One Direction Release “Our Moment” As Their First Fragrance!

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The long-awaited One Direction fragrance!

Get excited Directioners, because your favourite boyband has released something you will LOVE.

It smells pretty nice too!

“Our Moment” has been unveiled as the band’s first signature fragrance, just in time for summer in the north!

Coming in a very, very feminine bottle, the fragrance is pink in colour. The bottle borrows elements from royal crowns with diamontes encrusted into it.

Definitely one for the ladies. The boys’ faces are also plastered over the bottle, in gray scale which goes so well with the pink box.

It will be released exclusively through Harrods, before being available nationwide from the 9th of September!

The stunning fragrance has subtle smells of wild berries, pink grapefruit, fresh freesia, jasmine petals and more, and will be out this Autumn.

And doesn’t it look pretty :)

The official 1D account tweeted:

“The 1D fragrance is called (drumroll)… Our Moment! And it smells like a summers day.”

Niall is still in shock about being part of an actual fragrance release:

“I still can’t believe we’re releasing our own fragrance!”

Close-up of the One Direction fragrance

The pretty box from the 1D fragrance launch

Close-up of the 1D fragrance from the launch party in London

Here are some fan reactions:

“Why does it have to be so expensive? Now I’m gonna have to sell my brother or something for a bottle of Our Moment.”
“I’m proud of my boys! if you don’t like Our Moment you can shut up! Let our boys be happy.”

Will you be buying a bottle of the fragrance?!

  • Andie Espineli

    OMG! The first ever fragrance of One Direction! This is OUR MOMENT Directioners!

    • miss simpsmistystark

      lol. i have the perfect plan. i will buy it and my mom can take the perfume i just bought. she likes it anyways. lol. its jb perfume….

  • Niña sophia


    I can’t wait to buy one …

  • Andie Espineli

    I hope this smells good… (of course it does!)

  • Andie Espineli

    Oh, this bottle of “Our Moment!”

  • Alanis ♛♡

    Of course i will!!

  • Pauline Dumagan ~ღ

    i want i one =D

    but i don’t have enough money :(

    • Sarah Payne

      Hiw much is it

  • Perrie Is Perfect ♫♪

    OMG!!! mahal yan sigurado ako!

  • miss simpsmistystark

    i would buy it if i hadn’t just bought the jb perfume ‘someday’
    but it should have been a mixture of what the boys smell like. THAT would be marketable

  • A_Dedicated_Directioner

    “X Factor Stage”
    “X Factor Tour”
    “Up All Night Album”
    “Up All Night Tour”
    “Take Me Home Album”
    “Take Me Home Tour”
    “Where We Are Tour”
    Own Fragrance “Our Moment”

    • xKelly12

      And another album too! So proud:) <3

    • Maritimes

      Wait wait wait, hold the phone!! 😀
      You forgot the most anticipated movie…
      THIS IS US!!! 😀 Hahaha, there we go!

      • A_Dedicated_Directioner

        Hah! I missed it! Thx.! 😀

  • Angela Horan

    HAHAHAHA OMG listen to Niall!!!! SOOO COOL

  • corine the crazymofo

    how much is it?

  • Tildisen<3

    I HAVE TO BUY IT!!.. Don’t care how long time it takes!<33:)

  • Janellie ♥♫

    i wanna have it!!!
    but i have to save my allowance first..

  • Stini2526

    cool i want

  • Anastasya Ho

    you know, if other famous celebs release their own perfumes, I usually think it’s creepy. but in a pink bottle and cute box, one direction has really out-done themselves. FYI, I always wondered what the lads smell like.

  • georgia pefani

    Do you know how much will it cost ?

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    Um yes! I hope it isn’t really expensive. Like 100 dollars expensive or 50. But I’m getting that. Saving up my allowance.

  • Kassandra Salina

    So buying it <33

  • Jessica Einarson

    our moment comes out on my birthday

  • 1d+5sos=myboys

    i am gonna buy that!

  • 1d+5sos=myboys

    i friggin want it!

  • catmimi

    So Happy For Them Love him So Mush … I Can’t wait To buy iT .. Yay One Direction’s Parfume :)
    So Proud cause I’m a Directioner

  • Fani Malik


  • #1liamlover


  • Sofia Bairamis

    the new fragance thats soooo cool

  • tanisha battles⚓

    I can’t wait to buy one !!!


    Pink is the last color I would’ve expected, I can’t wait to smell it, I hope it doesn’t smell like Church or Old Lady

  • Lynnie Lucas

    YES I WILL BE BUYING IT! Forget the Victoria Secret purfume, bring on “Our Moment!”

  • Aylin Morelos

    i think i need to sell my kidney some how

  • Hannah Styles


  • Ailynnn

    I’m gonna buy one but I wonder how much is it?

  • Mz.Hazzababee

    Awwwwww its in. pink bottle and its pink OMG I’ve been waitin for this moment……OUR MOMENT!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura Alice Lee

    Awesome!!! I wonder how much it costs…???? I really want it!!!!!!

  • mehnaz mourshed

    dude! I knew this since yesterday. you guys should posted that news yesterday

  • Elizabeth Velez


  • Guest

    wait. So how much is it???

  • Ella Schwartz

    Yes yes yes

  • patricia

    its already out?

  • ♥Mrs. Emma Tommo♥

    How much you wanna bet it comes out, i go to the store, it costs a lot, and my parents cant afford it like all the other celebrity fragrances. I hope that doesn’t happen..

  • marmar margs lominoque

    I am sooooo saving my money for that

  • Jacquelyn Apaez

    Our Moment! So excited! I’m probably gonna buy 2-3 of each (the perfume [largest size], roll on, lotion, and shower gel)!!!!

  • Directioner98

    my mother has already reserved it for me :)

  • Madison Boucher

    How expensive is it?? Idc I still am buying some

  • Eliana HarryMou

    of courseeeeeee i love them i don’t care if it is expensive i want it

  • German Directioner

    i want, i want, i wANT!!!!! 😀

  • Sonñet

    I dont care how much it costs. If i have to wrestle a bear i am getting that damn perfume. Listen this is once in a life time here why not. I would do anything to get this fragrance. I would wear it all day everyday haha

  • R.

    omg i want this so badd :/

  • Hannah

    How much is it?

  • Adama Jalloh

    Oh gosh. I bet its gonna be expensive (I hope not). I can’t even get things from Office Depot. Oh how “I Wish” 😉 I could get this little pink bottle!