin Bieber but I like his songs.. One Direction are my life so I don’t care JB can show off as much as he wants but directioners stay directioners no matter what. Am I right or what?

  • gest

    Who cares 1D has beaten beib in everything eles…it good to let someone eles win once in awhile:P 😉 lol