One Direction Fanfiction: We’ve Got Some Awesome Fanfics!

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Directioners, are you a big lover of One Direction fanfics? Well look no further because we’ve got a massive section in our forum purely dedicated to the best in One Direction Fan Fiction.

We’ve got pages and pages of some amazing stories written by some extremely talented fans, so what are you waiting for? Click here to start reading the stories for yourself.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a story-teller then why not add your own? Simply register for our One Direction Forum and start posting away!

  • Diana

    & louis looks asian?

    • Ya$hika

      Haha yeah!!!

  • Tanisha Battles

    I love reading some of the fanfics some Directioners make :)

  • #1liamlover

    Zayn looks funny but its still a good drawing

    • brianna horan

      Harry’s face is way too big

  • Deema Soub

    Love it , but the painter couldn’t draw liam well :) but good painting :)

  • Ya$hika

    Lolz..wasn’t it pretty little liars..;-)

  • Ya$hika

    I love the drawing…!!!

  • Ya$hika

    Lolz ikr

  • Ya$hika

    Best is nialler…what do you think?:-)

  • Olivia Clayton

    Also another website is Wattpad which also has amazing stories on. Some good ones about. Harry are Stalker styles, The boy who saved my life and my personal fave The new boy!! Enjoy

  • Cait

    i wonder how many ppl have read my story…
    it’s london love

    • Abigail

      I LOVE THAT STORY!!!!!!!!!:)

      • Cait

        aww thanks!!!

        • Abigail


  • mrs stylikpaylinsoran

    U should read Five X’s by SBluvs1D! It’s sooo good!

  • cupcake

    omg one direction fan fics are like my most fav thins to read in the whole world!!!!!!

  • irish_hipster

    Mine is I would on Movellas. You should check it out :)

  • Hazza’s Juliet.


    • Tom Havrilka

      Unless you aren’t old/ mature enough to!

  • Silvia Bardales

    I believe that there should be more Liam Payne fanfiction in this fandom!!! Or more imagines!!!!

  • Rasha Soub

    Mine is to meet 1D . :)

  • ily louis the tommo

    i mean u can call it good but it looks like the drawer was on something when they drew it i mean was there a pic in front of them to draw it based off of i mean louis is perfect but not in this picture and liam is ugly wich it does show in this picture but harrys face looks fat and i mean realy cmon his hair is longer than that and its just not right that zayns tan is wrong and he looks like a lizzard and nialls irish not japanese i dont even care if i spelled that right cuz apparently people dont like right things around here like this painting i mean i dont like to judge but when it comes down to my 5ths and its this bad its just not right so go ahead and hate me and say im wrong but i dont care this is not something i think one direction would approve of and i dont so what ever i dont even care any more its dumb gosh its embarrissing them and its wrong but i guess im the only one that cares wat ever wat ever

    • Tom Havrilka

      You don’t know the artist. For all you know they could have spent weeks on that. You’re asking for no one to hate your comment, but you’re sending hate to the artist who youve never even met! Would you say that to theboys, if u met them and they loved that pic? Or would u just go along with them? And would u say that to whoever DREW that’s face? Seriously. It’s not perfect, but nothing is. I’m just saying and asking that u think next time about how everyone else would interpret a comment like that.
      Ok, my rant is over

  • Sammy Marsh

    Hey, you guys Gould totally read mine!!! It’s on wattpad and it’s called I Just Want to Be Loved

  • Magdelina Rofail

    I found this one site called ‘1D sexual frustrations’ you can check it out if you want, but at the end you’ll feel wet 😛

  • AlyssaLoves1D

    Hii check out my wattpad stories please. I write some hilarious stuff about the guys. It’s @1DBieber4ever

  • Abigail


  • Alannah

    that is a great drawing

  • Anastasya Ho

    hey guys, try reading my fanfic, A Week With One Direction! I try to update every week! it would mean a lot to me.

  • Harry’s Cupcake

    Louis looks like a……… I don’t know but I down,t think so that is Louis it’s OK hahahahahahaha

  • Harry’s Cupcake

    Soryyyyy don’t


    Please read mine
    Don’t let me go

  • bowgirl16559

    OMG the best fanfic I’ve ever read is Five X’s! It’s so good, and soooo unique it’s by SBluvs1D on wattpad! Directioners should definitely check it out!