ONE DIRECTION SHOCK: Is Louis Leaving The Band For A More ‘Normal’ Life?!

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Is Louis Tomlinson REALLY thinking about leaving One Direction?


It seems that Louis Tomlinson might not be able to handle the pressures of fame for much longer, and reports suggest that he’s thinking of leaving the band!

An anonymous source has claimed that LouLou is after being one of us, he’s not really into the whole superstar thing anymore.

But, of course, even if Louis did leave One Direction, he would still be recognised and would still be considered a ‘celebrity’. So what’s the deal?!

Apparently, he just wants to settle down with his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, where they don’t have to worry about crazed Directioners attacking her.

The ‘source’ said: “He’s desperate for a more normal life where he can just take his girlfriend out without worrying some nutter is going to claw her eyes out.

“He can see a life after One Direction and that’s increasingly appealing to him,”

We don’t know who this source is, but we sure hope they’re making it up!

But, the words ‘after One Direction’ kind of reassured us. Surely LouLou will wait for their 6 album contract to be up before he leaves the boys?

We have no idea! But we do know that One Direction would not be the same without Louis!

What do you guys think?!

  • baran

    oh no ! please Lou! say that is just a rumor!

  • samantha


  • Nicole Desa

    NOOOO PLS BE A RUMOUR!!! What happened to staying together forever?? :'( *Depressed*

  • Ec

    This should basically be an eye opener for us. I mean, this obviously shows that the boys are actually being bothered of the fact that they cant go out with their girls and they cant have girlfriends without the girls getting so much hate from some Directioners. I find this as an insult and something that I definitely wouldnt be proud of as a directioner, I mean, the fact that that he is afraid to go out with his girlfriend without her getting clawed at. Fans who are too rude needs to grow up and realize that they’re basically ruining the boys. Not ALL Directioners are doing this but there are a lot of fans that are, and I am honestly annoyed of it. If you are going to send me hate because of my opinion then go on. Its not like I care. I just had to get my opinion out.

    • halie jackson

      I totally agree. If Directioners would stop being rude to them and bothering them when they are with their gfs. I hope he doesn’t leave the band

    • Cathy Strohl

      I think you are right.

    • Anise Aarden

      i agree, it’s true, we can also go TOO far…

    • boobear

      summed it up perfectly

    • Nialler4ever

      Just remember guys, that Louis re-signed a contract to stay with the band. He can’t leave or he gets sued.

      • Summer Love


      • Ec

        Thats true, but the fact that the boys are actually afraid to go out with their girlfriends is just too much. I actually feel sad for them about that.

      • cupcake306

        so what your saying is you don’t care about Louis’ feelings in any of this, and you don’t mind ruining their lives as long as they can’t quit and have to continue writing songs for your amusement, no matter how miserable they are doing it? because thats what it sounds like.

        • Nialler4ever

          I’m a directionner and I love the boys. Of course I care about their feelings. I think it’s horrible that Louis has to go through this. Ideally, it shouldn’t be this way. But the world isn’t prefect and sometimes fame can be hard; Louis knows this. He knew what he was doing when he signed that contract. Louis isn’t miserable; he signed the contract because he loves what he does and he wants to keep doing it, no matter how hard it is sometimes. He has all the boys and all his fans to help him through the hard spots. We have a great family here who love each other, and I’m pretty sure that the boys are not miserable with the family and friends and fame and fortune and success they have achieved. They are living their dream, and I’m proud of them.

          • cupcake306

            i just meant that some fans (not you, of course) don’t care about how the boys feel. they just want them for their fame and stuff like that. these are probably the girls who hate on their girlfriends and are SUPER obsessed and want the boys all to themselves. for example, i think Liam was better off with Dani rather than Sophia but I don’t hate on her. in fact i think she’s great, but i prefer Dani. I think those girls who DO send her hate aren’t true Directioners. i’m not saying the boys are miserable, but that they’ll be happier if some of us back off. i really hope louis isn’t quitting, the band won’t be the same without him, but it would help if the paps gave him spacee.

    • 5sos+1d=myboys

      omg girl preach it! you are an amazayn, phenominiall,fabulouis,extraordinharry,brilliam directioner!

    • kstyles

      Your opinion is perfect.

    • Melissa

      OMG GURL! Preach it sista!! So true, and I’m so bothered by the fact that they can’t go outside…

    • Sandra Lyn ❤

      Yo the best!

    • Rylee Burgess

      No hate from me. Your absouloutly right! Some directioners, not ALL of them, take it way too far. You’re not wrong. Directioners that are rude are the ones ruining the boys. It’s ok to have a poster of them, their albums and some merchandise but you dont have to send hate to every girls name you hear. I’m glad you put your opinion out because I totally agree and you couldn’t be more right. :)

    • Alexis Mansur

      To preach it girl. I’ve been getting bullied at school and the school year just started. And this is all because of the concert shirt. But I really don’t care I mean if they are going to hate me then fine. I really could care less. It is better that they are saying stuff to me than our lovely boys. I just love you aren’t afraid to get your opinion out there. Oh an the next week I wore that shirt again and told everybody that hated on me that they were stupid idiot jerks and that they needed to shut up.

      • Ec

        I love how you dont care what others think. You’re a strong girl, dont let those mean bullies get to yah, and I think you should talk to a teacher or adult about that. People shouldnt get bullied for showing what they love, people shouldnt even get bullied at all. We have our own opinions and we have the right to show it, I dont see why they should bully you for wearing a One Direction shirt, I’d even be happy to know someone at school that’s not ashamed to show her fandom. Do talk to an adult about it, I dont want a Directioner to be bullied because of being a Directioner. I find it really stupid (not being a directioner but the bullies bullying). Hope everything works out :) And I love your spirit.

      • cupcake306

        i was bullied too, when 1D was in the X-Factor and i loved them, people said i shouldn’t watch UK stuff, but shows from Egypt (where I’m from). i didn’t even think about listening to them, 1 because i used to watch those with my granddad and he’d passed away some weeks before so i could’t stand them anymore 2 i honestly didn’t care. we left the country a while back and here everyone loves 1D. your very brave to stand up for yourself, i just ignored them, till they started beating me and i fought back. in the end the boys were the ones with black eyes not me. i love the way you did it tho, much kinder then the way i did it, but my family is almost 100% from the army so its what i learned growing up. stay strong, and if it gets too serious tell someone or they’ll never stop. trust me I know

    • Beth

      With you

    • 0BEY T0 1D

      I really do agree with you. This is going too far and Directioners needs to know that the boys are not going to be single for long. They also need to know to give them some space so they can actually be “famous” and be normal lads as well. But it looks like some Directioners are not really doing that. Tbh, I don’t think a real and true Directioner would ever do that. They would know to give the boys some space and have a life of their own. Rude Directioners would do all those things, not giving the boys any space and bringing hate to all the girls that the boys like. I don’t blame Louis at all. B/c if I was under that pressure as well, then I would get to the point to quit. But I would also try to get through it and fight back and keep doing what I’m doing to the end. And I really hope Louis is staying in the band and I do hope Directioners would stop giving this fandom a bad name. We were named the best fandom ever and now we just look mental and a embarrassment. I just really hope that Louis stays and won’t bring that pressure and stress to him quitting the band. Like Ec said, if you don’t like my opinion then, I don’t care. it’s the truth. If you don’t like the truth then learn to accept it.

      • Lizzy Tanks


    • Ec

      Btw, would just like to say thanks to those who agreed ^__^

    • cupcake306

      your right, those girls shouldn’t call themselves directioners.

    • directioner 4 ever

      Ikr ugh just some directioners can be crazy ( no offense) it jus I whis they would give the boys space and let them live a noormal life

  • Directiongurl4life

    I don’t want LouLou to leave the band but I think that whenever they come to our city,state, or country & we see them, we shouldn’t attack them. We should just let them be normal for a while. Niall is claustrophobic & we always make huge crowds & that probably scares him. I just think that we shouldn’t attack if we see them.

  • i_luv_1D_14

    I think this should be like a warning to all those girls that don’t leave the boys live their life’s
    Ofcourse we all want to meet the boys hug them and kiss them but their is times were they just want to be them selfs and live life do we should be careful more cause we don’t want any if the boys leaving some stupid mistake one fan did
    And plus Louis loves the boys and us too much to leave plus they just signed a new contract all together so if one leaves I think they all do

    • Summer Love

      got that right

  • rayya mALIK

    no louis dont do dis…oh god dis shuld be rumour pls pls pls…..
    we want you 5 guys to be forver
    dont leave the band and dis shuld be a rumour

  • Daisy directioner

    Well…well…well I’m not sure what to say about this but if it happens…ill be mentally ready. And Lou if it makes u happy don’t let anything get in your way. all us teen girls/boys will move on and have life’s of our own. So don’t sweat it. Do what makes u happy! :)

  • Casz

    Hell NO!
    I know some of u will say I only said that bc Imma Directioner.. But no, just.. No..
    This is just one of the rumors that anyone of them will be leaving the band.. But, you know Directioners how they love us right? Bc I do.. Even though they dont even know I exist.. And its only been 3 years.. I know Lou, Im a Tommo Girl..
    I know that he wants One Direction to go further than this. I bet, everyone of them does.
    Yes, Im a Elounor shipper. But they arent even engage yet? Louis never made a statement that says he wants to leave the band. Theyre on tour right now, and I know that he(their) having fun…

    My opinion everybody… :)


  • Ida Bjurström

    He can not leave until 2016, didnt they sign a contract on that? Of course they wont stick together forever,

  • Directioner

    That’s not true and I am not goin to believe that!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelly FabuLouis Tomlinson

    HECK NO….

  • kamelia malik

    Whaaaaaaaaat??? Can i kill my self? There is no one direction without anyboys..i hate rumours

  • 1D lova

    No lou! don’t go!!! :(

  • directioner 4 ever

    NO let it be a rumor please without any of them there is no one direction

    • Summer Love

      it’s nothing more than a rumor

      • directioner 4 ever

        I just hope ur right cause if it was true I would cry for the rest if my LIFE he is the funny one of the band when I am sad lou cheers me up he just can’t leave he just cant

  • Lauren

    No! Louis can’t leave the band because I don’t know what I’d do without one direction. They’ve changed so many lives including my own and directioners don’t want this. Maybe if we all come together and directioners calm down maybe louis will find it easier… We should give them more privacy and respect them when they want to be alone


    I know this is not true. I dont even know why i clicked on the link. Louis please dont leave. Itz ONE DIRECTION not TWO !

  • Ira Loves Oreos

    I agree with Ec. But there is also the fact that Louis has recently signed a contract for 1D which lasts until 2016. So Louis will have to stay in the band for another 3 years. I’m sure that when that time is near, he already has changed his mind. And hopefully, the fandom has got their shiz more together

  • yalda

    i don’t think he will leave cuz remember the rumor about Zayn quitting the band but hopeful he didn’t. so this might a rumor too.

  • Amelia

    But tbh even if Louis left One Direction he would still have fans, and he’d still be famous<3

    • Riel Whittle

      Exactly! By staying in 1D this long he’s basically signed a contract to be famous forever (well at least like 5 years? XD) life will never be normal for him ppl will be like “hey your that guy from that band!”

  • Nicole Busot <3 1D

    WTF?! NOOOO!! What is this …

  • sarah

    It’s time Directioners, we have to leave Larry behind :(

  • Cat G.

    I dont blame him but i really hope this isnt true:(

  • Sonia


  • vicki

    noo louis cant leave! and its so sad that louis cant even take eleanor out without endangering her. people whi do that arent real directioners. they should respect their privacy and let them live their lives!

    • Suzi

      Yeah I agree

    • Summer Love

      she knew the consequences at the beginning of the relationship

      • vicki

        yea but it wulould be nice to go out at least once in a while safely

        • directioner 4 ever

          I toatly agree

  • mehnaz mourshed

    no. please. no. please, be a rumor just please

  • anon

    for one, i know this is not bc of eleanor, to me it’s for harry. if louis leavs 1d. a larry future is in hold

  • Destiny

    if louis leaves one direction i’ll die!!!!!!!!

  • DanielaBrat

    This is not something to inform us but tu tell all the directioners who deeply hate Eleanor, (for any reason), to stop. I mean, is it worth it to hate on Eleanor if Louis is leaving One Direction? Is it? If it is, you all have to go and tell everybody because I don’t get what the point of hating Eleanor is. She is with Louis, they are happy together, and true love is when someone else’s happiness is your happiness, and if you hate on Eleanor because you love Louis you’re totally wrong, your hate is NOT gonna make Louis stop loving Eleanor but maybe will make him stop making what he loves the most which is to perform on a band, and after leaving the band he would try to have a kinda normal life, but he won’t have it anyway beacause all the haters are gonna keep hating on Eleanor and blame her for Louis leaving 1D and all this is because all the girls who hate on Eleanor, don’t have a clue of how much Lou loves Eli, and now you know it, he loves her so much he would even leave his dream to avoid all the hate them both are receiving for their relationship.

    • vicki

      so true i love elounor and i dont know how anyone can really hate her i mean she hasnt done anything to them

  • Nialler4ever

    Louis can’t leave without charges being pressed against him. He signed a contract; he doesn’t have a choice, he can’t leave

  • jessie marie summers


  • 5sos+1d=myboys

    i can see how the fame is starting to get out of hand. directioners crashing louis wedding, directioners sending sophia hate, directioners hating perrie for being engaged to zayn, directioners bashing every girl just for being seen with harry. this is getting ridiculous. not all directioners are doing it but alot of us are doing it. so please stop if you know you are one of those people sending hate, or being cruel because someone is dating your favorite member. lets grow up guys!

  • Ashlee Marie Peddicord

    he cant leave

    • kstyles

      exactly. like he’s really gonna leave. i hope not

  • Ashlee Marie Peddicord

    if he leaves there will be no 1D he is part of the band he is like i cant explain it he cant leave plz plz plz dont leve plz plz dont

    • directioner 4 ever

      I know what u mean

  • kstyles

    PUH-LEEZE be a rumor! HE CAN’T LEAVE!

  • Lynnie Lucas

    No no no no no no no no my baby no he can’t no I would do something regrettable nope no he can’t nooooooo I’m crying

  • Lily

    Of course it ia not the same!

  • Lucy Landau

    We love u Lou! Please dont leave one direction. It would never be the same again and then our hearts would be broken.
    I wish people could just calm down sometimes and leave him alone. Everyone needs some personal space.

  • 1DFan

    NOOO LOUIS! You can’t leave!!!! THIS BETTER BE FAKE! I am already getting a stomach ache thinking about it!

  • honeytheygay

    settle down with his “girlfriend”

  • Sandra Lyn ❤

    If you labeled yourself as a “Directioner” it means you must know how important “RESPECT” for the boys is. As much as the boys wanted to interact with the fans & be nice to them yet some of the fans are rude & disrepectful to the boys private & normal lives, our boys will surely put barriers on us even though they don’t want it (but they have to). Everything started from all of us. We’re the reasons why the boys had to move away from their families. We are reasons why they still want to make music. We are the reasons why the boys wakes up in the middle of the night to record new songs. We are the reasons why they still smile even though they’re already having a hard time. Can you imagine the unlimited time they spent with us yet few hours only with their love ones? Can you imagine how lucky we are that they choose to sing with us up all night of our lives than their family? Yet the only thing they wanted from us is “RESPECT” alone. If you are a True Directioner, RESPECT should start from yourself. And please, don’t be the reason why in the future that each of our lads will think of leaving the band. Okay?

    P.S: Spread this message if you want. :)


  • Guest

    If you labeled yourself as a “Directioner” it means you must know how important “RESPECT” for the boys is. As much as the boys wanted to interact with the fans & be nice to them yet some of the fans are rude & disrepectful to the boys private & normal lives, our boys will surely put barriers on us even though they don’t want it (but they have to). Everything started from all of us. We’re the reasons why the boys had to move away from their families. We are reasons why they still want to make music. We are the reasons why the boys wakes up in the middle of the night to record new songs. We are the reasons why they still smile even though they’re already having a hard time. Can you imagine the unlimited time they spent with us yet few hours only with their love ones? Can you imagine how lucky we are that they choose to sing with us up all night of our lives than their family? Yet the only thing they wanted from us is “RESPECT” alone. If you are a True Directioner, RESPECT should start from yourself. And please, don’t be the reason why in the future that each of our lads will think of leaving the band. Okay?

    P.S: Spread this message if you want. :)


  • Katelynn Crane

    ok this is crazy ya i unerstand but dosent he get that even if he leaves people are still gonna go crazy over his girlfriend and him hes so hot and his girlfriend is a modle i mean i named my dog after that girl so this should be an eye opener to us we can go so crazy over our boys anymore i mean my boy friend would do the same thing for me so join my releloution to stop crazy nut fan girls and save the band save the band save the band !


    He just signed a contract and personally first it was Payzer that we broke up so I hope this time 1D doesn’t break up

  • Rayann Chabbo

    Louis wouldn’t have signed the contract if he just wanted a normal life. Plus he loves his job, people just need to respect his girlfriend and make her feel safe.

  • Nia malik


  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    Other Directioners should stop attacking the lads and their girlfriends.. They don’t like it at all! If I’m a celebrity and a fan would cry or shout in front of me, I would be annoyed… I mean, who wouldn’t be? :(( So I hope that Louis’ not yet gonna leave the band until 2016 and I really do hope that THIS news told by the ‘source’, again, ain’t true! -_- I won’t believe anyone unless it’s Louis said it himself.. So nothing to worry about :))

  • Anadelia

    he’ll get sued cause he signed a conract.


    Again, they had signed a contract to stay together for at least 2015-2016 and if louis quits now hell be sued, it’s not worth it lou

  • Breshna


  • ★Cr@y Cr@y Z!★

    Im not gonna lie, i kinda saw something like this would come up soon. I’ve never send hate to the girls or the boys obviously but directioners who do disgust me. I still cant see why they wont open their eyes and notice that we are just pushing them too far with the bad behavior like get over it if they have someone else and support them or just not be a directioner at all! I mean it would be sad but i dont blame Louis i honestly saw something like this coming when the hate started to grow. This disappoints that he cant go out with el. Like for f sake hes scared he shouldnt be and its because of this freaking fandom and everybody who thinks its ok to send hate well it isnt now we’ll probably have to face the consequences if this is true…

    • ★Cr@y Cr@y Z!★

      and when i said fandom i mean just the people who send hate not everyone else.

  • Celine N. Sayah

    Nooooooooo !!! no LOUISS !!!!

  • Ela

    Don’t gooooo pleasee don’t go louis cuz i can die without youu

  • Ela

    Without Louis 1D is overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr




    NO LOUIS I LOVE YOU TO MUCH YOU CANT JUST LEAVE OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #cryingsobad #IWDSBN (I Wanna Die So Bad Now)

  • Magdelina Rofail

    This is the real Louis , and I asked him if, well, see for yourself, proof!!

  • Summer Love

    he can’t leave, he just signed a contract, so he’s there until 2016. If he was planning on leaving he wouldn’t have signed the contract. Too all you BooBear lovers, it’s probably just a silly rumor. No need to panic. To all the so called “Directioners” who won’t leave Eleanor alone, LEAVE HER ALONE! Thank You

  • Ashley Payne

    This is my face when I saw this but rumors, rumors though

  • Ariana♥

    I really don’t think that he’s gonna leave the band. I mean yeah what we do affects him and it’s not right but…. I REALLY don’t t think he’s trying to leave the band.

  • Angelica Styles

    PLEASE dont gooooo!!!!!!:( (one direction is not one direction without Louis)

  • Derpy Hooves

    NO!!! it is not true and i have proof. First they say that niall is gonna leave, then Hazza, now boobear? None of them have left yet and they wont. it is all a celeb thing to create buzz. So dont pay attention to this crapola

  • Tess Barend

    WAHT THE FUQ IS FUQQING GOING ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Riiaa Horan

    you know what I’m sick of tired with all the fans.. (some) can’t we just give them a break just for once?! for goodness sake! were only making it worse no only for us but for them too! I KNOW I KNOW YOU LOVE THEM FUDGING TO MUCH BECAUSE I AM LIKE YOU, EXCEPT FOR INVADING THEIR PRIVACY ALL SINGLE DAMN TIME! FWOEAIJFUREWO IM SOOO DONE RIGHT NOW.. YOU DON’T KNOW HOW PISSED I AM.

  • Alyssa Richardson

    NOOO!!! And yea dont go scraching her eyes out because they dont go out with u they have someone that they care about!LEAVE THEM ALONE

  • Alyssa Richardson

    I agree!no hate from me

  • 1Dlover3


  • Oindrila Samanta

    he can’t leave 1d so easily….leaving the band won’t help much….but we directioners should control ourselves a lot from now if we really want our boys together forever!!!!love you Louis!!!!!

  • Jericho Enriquez


  • Leila

    This Could Be Fake Cause Remember There Used To Be Other Rumors Before About The Other Guys Leaving

  • Chloe Marie

    This is what us, dircetioners needs to wake up about. I mean, almost half of us are sending hate to their girlfriends right? Well not all. But, what I mean is we should stop giving hate to the any of their GF’s. But us Directioners need to wake up and see the reality that this death threats that we give to their GF’s is basically ruining them. We all know that the boys love them very very much. So, if you give them hate. It’s like us give them hate. (Sorry if this looks like a rant, I’m just saying my opinon #NoHatePlease)

  • christina bounty

    please don’t leave one direction…
    please louis…!!!
    together forever is better..
    One direction is your family, so you don’t have to go…
    don’t leave us…

  • hailey


  • Samadhi

    Don’t let LOUIS leave 1D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pippi James

    at least once a week they should get a day off no paparazzi no crazy fans just them relaxing and hanging out with there girl friends its not fair that every where they go they are being tracked down by crazy fans and paparazzi

  • Martine


  • IsaGLuvs1D!

    Guys give the guys there space seriously. They are people just like us!

  • Hania Ali

    i wish the band will always be five and with louis

  • 1DPoweheer

    Nooo!!!!! :(im dont want to like them anymore if Louis do that

  • Nialler


  • niallsbabe23

    we have to see until he really says it AND GIVE THEM SOME SPACE

  • SamanthaRamos1DLover

    I wish Its Not Real I like to see The Band Complete I wish and Hope is Not Real

  • Zaybel Nharry Alfonso Alinson

    he does? no wonder cus i guess it’s a warning … for those directioners who doesn’t know how much casualty they done everytime they tryin’ to break some one … i mean i can’t blame ’em if they want to be dissband some day, i guess we should know when to STOP and to SHUT UP and of course when to RESPECT this is the words i know they want to say but they can’t cus they love us as much as we do to ’em , “LISTEN GUYS WE SHOULD START TO RESPECT THEM AS HOW THEY DO RESPECT US”

    it dont has to happen the only thing is to RESPECT…..

  • emily rodgers

    No no no no no no no no no no
    directionors need to leave him alone and calm down he deserves to not be followed every where

  • McKenzie May

    Nooo! This is a hint that some people need to stop hating on the boys relationships! I mean… I don’t hate on their relationships because I know that they’re happy and that the girls are amazing people! I wouldn’t hate on their relationship whether I liked the relationship or I didn’t but I happen to think the relationships they have with their girlfriends are adorable too! I mean I don’t know what I’d do without One Direction (1D) Niall , Louis , Liam , Harry , and Zayn! I love , love , love 1D and I’m 100% Directioner and Nialls my #1 , #1 , #1 but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the other boys I love , love , love them to death and back! I think that when you’re a ‘Directioner’ that you have to give the boys space even though you love them and I think when you’re a ‘Directioner’ that you have to let them have a relationship without sending hate and death threats to the girlfriends because you aren’t just hurting Eleanor or Sophia or Perrie but you’re hurting the boys as well! (I didn’t put Harry and Nialls girlfriends because honestly I don’t know if they’re dating or who they’re dating exactly because of the rumors I’ve heard) Anyways, I know that you ‘Directioners’ including myself love the boys but please , please , please stop hating on and sending death threats to the girls because it hurts the boys too and I know you don’t want to see them unhappy and hurting as well! I’m just saying what I think and I think what I’m saying is accurate and you might disagree but like I said before you have the right to dislike the girls even though they’re amazing but just stop hating on them please!

  • Lily

    Louis u got to stay

  • Lily

    Louis is sooooo cute sooo stay

  • Shira

    LOUIS don’t leave the band you are the best in the band AND YOU ARE CCCCUUUUTTTTTEEEEEE

  • Shira


  • Shira


  • Emma Marie Bear

    I really think he should leave the band. The band should just end by itself.

  • Amy


  • Amy

    Hi is Harry leavening

  • Louis Tomlinson

    Don’t worry I would never leave One Direction.
    I love you all.