One Direction in Celebs on Sunday

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When we woke up on Sunday, we were made up when this landed on our doorstep.

Celebs on Sunday which is free with The Mirror on Sunday had a beautiful 5 page spread on our boys!

One Direction on the front cover of Celebs on Sunday

We’ve picked out some of our favourite questions from the interview:

American fans are more forward than Brit ones. Do you come home to find groupies waiting in your bed, that kind of thing?

Zayn: I remember one time, me and Louis were sat by the pool outside our hotel in LA and two or three girls emerged from the bushes – then we turned around and there were like another six coming from the other side, and more and more kept coming. It was like something out of a zombie film. We were like ‘What are we going to do?’ We found a door that had an entrance back into the hotel and we legged it, being chased by all these girls.

Zayn and Harry in Celebs on Sunday

What do you do when girls have hysterical meltdowns?

Harry: Just go in for the embrace, always. Give them a big hug. Sometimes, it calms things, sometimes it doesn’t. If it doesn’t then you’re stuck.

When was the last time you did something really normal, like get on a bus or buy a loaf of bread?

Louis: I got on a train recently. I love a train.
Liam: Oh, I like a tube ride.
Harry: I nipped to the shop for a pint of milk yesterday.

Louis and Nial in Celebs on Sunday
What’s the worst thing about fame – like do you find it hard to trust people these days? Do you worry about ‘kiss and tell’ stories?

Harry: I usually trust people until they give me a reason not to. Otherwise you’d just stay in a bubble all the time.

It’s probably fair to say that, though we love you all, Harry gets the most attention in the UK, but we hear a rumour Niall is he most popular one over in the USA…

Niall: (Goes a bit red and says…nothing)
Liam: That Irish charm has won them over. When we do ‘Little Things’ over there, he gets the biggest cheer.

Liam in Celebs on Sunday

You’ve just been to Japan. Bet that was quite different to an American Audience…
Harry: The fans are giggly and energetic, but they wont come near you. They don’t say anything. No meltdown hugging was needed.
Niall: We did a lot of karaoke while we were there. ‘Islands in the Stream’, Take That’s ‘Back for Good’, a bit of Shaggy…

So are we going to lose you to America soon? Will you be living in Hollywood mansions this time next year?

Louis: No way, Why would we? It seems like it’s expected of us, but we’re British boys.
Harry: Definitely not. They don’t even know what Toad in The Hole or Branston Pickle is. And if you say bangers and mash, they’re like ‘Bangers? Bangers and what?’ Not good. Time fo go home when that happens.

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    1st comment!!! I am soo going down to the Post Office and buying the Sunday Mirror- RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!

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        Is this in England

  • FabulousNails

    Thank you for the lovely extracts!

    The boys really seem lovely. While their current worldwide fame status might have changed the way they can interact with fans (for security reasons), I don’t get the feeling that it has really changed them to stars who believe in their own hype (well, they seem to be growing up to lovely young adults), I don’t understand why some people feel that way tbh…

    But people see what they want to see, so I could apply that to me too 😉

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    Lol I like the one zayn did Lol xD poor guys well i guess we americans can get a little crazy for them Lol and yes everyone at my school that i know Loves Niall and i mean loves they fight over him all the time there lockers are filled with him Lol

    • Riel Whittle

      Lol that sounds really weird! “Their lockers are filled with him…” XD

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      Its World War Directioner, at my school to be named Mrs.Malik . I’m the one and ONLY Mrs.Horan at my school

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    Okay<3<3 i love what happened to lou and zayny<3<3

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    I love how Niall went red. Lol. I’m American and he is my favorite. Second fave is Zayn.

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    I wish i was one of the fans who got louis and zayn by the pool!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :*

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    Loved the part…………..’if it dosen’t then you’re stuck’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

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      What did he mean by that?

      • Hazza

        He meant like then the fans will just start crying and fangirling obviously at that moment he won’t go away and he’ll be stuck trying to convince them to get normal!!!!!! 😮

      • Hazza

        He meant like then the fans will just start crying and fangirling obviously at that moment he won’t go away and he’ll be stuck trying to convince them to get normal!!!!!! 😮

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      I did my research. Turns out bangers and mash means “Sausage and mash potatoes” mash and mashpotatoes is reasonable but bangers and sausage? Wtf lol

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    Its no rumor that Niall is the most favorited in America! We all love his irish accent and his lovely voice c:! However it IS a RUMOR that we DONT love all the boys. Because we love them all soo much. We love them as much as the U.K. Fans love Harry and the U.S. fans love Niall :)


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    What are toad in the hole and Branston Pickle ?? Yea and I love them to stay in U.K and as Louis said ‘We’re British boys’!

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