One Direction Say Twitter Helped Them Crack USA

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It’s well known that 1D are a right bunch of Tweeters, and as it stands right now (23:10pm GMT), the boys have this many followers:

  • Harry: 2,510,571
  • Zayn: 2,154,419
  • Niall: 2,096,670
  • Louis: 2,049,644
  • Liam: 1,954,813

They’re some pretty big numbers!

Liam Payne has spoke about he thinks the site has helped them gain so many worldwide fans in such a short space of time, saying: “Twitter has been a major factor in getting our name in the States. Just as Twitter has gone up, so we have, too. They’ve gone hand in hand.”

His shock at the instant USA success was exaggerated by them being told it would take years of touring to crack the country, and he said: “Our tour manager told us it would take three years of hard graft to do well in America… so for it to have taken off as it has is incredible.”

Listen to Liam talk more about their road to stardom below:

The One Direction boys have also released their latest VEVO Lift video, and you catch them at the Natick Mall signing from a couple of weeks back, where if you remember correctly it all went a bit mental!

Watch the chaotic scenes below…