One Direction Get First 2012 Album To Go Platinum In The US

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In today’s digital environment where illegal album downloads are easily done for free, platinum status of a single or album is a very impressive feat. Gone are the days when everyone had to buy CD’s to enjoy music, so it is very commendable that Sony Music has announced that ‘Up All Night’ has gone platinum in the US!

More good news though, as ‘Up All Night The Live Tour’ has gone triple platinum!

For album sales in the US, one million sales makes a record platinum. The most exciting thing though, is that ‘Up All Night’ is the first album released this year to hit the milestone. Heavyweight artists Justin Bieber, Carrie Underwood and Madonna are trailing behind 1D, with their debut record still appearing in the Top 10 of the US iTunes chart.

The album continues to sell strongly around the world and total sales have been estimated to be 4 million. A great number taking all factors into account.

The tour DVD has been number one for 8 weeks and has sold over 200,000 copies, with many people buying if they missed the concert or to just relive the fun of the boys first tour!

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