One Direction Get Ready To Storm The Today Show

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Remember the last time One Direction appeared on the Today Show earlier this year?

It was possibly the performance that sealed their popularity in the US, and made them the most liked boyband in the world.

Well, today they’re coming back!

Already, thousands of fans have been camping out for the last few days in the hope of guaranteeing a sighting of their heroes.

Parking their bottoms outside the Rockefella Plaza in Manhattan, and armed with tents, blankets and sleeping bags, the mainly female group of Directioners only have a few more hours to wait.

The amount of fans is expected to hit 10,000 when 1D perform later.

A security guard said:

“We can’t let the line go to Central Park. There are just way too many people, and now they are starting to block the bus lane.”

One fan said:

“I listened to One Direction while my jaw was wired shut, and I’m convinced they helped me heal. My fathers here with me because he was afraid I was going to get punched in the face. I mean, if anything happened, we’re right across the street from a drug store.”

With New York and most of the East Coast still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, it seems One Direction might be injecting a bit of fun back into peoples lives.