One Direction Set To Receive A Whopping £50m Over The Next 6 Months

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The One Direction boys will be very busy over the next few months.

They have the rest of the Take Me Home tour, their third album and their 3D movie release all happening as well as a commercial deal with Pepsi.

It is expected that over the next 6 months these will net our 5 fav boys a massive £50m.


A source told UK newspaper The Sun: “They’ll each get £10million. Striking while the iron is hot is key.”

There are predictions their their eagerly awaited third album will top 1 million sales in the USA alone.

There have been lots of rumours about their new album, we know for certain they have worked with Tom and Danny from McFly, but not Ed Sheeran on this album.

Our fav ginger also spilled yesterday that the album was in fact finished.

He siad: “I’ve actually kind of cut myself from giving any people songs at the moment because I want to make my album. I was approached and it wasn’t so much as a ‘no’, it was just a ‘I want to write tunes for myself at the moment. Once my album’s done then we’ll see.’”

He added, “But their album is already finished.”

Exciting times in the 1D camp!

What would you do with £10m?

We’d start with a house, a car and a massive shopping spree!

  • directiiner

    I would follow 1d over the hole tour and I would buy one of the member if I could! :) And lot more things but that was the most important things 😉

  • Mierasaje


  • Kylee Styles

    Well first I would pay for a personal one direction concert. And buy all one direction merch

  • Aylin Morelos

    Best of Luck to them !!!!!!!xx.

  • Amel As

    i would bay one direction

  • Valentina

    I would pay them to come to my birthday party (singing),I’d buy a VIP ticket to their concert and I’d buy the rest of shitty things with them on it.haha

  • Angie malik

    I would buy one direction!! <33

  • Zayns wifeyy Nia

    Wow! That’s double what they have now !

  • Craig Feist

    If I had that money, I would buy a VIP ticket to their concert, meet them, have them fall in love with me, date either Liam, Niall, or Harry,( their the only single ones ) marry one of them, have a big family, and possible names for our kids would be Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Liam, Owen, Justin, Danielle, Eleanor, Darcy, Perrie, Elizabeth, Kelsey, or Selena.( all of those are my personal favorite names ) I have such an imagination. I probably won’t even meet them. But if I did it would be AWESOME! I love them so much.

    • Mimi Deria

      Liam is is in a relationship*

      • Hoorayfor1D

        not anymore he and Danielle broke up :( Management confirmed it :(

  • Sharri

    I would use 1.5 million to hire One Direction for as many days/hours as possible.10,00 to buy butt loads of 1d merchandise. The rest would be saved & used for important stuff.

  • Stini2526

    WOWZA is right and if I had that kind of money pay my school off then 1d to see them

    • Riel Whittle

      Practical one!!!! Haha I’d go to space bring one direction to space and have a private out of this world concert (then I’d pay for collage, house, nice car, vacation to Antarctica and other places,.. 😀

  • sarah

    If I had that much money, I would buy a personal One Direction concert.

  • Olivia Clayton

    I would get a great job in the music business then Harry will finally find out about me and will fall in love with me. I will buy a house and have kids with Hazza

  • Tanisha Battles

    I don’t really know what I would do if I got that much money. I’m still thinking

  • Reneè Taylor ●

    Buy nandos. Then niall would come and I could kidnap him. Mwahaha


    I would buy 1D!

  • Hazza’s Juliet.

    They’re like spitting millions of pounds! Glad they deserve them! :)))

  • Diana

    Thay deserve a break for hard work(:

  • Ya$hika

    Well sure thing…I’d buy 1d bit then imma great shopaholic so….;-)

  • Hoorayfor1D

    I’d buy a village for Directioners to live happily together. There will be a whole building of computer an instead of news stands there are teen magazine and poster stands

  • Hope Demery

    One d beat the wanted in everything & i aint sayin that cuz im a directioner but cuz its true

  • Annika Vergara

    I wonder what they would do with 50million.. 😀

  • Lolo Awad

    one direction forever <3

  • l0verxxx

    the funniest video from the wanted is she walks like rihanna

  • Swedish_Mrs.Styles

    Buy ALOT of 1D stuff, have a personal concert from them and have VIP tickets to one of their concerts! It’s all about One Direction 😉 xx

  • Aylin Morelos

    I would get vip Tickets and thn go shopping spree HOLLLA