One Direction Go Gangsta With Nick Grimshaw

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Wanna see 1D throw some gangsta moves?

1D go gansta!

Check out the following vid from the Radio 1 Breakfast show:


As most of you’ll probably know, Nick is bessie mates with Harry Styles – and they’ve often been snapped out on the town with each other.

How many times can you spot One Direction in the vid?

The eagle-eyed will also notice appearances from Tom Daley, Conor Maynard, Rita Ora, Jake Gyllenhaal and more. As ever, here’s some great YouTube comments from y’all:

Morgan Domingue
Jake Gyllenhaal, one apperance for you. Four for you Harry Styles, you go Harry Styles! And none for Taylor Swift bye.

omg one direction trying to be gangster XD

It seems like a few of you aren’t fans of Grimmers’ new show, judging from these comments:

Stick your clique up your arse. I’m to another breakfast show that isn’t patronising drivel. Big mistake bbc!

Grimshaw is not Gangsta. Grimshaw has ruined the breakfast show with lashing of 1D and Justin (on drugs) Beiber. What a waste of taxpayers money

Peace out homies.

  • Nandookhrowjejxbakwk

    I looooove their moves

    So sexy omgf

  • amazing#1d

    Hahahahahaha lolage

  • 1d_sister

    Anyways, 1D’s in Asia right now!
    Japan, Tokyo!
    Again, I was just born in the wrong country!

  • Olivia Jones

    Das a coo vid man! I wanna see 1D go to da studio and get some rhymes bumpin’

  • Nandookhrowjejxbakwk

    Hazza is such a gangsta

  • Jazmine


  • LOLA

    I’m assuming they’ve been influenced by the bradford bad boy ๐Ÿ˜‰ Loool

    • JSRRamsaran

      lol but zayn is soooo my fave

    • myaj17

      Bahaha nice

  • Eileen Stypayhorlikson

    One Direction are cute when they do gansta style!!!! Good work!! Love 1D Forever!!!

  • Catherine Spalla

    Did anyone else see dan and phil

  • Audrey Boleyn

    zayn was probly so happy to make that.

  • Taiba1DLuva786

    Zayn… what u do??? Lol jokes

  • cheekymonkey

    Rofl omg our boys trying to be gangsta :,D that is too funny

  • Sally

    “Click, Click, the re-re-replay button”

  • Annabeth Chase

    Phil, Dan and One Direction all in the same video? BEST THING EVER!!!

  • aiesha styles

    This is why our boys are not gangsters……. am i right? Lol

  • Jasmin Mendoza

    That video was HILAIRIOUS! XD



  • FollowMeLZLNH

    I you want to see FUNNY please look up shadow pico one direction bad lip reading its funny af

  • ใƒ„ Moon Malik ใƒ„

    I love Dan and Phil I ship phan

  • Liamlover<3

    I’m not sure about you my fellow directioners but I think that if One Direction made a song like that it would kick drake and Lil Wayne of the top spot xD

  • Guest

    Congrats Nialler <3 …

  • Bri1DBieber

    I LOVE IT! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Rabia Shohatee

    This is too funny wow made my day … CLIQUE CLIQUE CLIQUE!

  • icametocelebrate

    Harrys moves are epic XD

  • Georgia Woolley

    Luvin the gangsta look boyyys โค

  • Hallie Lavin

    ok 1D it’s pretty impossible for you to be gangsta! your British/Irish…. it doesn’t work!!

  • SoonToBeAStyles

    Oh, Nicole Scherzinger is in it too! Haz looks so cute and stupid as a gangsta, but I love it lol

  • FabulousNails

    I don’t know if Grimmy is a good radio host, but he is really funny in videos like these. Some people seem to hate him, but I know that he is supposed to have a very different style from the previous host of the breakfast show, so maybe that’s why they have a hard time accepting him.
    Do people here listen to him? How do you like him during the breakfast show?

    I loved the main video and the behind the scenes videos were plain awsome! I hope that people have seen them… 1D is a minor part of it, but the other guests were really great too IMO.

  • directioner 4eva

    i have seen nichole sherzingers sweater before, yeah…i was bout to buy it, then i was all like……nahhhh.DAN AND PHIL!!! niall looked SOOO CUTE TRYING TO ACT ALL GANGSTER!

  • Brittany Cope

    Hahah that’s funny! But haters gonna hate. No matter what anybody does someone is always gonna disagree…

  • This Is Us

    Lol I spotted 1D 2 times.

  • Mariana

    Ahahahahahahahaha thats funny luv u guys lol look at niall putting on his hodie lol

  • Judith Padilla

    they r sooo HOTT!!!!!

  • jordan noordegraaf

    the singer looks like louis

  • Macey/Mr.Pervy:3

    this is the best thing, 1D dancing my fav song ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Ruby Rodriguez

    I spoted them 4 times

  • Sharri montgomery

    seeing Harry throw up signs reminds of the time he tried to rap xD
    The boys are approved gangsta’s in my books.