One Direction Fly Out To Africa For Comic Relief

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The One Direction boys are taking a quick break from adoring fans and breaking records, by catching a flight out to Africa! They are heading out to the third world for a charity trip in aid of the amazing cause, Comic Relief, which is back with a vengeance this year!

One Direction One Way or Another - Comic Relief

The band are properly involved this time around, because they have been selected to release the official Red Nose Day single, which will be a cover of “One Way or Another”. It could end up being the band’s third number one in the UK and will be released very soon!

Harry has said:

“We have grown up with Comic Relief and taken part in lots of Red Nose Days at school so we were thrilled to be asked to do this year’s Red Nose Day single.”

The newly single Brit dude added:

“It’s such an honour for us. We can’t wait to perform our version of this iconic pop song and raise as much money as possible for this incredibly important cause that is really close to our hearts.”

Zayn continued with:

“At school Red Nose Day was a big deal! Me and my friends used to really look forward to it – I remember one year we all came in in our pyjamas which was pretty cool!”

When in Africa they will visit areas that will be directly helped by Comic Relief and some snippets of their time there will be filmed to be included in a video that will accompany their new single.

Here’s how the song starts, so get learning those lyrics:

“One way or another I’m gonna find ya
I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha
One way or another I’m gonna win ya
I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha”

The Red Nose Day broadcast this year will air on March 15th, so make sure you tune in!

  • Molly-

    This has inspired me to do something funny for money,lovethem♡♡♡¤¤

  • Mrz Nancy Malik

    Soo proud of you boys..

  • Idek

    Haha no offence but the song sounds horrible 😛 Love them for the charity work though!! <3

    • Nicole Styles

      They’ll make it better dont worry

  • Sarah

    Oh! This time for Africa! Good luck boys<3

  • ♥ нαяяү’s cυρcαкε ♥

    OH my God, what harry just said is so inspiring! I admire him

  • 1d_sister

    Hi Everyone!
    I’m actually new about this Red Nose concept …
    I even don’t know what ComicRelief is…
    So, please can anyone explain me friendly.?
    btw, Africa!!Cool! damn proud,man!

  • Stini2526

    that was so good

  • Hallie Lavin

    What they are doing is very kind. Also I hope they enjoy Africa! It’s a beautiful place!

  • cheekymonkey

    I can even imagine how they’re gonna sing it right now in my mind awesome cant wait

  • Jazmine


  • Cathy Strohl

    One Way or Another – love the original – can’t wait to see how the boys sing it!

  • 1D_Is_My_Life

    This is why I love these boys! Not only is their music good, but they are also the kindest and sweetest boys ever! I’m happy for them! Can’t wait to hear the song cover, I love the original!

  • raghad Matani

    That good that the band will help Africa

  • Claire Maclean

    cmake the song really good or else lol

  • Aylin Morelos

    iv e heard this song before it pretty awsome welli think some may think its gghetto but yeah i heard it when i was playing guitar hero anyways is an ok song iguess but it’s better if the sing it ahhh i know the lyrics by heart… :0

  • Paula Andrea

    owow Amazing ! SO proud of you Boys is incredible

  • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

    15th March is MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
    awwww this is a good day! ;D

  • Olivia Jones

    Great job guys!!! Soo proud

  • Riel Whittle

    I wish we had red nose days! It’s sounds so cool and fun! Great cause as well! I’m proud of them boys!

  • myaj17

    Wow. I’ve never been so proud to be a Directioner <3

  • Sally

    They know how to use their fame for a good cause:)

  • i_luv_1D_14

    so PROUD of the boys

    They are working very hard

    I’m a proud directioner =D


    Can’t wait!!!!! I know you will raise a ton of money!!!!!

  • sarah

    I really wonder how things are gonna go down with that cover… I know that song really well and it’s not really the boys’ style

  • Nicole Styles

    Question: Will this be broadcasted in the U.S.?

  • Nicole Styles

    So I’m guessing this is charity so proud of our guys! They’re doing something so important! Tearing up!

  • 1dlol1d

    Awwwww so caring unlike tay tay

  • 1D~Lover

    Aww there so caring and sweet:”) I love them!<3

  • Paola Ramirez

    Aaaaaaw i love them sooo much ^_^ proud of our boys :)

  • Audrey Bencomo

    soooo proud! One Direction they will always be the sweetest caring boys ever eben if they get a bunch of hate we will always stand behind them!