One Direction Quick News Round-Up

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Harry Styles texts his Mum up to five times a day

Sources have told the Daily Star that our Hazza has been missing his beloved Mum whilst over in the big pond, saying: “Harry’s been really badly missing home and told his mum he is especially missing cooking for his family.

“Being in the kitchen is his main way of relaxing and escaping stress – with Mexican food his speciality – and he’s started getting withdrawals on the road.”

Each day, despite a gruelling schedule of non-stop touring, interviewing, photo-shoots and fending off thousands of screaming girls, Harry still manages to rattle off up to five texts per day to Mummy.

We salute you Harry!

Liam runs out of boxers, and forgets his lyrics

Speaking with Radio 96, Liam told that he once completely forgot the lyrics to their version of “Chasing Cars” whilst on the bands second ever concert, but managed to get away with it by pretending his microphone wasn’t working. Tut, tut, naughty Liam!

Giving his tip away, Liam said: “If anyone forgets the words just tap the mic a few times!”

As well forgetting lyrics, it seems he also forgets his boxers sometimes, as he told We Love Pop magazine: “The thing is about this career is you’ll run out of boxers and be like, ‘I thought I had enough!'”.

Louis added: “I don’t care what any lad our age says. There’s no way they’ve gone through their entire life without wearing the same boxers two days in a row.”


Simon Cowell can’t sleep

Simon apparently told Louis Tomlinson that he’s struggling to get to sleep at night because he’s ecstatic at the impact 1D are having over in America.

Louis said: “He’s really, really excited by the reaction we’ve had out here and has said he’s not sleeping properly ‘cos he keeps thinking about us and how it’s going. He’s far too excited to sleep.”