One Direction Have Sex And The City Marathons On The Tour Bus

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We all obviously know loads about One Direction.

So much so that nothing we find out ever shocks or baffles us anymore.

Apart from this little snippet of information we found out today.

Whilst on tour the boys like to have film and TV marathons. Now when we say that, what would you expect them to watch? Maybe something like Lord Of The Rings, Fast and Furious or Die Hard.

Something manly with lots of cars and guns and fighting.

Oh no, not One Direction!

Whilst they are on the tour bus, the boys like to watch series of Sex And The City.

Yes that old TV series that women across the world love and guys usually hate.

The programme about shopping, girl problems and love is one that the boys have been cramming while on tour and are already into the second series.

Harry told The Sun: “There’s a couple of females who work with us and they do Sex And The City marathons all the time. Which is a great show by the way, I hadn’t seen it before. I’m on Series 2 now.”

Now we’re not saying there is anything wrong with boys watching Sex And The City, we just didn’t expect One Direction to be watching it in their free time.

What suggestions do you have for series the boys could watch on the tour bus?

  • Kylee Styles

    I would suggest glee or raising hope or how I met your mother

  • Lynnie Lucas

    Haha it’s cute that they watch that. :) umm I recommend Here Comes Honey Boo Boo but that’s just me. :)

    • Sharri

      I love that show!!

  • Sharri

    O.O Am I the only that half read the title?! I thought they said something about sex of marathon on their tour buses * face-palm* 😀 I’m not surprised at ALL that Harry likes the show, one of his favorite movies is Titanic!

    • Riel Whittle

      I know me too! I read the first 4 words and I was like…… Uh huh?!? Lol then I read it over again and I was like oooooooh :3

      • Sharri

        I wasnt surprised! I was thinking ” Lucky girls!”

      • lyka styles ;)

        lol I feel you

    • Samantha Sancen

      I thought it said its a sex competition like u can audition;D

      • Ruchi

        Hehe. Same. 😉

      • Sharri

        This is like the time I thought Niall broke his bed after some nighttime fun…. If ya know what I mean. But then I remembered,Niall wants to wait!

        • Samantha Sancen

          Yeah hehe :)

        • Sarah Payne

          Hahahha yeah he does lol

      • Hate the wanted


        • Sharri

          xD Kinky

    • Gwen

      hahah i had the same:P

      • Sharri

        Harry’s second verse in BSE ran through my head!

        Dirty mouth….tying cherry stems with his tongue….

    • Nia malik

      Yeah same! I thought it said that they has sex!!

      • Sharri

        Hahaha! They are sex!!!

    • Ya$hika

      Omg so true!! I felt the same haha!!

    • Guest

      I know! That is exactly what I thought! And I was like wut! Haha! No wonder teachers always say read everything before answering the questions!

      • Sharri

        That is very true

    • Anna McCallum

      Yeah, me to! The first time I read the title I thought it meant that they were having sex and watching tv at the same time or something, but then when I read it again I realized it was the name of a tv show

      • Sharri

        XD that would take a lot of energy!

    • Freyfrey

      Oh my god no when I read it I thought it was saying One Direction have sex on the bus… X

      • Leeroy’s daughter ;p

        :)) Join the crowd

  • Riel Whittle

    Personally I’m a cartoon person… And history channel/ discovery :3 I’m weird like that

    • Samantha Sancen

      Me too :) We’re awsone like tht

      • Riel Whittle

        Oh yeah we are :3

  • Samantha Sancen

    At first I thought its like a sex competition like u audition I’m dirty;D

    • Hate the wanted


  • Stini2526

    wow they watch sex in the city

  • Lyndsey Payne

    Right when I started reading this Rock Me turned on…..ironic much?

    • Abigail

      Haha lol! I have a 1D cup and so my sis was doing the dishes and when she picked the cup up What Makes You Beautiful song came on cause we were listening to music! It was AWESOME!:)

    • Sarah Payne

      Haha ueah definetly ironic

  • ♔♡ Georgia Rose ♡♔

    Omg I though At first they had sex or wooot im like O_O wot and woow i think they should watch something more Like Fast And Furious.. Mhmm Grown Ups.. Some comedy would be good hah .xxx :) -R

    • Abigail

      I love the movie Grown Ups!:)

      • ♔♡ Georgia Rose ♡♔

        Gahh me too!! Cx

  • ♔♡ Georgia Rose ♡♔

    Omg have ya’ll Heard Best Song EveR?? OMG IM SO HAPPY IVE BEEN LISTENING TO IT ALL DAY AHG!

  • Gabi

    omg i read the first four words xD…only 1D would watch that XD lol

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    I love Sex and The City. I watch it all the time. But I didn’t expect for the boys to watch it. I wonder if they’re going to watch the movie also.

  • Andie Espineli

    My reaction is NO! Like N-O. NO!!!

  • Lucy stephens

    i thought they had it lol

  • Parisa

    I can’t believe it !! seriocly ?

  • Phillip Yousif

    I love that show as well!! Its awesome!!!

  • ♥Mrs. Emma Tommo♥

    I thought it said, “One Direction have Sex Marathons on the tour bus” and im like, wait what does that mean?!? hahahah

  • ThisIsMe1

    When I saw the title I couldn’t believe it, but then when I read it over again I wasn’t surprised!

  • Guest

    I would suggest Friends cause I know they all love it!

  • Anna McCallum

    I think they should watch the show Psych, it’s about 2 guys who solve crime in funny ways and theres love in it to, it’s hilarious! You should watch it if you don’t already!

  • A’alyciaP._1D

    I like Kill Bill personally. If u want to bee in this fandom you have to learn not to question the boys……..

  • Robyn

    The boys do not ride on the tour bus. They fly to all the shows so please stop running after the buses before somebody gets killed. And please do not tag the buses. You will get a bill from the bus company for $10,000.00 because that’s how much it costs to repaint them. But by all means do have fun at the shows and be safe!

  • Robyn

    The boys do not ride on the tour buses. They are for crew members only. They fly to all the shows. So please do not chase the buses. Somebody is going to get hurt doing that. Just have fun and be safe.

  • madison marberry

    I read fast so what I saw in the title was ” One Direction have sex- on tour bus” …

  • Harry’s Cupcake

    They are so cute

  • Robyn

    My husband is one of the bus drivers on this tour. I know for sure that One Direction does not ride on the bus BUT I did find out today that 5 Seconds Of Summer DOES ride the bus. So it’s those guys that are having sex in the city marathons or whatever it is they are doing and not One Direction. Now we all know what’s up with that.