One Direction Seek Financial Advice To Look After Their Cash

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With One Direction being the biggest boy band in the world right now, it’s no surprise that they’re worth about £15m each, and they’re gonna need some help with handling all that cash.


The boys have, well, let’s just say expensive taste…

They’ve let the fame and money get to them, splashing out on mega flashy cars, designer watches and lifesize figurines…

But now it’s time to sit down and think like the mature men that we know they really are.

The boys are signing up with one of the UK’s leading asset management companies to take care of their massive fortune.

The lads have been advised by bosses, to take on Grant Thornton.

This is the firm that also look after the big National Lottery winners, so as you can imagine this is pretty massive and we don’t reckon we’d be able to set up an account with them any time soon!

A source said: “Their success is quite staggering – so are the profits coming with it.

Although they’re all mature for their age, they are still five young boys at heart and have all made mistakes.

They’ve now been assigned a small team at one of the country’s top money service providers who will be advising the boys on matters of tax, capital and investment.”

Looks like the boys know how to be sensible, after all 😀

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    I ♥ One Direction & Niall Horann ♥

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      I wrote this only I do not know why it is unknown ;(

  • NiallxCutee♥

    I ♥ One Direction & Niall Horann ♥

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    First coment::::::: I can keep it boyyyysssss!!!! And then I can buy you alll!! Hehe! BTW, this is amazing#1d, my old account wouldn’t let me in!!!

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    £15m They deserve more than that but …. One Direction are my life always and forever <3 😀 … I love you guys! <3 xxx

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    U guys deserve more!!!! And Harry styles I love you!!!!!

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    I’m sure this will be more in some months and someday they will be more awesome,rich,crazy and good singer than all the other celebreties in the world! <3

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    I love u gayzzz!!!! An especially the amaZayn Zayn !!!! <3

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    Who the heck is this “source” person?…. -_-

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    Oh sweet baby Jesus I’ll handle their money! Actually I will do ANYTHING to be close to them

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    These guys need to move to america …………….quickkkkkkkl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      YEA!!!!!! They do!!!!!!!! Preferably LA!!!!!!

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        Niall Horan already lives in LA

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          I know but I’m talking about ALL of them and he is currently not in LA but I guess they have to spend time with their family too (I somehow knew someone was gonna say that Niall already lived here)

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    Love 1d and I think its a good thing that they’re doin and Harry Styles is mine!!!

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    hey one direction Niall, Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn im one of your biggest fan!!!….. hey Niall!!!

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    Don’t u think that they deserve much more than that?!?!?!!!!


    HA HA HA HA HA Mature…..the boys…..that’s a good one!!!!! Hahahahaha

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    £15m…. wow. Thats a lot..

  • jamie

    Again with the “source”….

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    Uumm yes maam, may i please take out a loan for 15 million pounds??