One Direction Monopoly – Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis And Zayn Get Their Own Special Version!

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One Direction Monopoly board game

So who’s partial to a game of Monopoly or two? Admit it, you love it don’t you!

Well now the classic board game has been given a dose of One Direction treatment, as the boys have brought out their own version.Β The official description of the game says:

What better way to celebrate the One Direction lads whirlwind of success over the last few years than with Monopoly: The One Direction Edition. Buy albums and singles, tours, merchandise and the Movie and trade your way to number one! Featuring specially written #Onedirection and This Is Us cards, its the perfect game for any fan of Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Harry.

We can’t to play it!

The One Direction Monopoly game!

Doesn’t it just look totally brilliant? Leave your comments below letting us know just how much you want it. We might do a competition if we’re feeling particularly generous :)Β 

Already loads of you are saying it looks amazing on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ etc, so we think it won’t be long before it becomes a firm, family favourite :)

It’s on sale now at Amazon and other online retailers, click the links below to take a look:

  • Abigail Directioner55

    Omc! I want it!

    (First comment! No one really cares but oh well! πŸ˜‰ )

    • <3Niall'sGirl<3

      lol i care πŸ˜› haha just bcuz you wrote nobody cares i do the same thing πŸ˜› lol

  • lexig 76

    I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!:)

    • Riel Whittle

      Yesss! I already have dogopoly now this!!?!? It’s awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • Alysia Brewington

    I care!

  • directioner4ever<3<3<3

    Is this for real!! I want it. I probably wouldn’t focus on the game. I would just stare at their beautiful faces. :)

    • <3Niall'sGirl<3

      lol my parents would be like “Bridget…Bridget..BRIDGET” “WHAT?!?!” “its been your turn..for the past HOUR!!” haha

      • directioner4ever<3<3<3

        Lol. Your so funny! :)

        • <3Niall'sGirl<3


      • Lillian Farrell

        Lolz and why have a family game night, when u can have a u & the posters game night or we can chat on here to play! Lolz

        • <3Niall'sGirl<3

          lol that would be awesome lol

  • Stini2526

    I want it cool

  • Bella

    That is so cool, I wish I could have it!

  • Erin Horan

    That’s so cool!!!

  • Jamie

    Tht would b so awesome to have! Its my 16th birthday soon and it would b so awesome to have this! Im a huge directioner so it would b really nice. This looks flipping amazing!

  • Cat


  • Roza

    Ohhhh I want that

  • Lynnie Lucas

    Wow! These kinds of things make me so so proud of the boys! I mean, not EVERY band in the world gets so much merchandise that they’re known around the world. It’s pretty BRILLIAM I would say:) I would love one of these, but if I can’t get one I’ll wait till Xmas again….

    • anna

      They make me so proud there my INSPIRATION wat would I do without them TIME TO SAVE UP MY MONEY if only there was one on the wii like JUST DANCE πŸ˜€

  • katie_styles

    So much merchandise!!!! I WANT IT ALL!!!!!!!!!

  • SarahDirection69

    OMG I have to get it!! I hope it comes out in Australia :(

  • Lia Foma’i

    I am totally getting it! It looks so awesome!

  • zoe is a directioner

    i am definitely getting it infact i am going to ask my mum right now

    • RainbowsAndSparkles

      Sameeeeeee….. i hope our mom says yess or else we’ll hv t wait till our bday lol

  • hsgdhshsjsgsjsgzh

    Jesus I hope this come out in the USA

    • Lillian Farrell

      Your prayers have been answered because its *DRUMROLL* available on Amazon and they deliver all over the world (i think)

  • Dawn Sprague

    Omg when is it going to be in stores?

  • Onedirection4life

    I love how the monopoly sign on the board doesn’t cover any of the boys faces accept for a lil part of Louis’s chin and niall’s ears.

    • <3Niall'sGirl<3

      and harry’s curls haha but yea not their beautiful faces haha

      • Onedirection4life

        Lol ya!

  • <3Niall'sGirl<3

    all i know is the slot that has pay for UAN tour and TMH tour and even WWA tour thats the closest ill ever get to the tour haha

    • Lillian Farrell

      Yeah me too, which is pretty freaking sad!
      I wonder what the people are (like monopoly has the hat and dog) and how are the houses designed?

      • <3Niall'sGirl<3

        thats what i was wondering haha maybe the tour bus is one.. a carrot..spoon, something food related haha maybe the boys heads lol

  • Cookie_luvs_1d

    NO WAY!

  • Candice H

    I have seen this and my mom said I couldn’t get it. I love playing monopoly and I love One Direction so I don’t understand why? I even offered to use my money to get it.

  • RainbowsAndSparkles

    Wowww… So much one d goodies to crave for… I wish i had every single one of em out there, especially this one!!!!!!! ;p

  • Aya Asem


  • Aya Asem

    I Love Monopoly
    I’ll Have It

  • Anise Aarden

    Omg that is sooooo amazing! I need to get. one!

  • Olivia Renaud 1D fan

    I think I just died like…this is just…omg

  • eloise.maree

    i want it where do you get it i will wait till birthday

  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    I have tah… I have tah… buy it :)) but not now! hahaha! wait… is that a guitar pick??? :OO

  • Skylene

    I just can’t wait to get my hands on one of them!!

  • Titar Styles

    I want to play it..I really want it!!!!!

  • tara hogan

    me and my friend made one almost exactially like that one for a school project omggggggg

  • missyjen

    Gimmie that please *O* i beg you ahaha πŸ˜€

  • rothjituyhktygjinj


  • Hailey Dawe