One Direction Rock Out At The Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia

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The second concert on 1D’s brand new headlining tour took place last night at the 10,000 seater Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia.

As usual, it was another HUGE, SELL-OUT gig, and the boys didn’t disappoint!

We’ve found a couple of great vids filmed at some really cool angles, so you’ll get a different perspective of the concert.

Here’s the boys singing ‘Save You Tonight’:

And here they are again singing ‘Everything About You’: – (watch out for some loud screaming!)

Next up is the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, before 1D head to New York on Saturday night.

Did you go to the Fairfax gig?

Elsewhere, Louis Tomlinson has joked that rival band The Wanted could have a support act on their tour.

Joker Louis said:

“We are hoping that they’ll still get on with us, because, you know, there is potentially a spot on our arena tour for them to support us.”


  • iloveswac

    Ok u can’t b a true directioner if u don’t listen to wat I say!!!
    Check out rosielucyb on you tube! She does gr8 songs about 1D!!! But using the tune of a song.(not by them) my fave is tik tok by ke$ha!!! Serously check it out its awesome!!!!!:-)

  • Cheerleader4life

    omg i went to the concert, it was incredible to see them, at times we were so loud they commented about it! sometimes im amazed at how many girls there are in fairfax. but now i woke up in the mason inn ( super close to the patriot center we walked) and i cant hear or talk:) thank you 1D for a wonderful time!

  • Jessie Jones

    The concert was incredible!! the videos dont show how loud it really was. I think i might have lost some of my hearing:) they kept saying how we were probly one of the loudest out of alll there concerts 

  • Nalina Styles

    One Direction always rocks the world<3

  • Onedirection1011

    i live near there i was supposed to go but i didnt have enough money:( so me and my lil sis madi are saving for 2013 keeping my fingers crossed

    • Sarah

      Me to im saving money. I did have money. But the tickets were sold out

  • Emily Carl

     i meet niall when he was home in mullingar 😀 cant wait to see them next year in dublin

    • Leahburness

      Lucky!!! *JEALOUS!!* :)

  • Andrea Styles

    I wish i could go to dere concert in TORONTO! it’s on May 29th and the 30th

    • RaeRaestyles

      No May 29 and May 31 not the 30

  • Kidoo120

    I got to go to that concert it was amazing ….. they were so cute …. can’t wait until they come back next year …… can’t wait to see them in Washington dc and in heresy PA …… love u guys thanks for am awesome so me and my friend adore u :):):):):):):):):):)<#<3<3

  • Terri

    This was the best night ever! It changed my life forever (: My ears wouldn’t stop ringing the day after!! I sat at 102 Row S, even though it was sort of far it was a great show because the patriot center isn’t that big so it was pretty close! I loved it! (: 

  • Mari D.S

    I love One Direction :)

  • Mari Dias

    I love One Direction :)

  • Mari Dias

    New Twett of Zayn!